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The turbogenerator is special milling cutter

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The turbogenerator that the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of city of Henan province Luoyang is versed in limited company of industry standard numerical control develops production forcedly is special milling cutter is saved by Henan approval of hall of science and technology of province of committee of science and technology, Henan is project of industrialization of new and high technology. As we have learned, this milling cutter belongs to domestic initiate, the treatment effect that can compare common milling cutter raises 3 times, the price is the 1/8 that imports cutting tool price only. Home is at present Oriental turbine of factory, Harbin all uses turbine of turbine plant, Wuhan the factory the cutting tool that this company manufactures. Current, in domestic railroad, machine tool, turbine and power station on market of special cutting tool, the product of this company is had rate achieved 40 % . This company plans to want to enlarge operation next, strive for the time with 5 years to make year of sale of the company achieve 200 million yuan, profit 50 million. CNC Milling