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SolidWorks development goes new EDrawings function

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SolidWorks Corporation rolls out tool of collaboration of email of new edition EDrawingsR, provide new support for MicrosoftR Office, AutoCADR and user of Google SketchUpR software. Software of SolidWorksR EDrawings Professional is included in licence of software of every SolidWorks Office Premium 3D CAD, use at generating accurate 2D and 3D products plan, no matter whether the member of product development group has CAD software, can examine, label and measure. The Multiquip Inc of an equipment manufacturer of the California.

CAD administrator Tom Sigler expresses, QA can measure a supplier accurately to return design of figuration Ban gold, do not use CAD software to be able to decide whether the size of component is exact. The SolidWorks EDrawings Professional of new edition, introduced for the first time procrastinate directly put EDrawings model to Microsoft Office file (include Word and PowerPointR documentation) function, and maintain its complete alternant sex. It is OK that this makes design an engineer translation, shrink put, rotate the model makes animation, get numerous impression in order to deepen. SolidWorks EDrawings Professional was file of attempt of AutoCAD 2007 project, AutoCAD 3D and AutoCAD graph layer to increase to release / examine support, include the graph layer in atlas of alternative activation project. These functions will be helped 300, the AutoCAD user of software of 000 much use SolidWorks and colleague undertake communication, in order to design better product. First time of SolidWorks EDrawings Professional makes the user can be examined, label and measure in Google SketchUp software - the free application program that can establish 3D model quickly, easily in the notional phase of the design - in the file that found. And the buildup of another initiate the function is, user of SolidWorks EDrawings Professional can affix electronic stamp for EDrawings model, state the model is " already approbated " , " confidential " , " draft " or need to abide by any designation that define oneself. The Aaron Kelly of product administration inspector general of SolidWorks Corporation states these new functions can continue to ensure products plan is opened to user of 3D CAD software not only, and the anybody to use email is open, include service of sale, market, client, client and partner, use new EDrawings function, can continue to break through the obstacle that when design community is completing the work jointly, encounters. CNC Milling