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Completely dynamoelectric research of function of construction of the chance that note model

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With contemporary the sources of energy, material, biology, pollution processing, resource reclaims, the environment is monitored, the science and technology such as clean production, network, number is guidance, sufficient play and mining are completely dynamoelectric the processing capability of the machine that note model, extend high end to note model technology, ability realizes hydraulic pressure drive to note what model machine cannot come true to note model project technology, realize the tall economic benefits that benefit of high additional cost, tall society brings. Completely dynamoelectric the characteristic that the development of actuator and point of research and development use force drive according to servo electric machinery reachs the machine that note model the function of processing, innovation actuator, improve the performance that Injection Molding machines, patulous Injection Molding machines a domain. Model changes inject orgnaization completely dynamoelectric the servo electric machinery that the inject plant institute of the machine that note model uses has two kinds of structures, one kind takes drive with synchronism, one kind turns directly with electric machinery. Synchronism takes drive, precision can suffer an effect, the drossy and atomic meeting of synchronous belt brings an issue to the room that do not have dirt; Need not leather belt, the structure is simpler, but rotate speed of requirement electric machinery is inferior, rotational moment of force is large, and overweighted protection working is younger. Nevertheless as a whole, the model that introduces servo electric machinery to control screw changes metric precision taller, rotate speed is stabler also, OK still multistage adjustment. Use servo electric machinery to drive screw of drive of ball silk lever to have injection, because ball silk lever is right now laden big, high speed rotates wear away more serious also. Live friendly (division of SHI) heart horse is completely electric concept of drive of the machine that note model is the direct drive technology that is based on innovation. The machine noting model that uses direct drive technology and the photograph of the machine that note model that are not direct drive technology are compared, former provided taller energy-saving efficiency not only, and because its have more acute response speed, ensured thereby higher definition, repeatability and shorter run time. Direct drive technology satisfied a manufacturer to produce nicety to note model to large quantities of quantities better quality requirement, raise energy utilization rate, the quantity of heat that place of drive of servo electric machinery produces is small. Company limited of industry of day fine colophony is completely dynamoelectric Bao Bicheng special machine, the thin wall that deploys motor of low inertial servo and new development shapes to give an orgnaization with freeboard rapid fire, shooting a speed to achieve with class the 1000mm/s of top level while, make shoot an acceleration to rise previously 3 of equipment.

5 times, still came true to make the high pressure that shoots a pressure to achieve 295MPa is changed. Orgnaization combining a model is completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model notes model to suit nicety, the stiffness of orgnaization combining a model notes model to ask to design by nicety. To obtain rigid control high-pressured low speed locks up control function of the model, ancon lever orgnaization uses the type that great distance compares, reach the positional area that locks up a model in high pressure, the big displacement of ancon lever is changed into the displacement with relatively lesser pattern plate, ensure a control combining a model that special delicacy can be obtained below the circumstance of the least stress in pattern plate. Orgnaization of lever of the Z of drive of electric machinery of servo of Krauss Maffei company ancon, bearing place is less, reduced attrition and lubricant point thereby, use the means with oil-lubricated loop, make these bit more lubricant be covered completely to rise form a closed system, mobile pattern plate does not have a contact to design at pull rod, put an end to lube completely to pollute the possibility that produces section. Deploy the mould of a pair of 24 antrum, production 2.

The HDPE cap of 0g, total cycle time is less than 2 seconds. University of Beijing chemical industry is on the base that has the machine that note model to combine modular system, innovation sex ground will mix actuating device and completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model joins modular orgnaization union, research and development gives a kind completely dynamoelectric type of mixture drive of the machine that note model adds up to modular orgnaization, by high-power convention electric machinery replaces electric machinery of original high-power servo, with small-power servo electric machinery collective drive adds up to modular orgnaization. In adding up to modular orgnaization to open the process that closes a model, servo electric machinery can offer small-power only, and groovy electric machinery offers high-power to lock up modular force, the union of both realized movable mould board slow - fast - slow good exercise curve, move pattern plate speed-distance curve in order to optimize to be a target, in speed-distance curve of groovy electric machinery affirmatory circumstance falls, the speed-distance curve that changes servo electric machinery will get relatively ideal movable mould board speed / displacement curve. Older rate land reduced this construction cost, those who increased to combine modular system can charge a sex, this research achievement conduces to our country completely dynamoelectric the rapid development of the machine that note model. Total construction realizes a variety of total construction type of requirement of the different technology that note model. Produce demand to get used to diversification and special goods, vertical and angle square type are dynamoelectric the machine that note model gets corresponding development, and function rises ceaselessly. The MDVs-IV of Niigata and MDVRs-IV vertical are dynamoelectric the machine that note model (55-110 ton) deserve to have new software, can raise sensitivity of inject speed, reaction and inject precision, the reaction of switch or dial rose 20% , work station vibration was reduced 20% . A U.


ET-90HR4 is completely dynamoelectric and perpendicular add up to inject of model, level, 4 labour 1 second left and right sides rotates 90 ° . Toyo/Maruka 90 ton vertical is dynamoelectric the machine that note model ET-90VR2 joins a 45 tons model head, allow what jockey differs for different pattern set to note model procedure. Nextpage is completely dynamoelectric the analytic research of technology of the machine that note model and performance data is completely dynamoelectric the main processing object of the machine that note model is a project plastic the polymer products that reachs its composite material, these material melt temperature should achieve 350 ℃ above commonly; The characteristic of goods is internal stress, dimension, quality (density, weight) the accurate sex that waits for function and life are periodic. The setting of main technique parameter needs to achieve above requirement, ability realizes the demand of processing. Inject pressure and inject rate pressure and speed are the parameter of two mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, pressure relies on speed, same rate also relies on pressure. Day energy company developed NEXllO-6EH recently, inject speed can amount to 1000 Mm/s, inject presses 295 MPa. If note firing rate to spend a design to be 500mm/s, and inject pressure design is 160MPa, in moving actually, inject speed achieves 500mm/s impossibly. High temperature resistant of polymer shed denaturation to be able to be mixed viscosity must be below high inject rate and high inject pressure, ability realizes processing. For example PPA, to achieve high inject rate, need the inject pressure of 200MPa normally. Note firing rate to spend 300mm/s, inject pressure should be designed not under 200MPa; Note firing rate to spend 500mm/s, inject pressure should be designed not under 280MPa; Note firing rate to spend 1000mm/s, inject pressure should be designed not under 350MPa. Machine canister heats heat systematic type. The project is plastic the melt temperature that reachs polymer of its composite material should achieve 350 ℃ above commonly, get together the highest melt temperature of benzene sulfur aether achieves 343 ℃ , it is thus clear that common resistor silk heats the requirement of an insufficient melt temperature. Heating element should choose high temperature resistant green to heat type, for example electromagnetism heats system. Temperature controls function. Temperature pilot real time function is his main function. The project is plastic the tensile strength that reachs products of polymer of its composite material is direct related to melt temperature. For example, the melt temperature of PPA goods is when 330 ℃ , its tensile strength achieves the groove of 36kpsi; If melt temperature fluctuates 350 ℃ , its tensile strength drops 34kpsi, drop rate for 5.

6% . The around temperature error that the melt function blemish that reciprocating type model changes is melt makings is big, special travel operating mode is changed to fall in complete model, the case is more severe. So temperature pilot main effect is to compensate this kind of blemish, endeavor to make melt temperature achieves around to agree. The screw machine canister that discharges steam to control general model to change did not discharge steam function, go against the quality control that melt expects. The lunt content change that melt expects affects the density of the viscosity of material and goods, the change of density is expression the change of product measure and weight, and build very hard to shape steadily process. Below extreme circumstance, excessive makings and light blanks may happen. Although plastic raw material undertakes model is changed after classics is dry, but great majority is high temperature resistant plastic have hygroscopic, as a result of a few reasons that cannot foreknow, of plastic raw material dry degree produce change, so design of screw machine canister has the function that discharge steam, ability ensures melt expects medium moisture is in strict pilot limits. Academic inject speed and speed of inject of actual inject speed are average inject speed, need to consider inject namely initiative answer with the noise of the end time. Below the operating mode that exceeds high speed inject, inject is initiative the noise that reachs an end is in season an impact to inject speed is bigger. Note the trends that shoots speed and servo electric machinery to answer function namely direct and relevant. Exemple like a product total inject time is 500ms, inject speed is 1000mm/s, at present the fastest trends answers servo electric machinery time is 15ms, consider the impact of inertia of motion of the others in injection system again, systematic inject is initiative answer the noise that reachs an end to answer time is 20ms about each, time of actual inject is 460ms, inject speed needs to achieve 1087mm/s, ability achieves the speed of 1000mm/s to ask. So, if the academic inject speed of the design is 1000mm/s, in moving actually, inject speed can achieve 920mm/s only. If choose the common servo electric machinery that answers time to be 60ms, considering the influence of inertia of motion of the others in injection system, systematic inject is initiative answer the noise that reachs an end to answer time is 65ms about each, academic inject speed is 1000mm/s, actual inject speed can achieve 740mm/s only. So, if want to achieve inject speed to be 1000mm/s, academic inject speed needs to design 1350mm/s. Hai Tianchang flies inferior series of Tian Rui VE is used tall answer servo drive system, rise start the dynamic sensitivity with apply the brake, screw inject speed from 0 reach what 500mm/s needs 20ms only to quicken time, be ultrathin goods shape offerred assure. Model of direct drive screw changes electric machinery of servo of moment of force of communication of big torsion of transmission type and efficiency low speed, the decelerate orgnaization such as belt of leave out synchronism, can improve transmission efficiency. Series of EX of Krauss Maffei company is completely dynamoelectric Injection Molding machine, two on the same axis that model is changed and the two device installation of inject is not taking synchronism to take gearing connect on direct drive, every axis parts by alone electric machinery drive, made sure moving direction transfers power screw directly, reduced kinematic chain and transverse force. Servo electric machinery is direct lever of drive ball silk, improved transmission precision and transmission efficiency. Japan lives friendly SE-DU Direct-Drive is new-style completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model communicates servo electric machinery to regard motivation as the source by the direct drive of 4 closed-loop control and digital sensor. Straight drive electric machinery all need not synchronism takes drive, ball guide screw and nut transmission are used directly outside be being changed except model, transmission efficiency, repeatability can rise significantly with abiding function. The response that the dynamic performance full report of servo electric machinery records model machine rate is higher. The new-style MD-X series of Niigata is dynamoelectric the machine that note model has 55 respectively, 85 with 110 tons, injecting thick when, machine of new inject unit, servo and control can be in 19, make dwell time is as long as below 575 Psi pressure 60 to 100 seconds, inject reacts time is 55 millisecond. The J-AD Advantage series of Japanese JSW is dynamoelectric the machine that note model differs to 1800 tons from 40 tons, can replace the ELIII set machine of its JSW finally, latter reaction time 250 millisecond, and former need 62 millisecond only. Toshiba the ECNII of 110 tonnage is dynamoelectric production of the engine that note model is thick 0.

4mm, long 2.

The PC indicator light of 7 In, inject reaction time under 38 millisecond. Live friendly SE-HS is medium-sized and dynamoelectric the machine that note model is comfortable produce Bao Bi at high speed, manufacturing cycle is 15 seconds, its tonnage from 242 differ to 385 Tons, inject reacts time is 25 millisecond. High speed inject and machinery of moving orgnaization Toshiba made limited company roll out EC-SX completely dynamoelectric the machine that note model, it uses servo electric machinery direct drive screw, inject speed can amount to 1100mm/s. Fanuc 2000il00B exceeds high speed to record model machine, through shooting an axis equipment freeboard outputs servo electric machinery, the straight drive that connect form exceeds speed of high speed inject to be able to amount to 1000mm/s. The linear electric machinery that Japanese Fanuc company developed technology of train of magnetism in suspension comes drive exceeds high speed to record model machine, its inject speed can amount to 2000mm/s, acceleration can amount to 17 G. High speed is changed dynamoelectric the machine that note model injects with high speed celebrated, general electrify moves speed of inject of the machine that note model to already achieved 300-400mm/sec. HTD of day of peaceful wave sea is dynamoelectric series differs to 396 tons from 64 tons, the standard notes firing rate to spend 150mm/sec, higher rate can amount to 300mm/sec; EX series of Kelaosimafei, live speed of friendly inject of SE-HS medium-sized series all can amount to 300mm/sec; Rice pulls the series of Fanuc Roboshot S2000i-B that Ke Long rolls out to reach 330 tons from 55 tons, inject speed is 330mm/sec; The new-style Elion of Netstal is dynamoelectric the model that notes model machine to be able to offer 3 kinds to differ changes a system, the characteristic that has high speed or tall torque or have both at the same time the characteristic of high speed, tall torque, inject speed can be amounted to 250 to 450 Mm/sec. Toshiba the ECNII of 110 tonnage is dynamoelectric production of the engine that note model is thick 0.

4mm, long 2.

The speed of inject of PC indicator light of 7 In amounts to 400mm/sec; The PC of manufacturing thin wall of 20 tonnage (0.

4mm) inject speed can amount to 550mm/sec. According to saying, the inject rate of the forming machine of completely dynamoelectric inject of Niigata Engineering company is top can amount to 600 Mm/sec. CNC Milling