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The TANG-GRIP that head razor blade is pair of successful already application establishs the new-style sheet that the company uses Yi Sika at heavy-duty grooving and recessing outfit from product of set of clamp chamfer knife patulous. Be based on its means mixes distinctive clamp to did not go up the characteristic of pressing plate, SUMO-GRIP has when grooving and car end panel perfect reflect. The round head bit that new-style TAGB razor blade has 8mm, 10mm and 12mm and round horn are 0.

The crop razor blade of 8mm. The material of TAGB razor blade uses the IC808 of bundle of demon coating technology and IC8250 character. The chamfer of this razor blade Y with the success chamfer that break bits is similar, did on this foundation optimize a design, performance is more superior. The round head razor blade of 12mm has the Y chamfer that break bits or H chamfer that break bits, have lose edge, suit more cast-iron material and heavy-duty and intermittent treatment. The TAGBA 80-40 of razor blade of 8mm round head that there still is treatment aluminium alloy newly in the series that roll out and the 8mm circle that machine forge aluminium TAGBA 80-40YZ of head razor blade, material of tie-in razor blade is IC07 character. Its advantage is: Stand distinctly outfit can resist effectively from clamp means force of side direction cutting; The design of bit is OK 1mm/r raises the feed of bit when recessing. TAGB razor blade and photograph of RCMT of ISO round razor blade are compared, circular arc measure is similar, but bit is more durable. CNC Milling