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An Jielun rolls out correspondence at table instrument the LXI of coequal function is modular instrument

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Maxim rolls out first PECI to turn to I2C/SMBus... Maxim rolls out MAX6618/MAX6621 converter, can control environment of Intel proprietary platform interface (PECI)   in the time since a year since LXI standard began to carry out in September 2005 many, an Jielun rolled out the new product of numerous LXI standard in succession, included avometer of source of signal of spectrum analyzer, radio frequency, oscillograph, number to wait a moment among them. In the new product that goes one year in Anjielun, the product that accords with LXI standard had held the majority, and, to a few old products, if function generator and digital oscillograph undertook upgrading, make its achieved the requirement of LXI standard. For important thing, test the requirement of equipment appearance to get used to a product to be opposite in different situation, on a few products, an Jielun rolls out instrument of traditional pattern table not only, and still developed what answer relatively to it further, use at checking the modular LXI instrument with automation compositive system, it is the appearance form that whole test process offers the product to suit most thereby. LXI is modular of the instrument roll out, below the premise that assures systematic performance index completely, make whole system faster, smaller, more be economical, bulk of the function index that broke through the architecture that blocks box type in VXI/PXI to fall thereby, system reachs the bottleneck between cost. We can have seen the product of such a lot of types, if Agilent34980A table switch is mixed,measure unit opposite Yukeshi shows coequal function and the L4400 series switch with minorrer volume is mixed control module, oscillograph of Agilent6000 series table and module of oscillograph of Agilent6000L series LXI are waited a moment. And in the near future, an Jielun releases two kinds of new LXI products, in order to get used to the need that to production from the design whole process reachs outfield to check. An Jielun is newest the analyzer of N6705A direct current source that roll out and L4411A are high-powered 61/2 avometer of module type number, abided by this kind of product to develop the strategy. These two kinds of products have the powerful capacity of LXI, offer the possibility that applies to a product to check lifetime entirely for the client. The N6700B that analyzer of N6705A power source produces needle opposite is modular the workbench that power source system introduces lab and project technology personnel. Now, the client can obtain the power source that gets used to products plan and application of test and verify and analyzer. N6705A and N6700B are modular power source system has complete software compatibility, also suit to be used in product production. L4411A61/2 modular digital avometer Agilent34411A61/2 high speed in the compact module that the powerful ability buy of avometer of high-powered table number enters height of unit of a frame and half frame width. Such, project technology personnel can get in development Agilent34411A has pair of all functions that show and bolt the area inputs digital avometer. To the use of aborning, l4411A has small module type structure, can offer full automatic test, have as identical as 34411A function and program compatibility. N6705A and L4411A are product of two kinds of of Anjielun newest LXI, they are used " full measure " and " modular " configuration, have complete program compatibility. And the compact configuration that is aimed at the card box type at PXI and VXI tradition, if also can introduce this one idea, be sure to solve the compositive difficult problem that faces without architecture of box type of face plate card. CNC Milling