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Frequency control of easy drive ED3000 controls the application in extruder

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One, introduction in recent years, as the development of electronic equipment informatization, as all sorts of heat of physical transmission medium quick sex polymer machines demand to also come more much, if PVC cable expects, PE silicon alkyl, pass stuff of oxide cross-linking cable, line of PE cross-linking screen. The hinge that produces these polymer is extruder. Extruder asks to developing ceaselessly as production of higher and higher sex of effectiveness for a given period of time. 2, the principle of extruder and the mechanical principle that constitute extruder: Water or proper liquid are added in raw material powder, have ceaseless mix. the stuff with good agitate, with squeeze a pressure high from poriferous nose or gauze piece. It is normally after putting stuff into cylinder form container, squeeze a material with screw. After using frequency conversion technology, can undertake controlling to pressure, can choose the most appropriate linear career thereby. Crowded piece shape the component of equipment, one presses a facility normally by lead plane (extruder) , subsidiary engine and composition of its control system. Normally these component tube-shaped part call extruder series. 1.

Lead plane an extruder lead plane by extruding, drive, heat cooling composition of 3 parts system. Extruding system basically is comprised by screw and machine bucket, it is the crucial part of extruder; Acting well in transmission system is drive screw, want to assure screw to have the torque of a need and rotate speed in working process; Heat cooling system basically assures stock and extruding system to be controlled in the temperature in processing. 2.

Subsidiary engine squeezes the composition of the subsidiary engine that gives device to be decided according to the sort of goods. Say commonly, the reel-up that subsidiary engine shows device of sizing system, cooling device, draw gear, cut and product by the agent or pile up the part such as device is comprised. 3.

The control system that controls systematic extruder basically is comprised by electric equipment, appearance and actuator, its main effect is: (1) control advocate, of subsidiary engine procrastinate use electric machinery, satisfy the rotate speed that craft asks to need and power, assure advocate, subsidiary engine moves can harmoniously. (2) control advocate, the quality of the temperature of subsidiary engine, pressure, discharge and goods. (3) the automation that implements whole set. 3, the transducer of ED3000 of applied easy drive in extruder uses transducer of series of easy drive ED3000 at pressing a facility, have the moving character of high quality, because ED3000 uses control of simple and easy vector,this is, the good product performance that itself can provide decides. Nextpage1.

Fast processor offers high frequency rate to answer 16 processor inside transducer of easy drive ED3000, offer tall control to answer what frequency has reached precision, quickly to use property. The craft of extruder asks the pressure that basically is control exit is constant, when equipment just was beginning the work, undertake rotate speed is controlled, when achieving demand pressure, want switch to be pressure control. Switch process should not have concussion, need the control precision with tall transducer, come reinforce pressure signal. 2.

When control of simple and easy vector offers low frequency, tall torque outputs extruder advocate screw roll is driven after drive electric machinery basically passes decelerate of reducer of parallel axis helical gear, constant torsion timing is when traversal speed is changed under fundamental frequency. 1 > use transducer of control of simple and easy vector ED3000, function of use self-study be used to is considerable measure electric machinery parameter, not only the output that can make sure electric machinery is good when low frequency is characteristic, the automatic and energy-saving moving function of ED3000 can follow the change of torsion and reduce the electric current of output, not only can economic electric energy, can eliminate the possibility that afore-mentioned working hidden trouble produce more. 2 > torsion demarcate and turn poor compensation: Torsion demarcate function can is opposite / limitation of the torsion when inverting has set, be in in order to carry torsion restriction certain level. Turn poor compensation function, the electric machinery that because laden wave motion is caused,can compensate turns poor change, get curve of good physical characteristic thereby. 4, transducer of series of ED3000 of energy-saving effect easy drive and the extruder control system that other wiring combines suitably, the craft that can satisfy extruder completely asks, reach the control target with constant outlet pressure. Moving stability, the adaptability of the product is strong, economic benefits is obvious. Additionally transducer itself is a soft starting device, start to motor have very good protection effect, also meet to the concussion of electrified wire netting at the same time decrescent. Be in especially energy-saving respect, when transducer the job is in fruit of 50HZ effectiveness for a given period of time is not apparent, also can say not section. But meet below in 50HZ when the job have certain energy-saving space. Frequency is lower, the effect is better. But also not be infinite low, if too low when electric machinery is easy calorific. 30-40HZ is better, not big also to electric machinery influence, energy-saving effect is less than 20% , additional, extruder this kind of device is common bear lay particular stress on, proposal enlarge norms is used had better. The data of extruder 75KW actual measurement that transforms for some factory below: 1, data of the example before changing: =0 of Φ of   COS of U=380V   I=130A.


732UICOS=73KW revises power consumption of the year before last year (annual runs 300 day plan) 24 × 300=525600 spends 73KW × 2, after transforming (the job is in 40HZ) example data: =0 of Φ of COS of   of   of U=380V   I=90A.


732UICOS   =54KW revises power consumption of the year after next (annual moves 300 days) 24 × 300=388800 spends 54 × 3, save n every year: 525600 - rate of 388800=136800 section report: 136800 ÷ 525600=26% year managing charge of electricity (by 0.

6 yuan / degree) 136800 × 0.

6=82080 yuan 5, last word 1, use hand in by turns transducer undertakes to extruder energy-saving transform have a structure simple, transform convenient, energy-saving effect the characteristic with brief pay back period of apparent, investment. 2, after use transducer, extruder but soft case soft stop, reduce equipment machinery concussion, lengthen the service life of equipment, upkeep costs that drops device. 3, frequency control technology is advanced, mature, raised the technical content of equipment. CNC Milling