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Rice of C7 PLUS accept optimizes coating of assorted cutting tool

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You Ni not overcame company pioneer to develop coating of a kind of new-style cutting tool -- C7 PLUS. This kind of new coat suits to do type cutting treatment very much, original coating is surpassed below the cutting speed in all likelihoods. "Our original C7 coating has proved to be able to improve cutting tool performance significantly, and new C7 PLUS coat obtained better result. " coating department manager says Younimoke, "C7 PLUS coating has wonderful heatproof sex, stability and high grade character can retain below the high temperature of 1100ºC, make hardness maintains in 45GPa. In actual production, this means C7 PLUS coating and other coating photograph to compare won't oxidize below such high temperature. We already acquired this technology patent. " the function of coating depends on its form part, namely the structure of coating. C7 PLUS is a kind of coat that has distinctive accept rice to optimize assorted structure, it is accordingly solidder than other coating with heat-resisting, the C7 coating with its formerer also at the same time function is stable, more advantage is had when patulous treatment uses range, of stability rise to mean cutting tool life to lengthen change with cutting tool the frequency decreases. The C7 PLUS coat that has tall heatproof sex allows to raise cutting rate further, rise thereby productivity and reduce cutting tool cost. New the high-powered coat with the C7 PLUS more traditional coat that appear on the market (TiAlN/AlTiN) cutting function rises apparently, younimoke's cutting tool and coating expert will help a client seek actor to change a solution in the light of specific requirement. CNC Milling