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Efficient cutting technology processes medium application in the mould

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The high accuracy of the mould is changed, efficient the goal with change treatment to already made mould industry main. In a lot of contradiction that faces when manufacturing industry of mould of this age bound, efficiency is the mainest contradiction. The mould is mixed in research and development of manufacturing industry product, innovation the distinctive important place that has in production, make the important mark that the discretion of mould engineering capability and level makes national innovation ability. Make in the figuration of contemporary mould in, because the shape face design of the mould is complex with each passing day, because this raised taller requirement to mould processing technique, want to assure tall production precision and exterior quality namely, what should seek treatment appearance again is beautiful. On the other hand, as the process of globalization, the international competition of manufacturing industry also becomes more and more intense, the remain invincible in competing to be in, a lot of enterprises devote oneself to " reduce cost " , " shorten date of delivery " etc. The high accuracy of the mould is changed, efficient the goal with change treatment to already made mould industry main. In a lot of contradiction that faces when manufacturing industry of mould of this age bound, efficiency is the mainest contradiction. Carry out a proof, pass the ceaseless pursuit to efficiency only, the processing with ability efficient economy is very other and contradictory. So, in the progress that makes a technology in contemporary mould, efficiency was pushed most prominent place. Efficient cutting technology becomes contemporary mould to make technical main trend, it is inevitable development trend. The term in serving as mould application -- " high speed cutting (HSC) " the aspect that means two to differ actually. Above all, the surface after it means the finish machining that leads in very high main shaft rotate speed and superhigh feed to assure to machine is bright and clean had spent reduce apparently to enough, eliminate the auxiliary and manual precision work on benchwork stage even. Additional, this term still shows in tall metal excision leads next undertaking that weigh rough machining. Accordingly, high speed cutting is one of methods of efficient treatment, more important is high speed cutting can bring about craft to replace, simplify thereby manufacturing technological process. In the mould in making, with high speed hard mill replaces electric spark to machine is a very typical case, the workpiece after temper by dipping in water is hard can install clip to fall to process finished product through thick mill and mill of high speed essence in. This respect returns report to go out, the application of high speed hard mill, what make implementation CAD/CAM/HPC for the mould is compositive created a condition. Craft of high speed hard mill made a technology bring heavy revolution to the mould undoubtedly. But, efficient cutting (HPC) be speed not just rise, HPC milling can be satisfied to raise metallic purify to lead the milling treatment of the requirement by described as. The material excision of milling unit time measures N/1000(cm3/min) of × of Z of × of Fz of × of Ap of × of Vf/1000=ae of × of Ap of usable Q=ae × to express. The material excision rate that milling cutter can achieve already became a when measure milling cutter to machine function main target. Fz is among them an important parameter, it and a lot of element are concerned, be like the ply cutting bits of the material that is come down by cutting. Machining some kind when specific workpiece data, cut bits ply to obtain first-rate, need uses different cutting parameter. The every tine feed that the input needs when machine program of work out CNC can use the following formula to calculate: κ of Fz = H/sin. Be aimed at some kind workpiece material, the H value that give out has a scale, among them lesser numerical value is worth for the ply cutting bits with bit more initiative cutting. When the milling on the machining center that amounts to 50hp in machine tool power machines aluminium or be not alloy of iron a group of things with common features, range of commendatory the ply that cut bits is H=0.

051 ~ 0.

076mm; Treatment stainless steel, aluminium alloy and heat-resisting are super when alloy, range of commendatory the ply that cut bits is H=0.

076 ~ 0.

152mm; Treatment steel, cast-iron with nodular cast iron when, range of commendatory the ply that cut bits is H=0.

152 ~ 0.

254mm. If use,be more than those who recommend a value to cut bits ply, should risk the risk of bit overload and caustic of cutting blade collapse. A kind of method that increases bit carrying capacity is the size that increases bit, if increase ply,will increase the strength of tooth. Of milling cutter establish structure of outfit razor blade, will normally bit bears the truncat face instead of load stands sectional, do not change bit size, and change bit to install square all along to increase bit carrying capacity only, if pursue,1 medium HELITANG establishs milling cutter of outfit helix blade. Milling cutter of blade of double-faced helix of graph 1 HELIDO H490, blade of 4 helix cutting, big before horn, establish outfit clip to hold, use at mill of 90 ° square shoulder, the stride is entered insert mill, groovy mill and face mill are worth proceed with to improve cutting efficiency from H of the ply that cut bits is in recent years a of efficient cutting fruitful train of thought. The tool cutting edge angle of κ of Sin of × of H=fz of the ply that cut bits and cutting tool is concerned, establish milling cutter to milling cutter of straight blade face, tool cutting edge angle is certain, the ply that cut bits also is constant. And circular milling cutter is exceptional, blade of circular arc cutting tool cutting edge angle of each bits is change. When cutting of circular arc blade, be like 90 when the ply that cut bits is 1, so 70 when namely 0.

94, 60 for 0.

87, 45 when for 0.

71 (see a picture 2) . The ply cutting bits that round razor blade cuts will increase as the addition of cutting deepness. Accordingly, can use the cutting ply that cuts bits ply Hm on average to show round bit. To the workpiece material of different type, typical Hm cost chooses what limits is worth with afore-mentioned H to choose limits identical. Graph the H that 2 round razor blade change a kind of round razor blade and the cutting of a kind of 90 razor blade the circumstance is made quite. If two kinds of razor blade use identical cutting deepness and every tine feed to undertake cutting, criterion the quantity cutting bits that they excise is identical also. But, when if become,cutting deepness is the 1/2 of inscribed circle of round razor blade, the ply cutting bits of round razor blade will be decreased thin 29% , this is the cause with the cutting longer blade because of round razor blade and workpiece radial joint. Change character, the amount cutting bits that if round razor blade is mixed,90 razor blade excise severally is equal, and the length cutting bits that cutting of round razor blade produces is longer than 90 razor blade about 50% , the ply cutting bits that round razor blade cuts can be decreased substantially necessarily thin. Right now, if feed keeps changeless, and cutting deepness is reduced to 25% what be equal to milling cutter round razor blade, cutting bits to measure equal circumstance to fall, the ply cutting bits that milling cutter of round razor blade cuts will be decreased thin 50% . To achieve the goal that will improve productivity through reducing the thin thickness that cut bits, the 20% ~ that deepness of chosen the biggest cutting should be inscribed circle of round razor blade 25% . Because cut bits ply as cutting deepness become shallow and decrease thin, because this machines productivity high to obtain, need compensates lesser cutting deepness through raising feed to lead. No matter be use circle razor blade or the milling cutter that are small tool cutting edge angle, all can use cut bits to decrease small effect to realize tall feed to lead milling. Accordingly, when the every tine feed that inputs CNC machine program certainly, hm of the variable and average ply that cut bits and χ of κ of tool cutting edge angle era enters computation in formulary Fz=hm/sin κ , feed rate can be obtained rise substantially. Graph the case that 3 cars mould uses axial to decrease thin technology (see a picture 3) : This task involves wide 1500mm, long 1500mm, thick 430mm and hardness HRC36 ~ the rough machining of the P20 mould steel of 40. The need on the design of the mould excises the material that exceeds 2000kg when rough machining. To finish job of this burden rough machining, need a large number of time and resource. 4in of original use diameter (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) milling cutter of round razor blade is used at rough machining, the every cutting blade of bit can be machined continuously only normally make an appointment with 15min, the treatment parameter of hard to temper by dipping in water P20 tool steel is 1000mm/min about to cut rate of deep 1mm, feed. And, cutting tool of this kind of rough machining has radius of very big circular arc of point of a knife, that means finish machining cutting tool to will come up against more treatment capacities finally. The solution is the profile modeling milling cutter that uses D100. The D12 razor blade of use IC908 brand, in rotate speed 450r/min, cut deep 1.

The feed rate of 1650mm/m was achieved when 5mm. When using this milling cutter, the bit life 1h of every cutting blade, for 4 times original. But this or cannot satisfactory. Later, used the FEEDMILL UFO milling cutter of ISCAR, this series cutting tool uses the triangular bit of a kind of special appearance, it can bear be as high as every tine 3.

The feed of 5mm (see a picture 4) . Triangular razor blade uses big circular arc radius, cutting blade appearance makes cutting tool runs below very high feed rate, amount of every tine excision is very large. Additional, bit design contains table of a protruding into bottom, can hold razor blade photogenic the Kong Li that match. This makes bit can bear higher cutting power, make its can run at higher than convention feed rate. Had this kind of design, bit by firmer clamp, can release accordingly normally action arrives the major stress of clamp bolt. Then action of axial of cutting force edge arrives on main shaft, although treatment is hanged longly from time to tome,extend also conduce to provide stability. When treatment, on main shaft dangerous extend exceed 203mm, the FEEDMILL of use D63mm, cut deeply 1mm, run with rotate speed 800r/min and feed speed 6350mm/min. Small tool cutting edge angle decreases thin cutting to make every tine can bear taller feed. Milling cutter of double-faced UFO of graph 4 HELIDO UPFEED 600, combine milling cutter of double-faced helix blade + the razor blade of advantage of UFO milling cutter 6 cutting blade, apply at face mill, slope walks along mill and the other milling cutter that insert mill small tool cutting edge angle to decrease thin cutting technology to also can be used in the mould to machine, like anise mill razor blade every tine feed can be amounted to 3.

0mm, be out of shape King Kong milling cutter every tine feed 1.

0mm and bovine bazoo knife every tine feed 1.

5mm. Technology of this kind of tall feed is used at special FEEDMILLL not only, in the grooviest but dislocation establishs milling cutter to went up to also get applied. Graph 5 it is ISCAR the razor blade of tall feed mill that can hold the APKT10 that establishs milling cutter to go up in convention and ADKT15, the design concept of cutting tool of round horn of this kinds of many blade big feed is in limited cutting tool inside external diameter, basis before blade number devises a method, narrow cutting blade dimension, but won't reduce point intensity again. The razor blade that establishs big feed round role milling cutter advocate set of cutting blade radius is R8. The photograph of round razor blade that is R8 together with radius is compared, it has identical point strength, but utmost ground narrowed the knife is accumulated one-sidedly. Be like ADKT1505R8T-FF, every tine feed can be amounted to 1.

5mm, the 5 ~ that are ADKT1505PDR of common milling cutter 10 times. Graph APKT of 5 tall feed and change of ADKT razor blade cut bits sectional still can reduce cutting force. The deep antrum treatment of the mould often is perplexed by oscillatory problem place, cutting tool is used hang the place with the dark treatment that extend a capacity greatly, its tigidity and dangerous just become inverse ratio 4 times when extend length, those who machine efficiency is main restricting an element is treatment vibration, must lower knife rate so. Cut the figure of bits through the change, can cutting bits knife rate raises below sectional and changeless circumstance, below the case that perhaps leads in coequal metal purify, can reduce cutting obstruction and consume power 15% ~ 30% . ISCAR wind fire annulus milling cutter round razor blade (see a picture 6) the bits of the cent that cut bits with undee will long knife, reduced cutting force, the condition that makes milling cutter is compared in 10 times long way falls to also can stabilize reliable cutting, it is easier in deep antrum to cut bits brokenly at the same time eduction, avoided to grow cut bits to treatment pester, and by the likelihood of 2 cutting. Special the zigzag razor blade that designs for mould industry, use at deep antrum treatment, cutting tool stability is tall, platoon bits is fluent, cutting force is small. Fire of wind of graph 6 MILLSHRED annulus milling cutter can see from afore-mentioned content, the focus of HPC is to optimize cutting efficiency, in order to achieve the oldest material excision rate. What differ with HSC is, HPC controls main shaft rotate speed certain level normally, produce very large cutting moment of force and power already, allow the deepness of penetration of a cutting tool with bigger feed and certain give attention to two or morethings again. HPC also is different from traditional large surplus cutting, below means of large surplus cutting, cutting tool cuts material adequately, and the one fraction that HPC uses cutting tool to have effect diameter only undertakes cutting, drink to raise feed rate and material excision rate leave some leeway. Accordingly, HPC is the crucial technology value of a quantity that decides potential of performance of process of a treatment, compare with traditional processing technique photograph, can raise 200%~500% . More the explanation of broad sense is, this noun still means HPC to undertake optimizing to catenary of whole treatment craft, the target is reduce manufacturing cost 10% ~ even 30 % . CNC Milling