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The research current situation of technology of modified of surface of pottery and porcelain of ionic infuse structure

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New-style structure pottery and porcelain has the meaning of modified of surface of material of 1 pottery and porcelain and ionic infuse technology tall hardness, high strenth, good wear-resisting performance, excellent chemical stability and high temperature are mechanical function, the research that concerns in recent years is very active. But, the heel of Achilles of material of pottery and porcelain is brittleness very big and without how many ductility, in practical in easy the early failure that causes a part or brittleness rupture, restricted its to apply extensively greatly thereby. The coefficient of friction of material of pottery and porcelain and wear rate are higher also [1] , make when the precision that pottery and porcelain makes turns and slip spare parts and bearing, mould, cutting tool is enlisting in army because wear extent is big and short of life expectancy. The research that domestic and international researcher devotes oneself to material of pottery and porcelain to add skill of pliable but strong not only [2] , and the research that also takes material of pottery and porcelain seriously to attrition wears away and lubricate increasingly, and make one of forward position tasks of current data science and tribology domain gradually [3] . Ionic infuse craft is the exterior modified technology that development rises seventies, it can be the ion that requires an element below a few voltage to hundreds of kilovolt infuse material surface, the concentration of infuse element increases in the surface layer of zero micron, produce irradiation loss at the same time, the structure that changes material thereby and all sorts of function. According to analysis of domestic and international data, material of ionic infuse pottery and porcelain is add the pliable but strong, complement that raises wearability way to having [4] . Ionic infuse has the following characteristic: (1) enters the ionic chroma of crystal lattice not to accept the restriction of thermodynamic balance requirement; (2) infuse is the process that do not have heat, can undertake below room temperature or low temperature, do not cause material heat to be out of shape; (The chroma of 3) infuse ion and deepness can use control of infuse integral dosage and infuse voltage, infuse distributings ionicly to usable theory is calculated or use ion bundle the method such as back scattering and nuclear reaction analysis determines; (There is apparent interface between 4) infuse ion and matrix, infuse layer won't fall off; (5) does not suffer alloy to balance the limitation that dissolve of the solid in phasor spends, can infuse each other not Xiang Rong's impurity, the exterior hardness of material of changeable pottery and porcelain, fracture toughness, flexural strength, can reduce coefficient of friction, raise wearability. With improve pottery and porcelain before the methodological photograph of mechanical function is compared, ionic infuse technology is noveller, have latent capacity more [5] . 2 ionic infuse are mechanical to surface of material of pottery and porcelain the influence of function 2.

After foreign scholar is studying ionic infuse law changes material of pottery and porcelain to measure through using microcosmic impress method when mechanical function and calculate, the influence of 1 ionic infuse to fracture toughness of surface of material of pottery and porcelain discovers: The hardness of the ionic infuse layer of Al2O3 and TiB2 and fracture toughness have bigger addition than matrix of its pottery and porcelain [6] . Fracture toughness of exterior hardness, surface and flexural strength are concerned with ionic infuse temperature not only, still concern with infuse dosage, be more than 2 × 1015ion when dosage.

When Cm-2, the surface can happen amorphous change [7] , after the ion of inert gase of infuse of pottery and porcelain of hot pressing Si3N4 that is additive with Y2O3 and Al2O3 and metallic ion, its surface is microscopical hardness can fall when high dose infuse to 75% original, at the same time as a result of amorphous change, bulk expands will be as high as 20% [8] the researcher of   home studied stress of remains of surface of ionic infuse pottery and porcelain is right the influence of its fracture toughness. Can produce very big remains to press stress when surface of pottery and porcelain of Al2O3 of Mo ionic infuse, the infuse of large dose can make infuse layer produces blame brilliant to change, leftover stress is released apparently; If continue to increase infuse dosage, because suffer the influence that shoots bundle of heat to be not brilliant to change, leftover stress has the surface to rise newly again; Accordingly, can pass pair of infuse dosage and energy control, will improve sensitivity of crackle of surface of Al2O3 pottery and porcelain [9] . The modified of surface of pottery and porcelain of Al2O3-ZrO2 of Ni ionic infuse studies, also discovered the inhibition with exterior remains patulous to crackle stress, this is very big to the influence of its fracture toughness, use experimental data to plan to add up to an analysis to be able to be informed exterior remains to press stress change trend to agree with trend of change of material fracture toughness [4] . The change of fracture toughness of surface of the pottery and porcelain after ionic infuse, can think as amorphous as the surface the formation that change and generation remains press stress to concern. Amorphous change bring about be in what infuse period accumulates to compress stress to release. With amorphous relevant bulk expands the degree that stress of the blemish below the figure that meeting change puts exterior limitation beforehand and dimension and outside force action centers. Because amorphous the large volume that turn expands the brim of passivation surface blemish and crackle and most advanced, the crackle that can close next surfaces are opened even, should encounter exterior the stress concentration that exterior blemish can reduce when pressing stress. Of the addition that follows infuse ion dosage and infuse time lengthen, amorphous layer thickening, the effect is more apparent [10] . 2.

The influence of 1 ionic infuse to function of attrition of pottery and porcelain considers to make clear: When ionic infuse Al2O3 and Na-Ca-Si glass, press stress to pass as a result of what ionic infuse arises close neck to crackle, be in parallel crackle in order to prevent nick to arrive at the surface, limitted the amount of mobile grain greatly so, reduced coarse attrition and nick all round crackle, it is so when tall stress, ionic infuse reduces attrition rate. Still built the correlation model between radiation damage, hardness and exterior stress in this research, studied its tribology behaviour [11] . After the Si3N4 pottery and porcelain of deposit of technology of B+ infuse CVD is filmy, improve its attrition performance significantly, coefficient of friction is reduced 0.

22, because formed the nitride of B,this may be photograph of the 2nd dispersion was reduced adhesion, of wear rate reduce but ascribe: (The formation of photograph of the 2nd dispersion raised 1) to rupture intensity; (2) infuse dosage is in area of crystal photograph sclerosis [12] . Use LBM method (namely ionic bundle of mixture law) in Si3N4 surface film of Mo of Tu Fuyi layer, put its in a reciprocating type later undertake wet attrition experiments on attrition experiment machine, the coefficient of friction that discovers the surface as a result decreases, bougie of lens of use scanning report, electron OK still check attrition face, the mechanism that to its tribology function improves undertakes discussing [13] . Somebody undertook ionic infuse is opposite the material surface wearability, research that fights oxidation to corrode function to affect, the conclusion that reach is: When to raise material surface wearability infuse N is ionic, the energy limits that suits most is 30 ~ 100keV [14] . Can see from inside afore-mentioned research: Use the different and ionic infuse of different dosage, can make the coefficient of friction of metal and material of pottery and porcelain is reduced 0.

2 ~ 0.

6, wearability can rise to come severalfold hundreds of times. This may be ionic infuse material hind, can enhance cohesion performance of the surface, those who reduce its and mating plate surface is adhesion, consequently wearability gets rising. 2.

3 ionic infuse are become to the influence of bending strength of pottery and porcelain a 800keV argon ion and single crystal of infuse of 400keV nitrogen ion and pottery and porcelain of much brilliant Al2O3 apparently when, the Al2O3 flexural strength that discovers single crystal increases scope bigger than pottery and porcelain of much brilliant Al2O3 [7] . After pottery and porcelain of Al2O3-ZrO2 of Ni ionic infuse, the mechanical function of its surface has relatively about-face, flexural strength amplitude is amounted to 10% [4] . The change of flexural strength of surface of the pottery and porcelain after ionic infuse should ascribe surface remains presses stress, exterior remains presses stress to be concerned with temperature again, infuse temperature and surface are so amorphous change all be opposite bending strength is influential, the result increases when 100keV the most apparent. Below same condition, heavy ion is more intense than light ion ground radiate is sclerotic, because this increases the result more remarkable. Single crystal and much brilliant photograph are compared, former surface blemish is fewer, increase the result bigger. 2.

The influence of 4 ionic infuse to hardness of pottery and porcelain generally speaking, the hardness when small dose infuse can increase, but when dosage increases fixed rate, show when surface of pottery and porcelain amorphous after changing, hardness can drop quickly [8] . For example, when pottery and porcelain of Al2O3-ZrO2 of Ni ionic infuse, what increase in infuse dosage is earlier, hardness increases very quickly; Achieve in dosage amorphous change critical value when 5 × 1016ioncm-2, stress occurrence peak value, the addition of hardness also reachs maximum 30% [4] . But, α - the hardness that aggrandizement of infuse of ion of small dose of material of Al2O3 pottery and porcelain causes increases should be attributed to radiation damage however (did not happen amorphous change) , because high-energy heavy ion wears target stuff, because allow stretch collision to till stop,lose energy with target element, a large number of room and gap produce around ion, injure area crystal lattice to expand to Rp deepness place from material surface distortion, was not injured area atomic to manacle again, produce greater exterior remains stress. Solid dissolve sclerosis, precipitation sclerosis and radiation damage bring about the sclerosis that observation goes to, the maximum of the maximum of hardness and leftover stress is opposite should. When infuse of high dose ion, hardness can drop quickly, because surface layer generation is amorphous,this is change, amorphous change the change with leftover stress to concern, concerned research still afoot. 3 epilogue   (at present pottery and porcelain adds 1) technology of pliable but strong basically uses fiber to add pliable but strong, rigid grain pliable but strong, flexible grain adds pliable but strong, the complex interfacial project between matrix of Dan Zengren get along with is handled hard. Surface of ionic infuse pottery and porcelain, can increase its exterior fracture toughness, flexural strength apparently, the research that its increase mechanism of pliable but strong still afoot, but the great attention that its apply foreground extensively to already caused people. (Craft of 2) ionic infuse can is opposite the horniness material itself such as structural pottery and porcelain undertakes exterior aggrandizement, with raising its further attrition wears away function. But on craft, the research on mechanism is not much, further thorough research still remains to begin. (Craft of 3) ionic infuse is influential to the hardness of structural pottery and porcelain. Research thinks the hardness when small dose infuse can increase, but when dosage raises fixed rate, show when surface of pottery and porcelain amorphous after changing, hardness can drop quickly. CNC Milling