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Use 11 rods machining center improves the efficiency that produces accurate gear wheel

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Below a lot of circumstances, automation gear boring grinds exercise is to be used at cricoid gear boring to grind treatment of tine of mill of the surface inside treatment and gear, this metalloid machines exercise to need to use the cutting tool with high price normally, and very time-consuming. Now, use a kind special and abrade annulus can shorten with an efficient CNC machining center the manufacturing process of accurate gear. Sicmat company is the lead company that the positive drive device of a mechanical to nicety equipment has be machininged eventually, this company is automobile manufacturing industry and the positive drive unit that the relevant enterprise that offer money offers a course to be machined eventually. The field is created in the machine tool, what this company uses him is abrade annulus the technology undertakes gear cutting. In gear cutting exercise, what Sicmat company used NUM company research and development is efficient machining center of 11 axes CNC and tine of a kind of mill outside appropriative are abrade annulus undertake machining, this makes Sicmat company is achieved gave German new standard, be in currently namely the workpiece of effect sclerosis when treatment of fine abrade domain passes the metal. The work that place of work of this kind of final to positive drive device treatment processes is mostly what produce for automobile manufacturing industry is medium high-grade gear. As a whole, the abrade operation of gear has before the heat treatment that has exterior cementite sclerosis in workpiece. But of leave out gear abrade pass heat treatment to be able to arise because of gear with grinding work measure be out of shape, so, gear undertakes grinding and abrade treatment work only. For this, sicmat company development gave boring machine of an efficient Grono 250 gear. Use this muller the bed can be transmission implement manufacturer home improves manufacturing quality. Investigate its reason is, use this kind of efficient new-style and abrade machine tool can of leave out gear certain and abrade with grinding work measure. Automation gear is abrade normally use height specializations, the grinding treatment that the boring that will have cricoid gear wheel of the machine tool that machines cutting tool wears the face inside treatment and gear, the cutting tool price that these treatment use is high, and undertake installing debugging extraordinary also take time on the machine tool. But, sicmat company believes, those who pass a clench the teeth outside containing is abrade round of accuracy that can improve machine program, gear of OK and complete leave out falls in a lot of operating mode abrade treatment works. Boring machine of graph 1 Grono 250 gear contains of a groove outside containing special and abrade boring machine of round of efficient Grono 250 gear has a series of advantages, if cutting tool use cost is low, shorten greatly and simplified the settling time of muller bed cutting tool. Collaboration undertakes Sicmat company studies in the first pace of this respect the job is the mathematical department with Turin university, physics department and science. The result that collaboration studies makes clear, such abrade annulus can undertaking successfully processing work in practice, this also proved the viewpoint of personnel of Sicmat company research and development. Have the aid of at new abrade annulus mix by the program of the machining center of high accuracy CNC of NUM company research and development, the essence of life that boring machine of Grono 250 gear can have gear wheel is accurate abrade. The program that CNC machining center uses is used technically at controlling gear configuration. Process of this kind of treatment has after the heat treatment that has exterior cementite sclerosis in cutting tool. Because can omit so to gear abrade with grinding work measure. Setting of boring machine of Grono 250 gear has 8 " common axis " athletic rod, 3 undertake further abrade the direction that machines with grinding. Join of rod of these 8 movement assists the loader of exercise to go up in a robot, undertake controlling by NUM-Flexium- CNC machining center. Graph 2 whole gear are abrade the sketch map with grinding equipment. Actuating device of servo of the stability NUM-Drive-C that technology of machining center of CNC of company of use NUM of boring machine of Grono 250 gear undertakes controlling Nextpage to ensure machining a component 11 axes contains power supply of a certain number of NUM MDLL 3050 servo is unit. Unit of every power supply can offer the dc of 50kW. Of this device make kinetic energy can reclaim use, can make the efficiency of whole servo actuating device is achieved so the biggest change. Individually advocate process a rod by drive of electromotor of many straight drive. What the electromotor with strong power uses at drive new research and development is abrade annulus with treatment workpiece. The electromotor torsion with these strong power is big, its synchronism sex and control pass to come true by the special application software of research and development of NUM group company. For abrade to successful gear automation process, a fundamental condition is to use a component to have very tall mechanical tigidity. Just can achieve essence of life allow so, and the abrade result with strong repeatability. For this, sicmat company decides, use existing machine to machine platform to regard the research and development of boring machine of Raso TP 250 gear as the foundation, this is muller of this company gear the masterpiece of the bed. Graph the action of the 11 movement rod that 3 this graphs reveal is to make gear cutting machine tool and all sorts of transmission forms and photographs of all sorts of transmission power volume match this machine to machine platform realizing maximize ceaselessly, have enough tigidity not only, and still have decrease goodly brace up function. The motherboard of platform of this machine treatment by steeliness make through electric welding, contain oscillation buffer. The amortize bridge of platform of this machine treatment, frame and tailstock are cast-iron. Because be such structure, accessibility of platform of this machine treatment can be so good, facilitate undertake gear cutting works, and facilitating maintenance and maintain. Perpendicular workpiece tabulator makes join another automation machines a process to become handy. What boring machine of Grono 250 gear all achieves treatment beneficial result automatically in every process with abrade gear is the biggest change. When using machine tool of common gear cutting to have heat treatment of sclerosis of workpiece surface cementite normally, it is to pass the robot assists an operation and a tension station on conveyer belt of gear cutting product line undertakes have the aid of of Zhang Jin, because can measure the external diameter volume of relevant model gear at any time so, before having abrade treatment to gear namely, the test point that sets in an unifinication will measure the external diameter volume of this gear. Having gear wheel when abrade treatment, synchronism has this treatment workpiece and the 2nd gear wheel, push mill to age treatment is in, undertake 360 ° turn. When treatment gear is rotational, measure the deflection between two axes continuously from beginning to end. This kind of means can decide the mental allowance of workpiece, and relevant data can transmit system of Flexium- CNC machining center. Graph the distribution box of the boring machine of 4 Grono 250 gear that contain system of NUM-Flexium-CNC machining center is used advocate - after driven configuration device prevents the external diameter that arrearage is finishing treatment gear to measure, by a robot auxiliary operation unit will machine gear to deliver abrade equipment part. Here, treatment gear is tagged above all, undertake below the revolution that should machine gear to ask in place next abrade, what age with a new mill is abrade round of synchronous roll. If appear abrade round of progressively clench the teeth to treatment gear, so, right now two axes can be in specific advocate - the job in driven configuration device, driven axis won't appear arrearage. To achieve this one goal, NUM company must go the 2nd drive shaft to machine workpiece electromotor research and development, the revolution to two axes must undertake high accuracy is controlled. Of the opposite synchronism that turns through two axes match change to realize treatment gear the delicate adjustment of abrade process. The biggest revolution of arbor of boring machine of the generation Grono 250 that uses at present gear is 7000r/min. Machine the abrade process of gear for accurately control, the biggest revolution already achieved the arbor of the gear cutting machine tool that Sicmat company shows ongoing hair 10000r/min. CNC Milling