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The homebred transducer application on numerical control lathe

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: When numerical control lathe is processing a few work, especially below the heavy cut circumstance of low speed rough machining, the requirement can run the moment of force with next larger output in low speed, it is low frequency moment of force to the requirement of transducer big. The transducer application on numerical control lathe introduces below. One, summarize: ? ∈  Yao swings lathe of NC of Can breed Pi , it is a kind of high accuracy, efficient automation machine tool. Deploy multitask knife tower or dynamical knife tower, have extensive treatment technical properties; But according to the machine program that has woven beforehand, machine to be being undertaken by treatment spare parts automatically, can process linear cylinder, diagonal cylinder, circular arc and the intricate work such as all sorts of whorl, chamfer, worm, it is at present home makes dosage the biggest, enclothe a kind of machine tool with the widest range. Contemporary machine tool uses much electric machinery to procrastinate more move, main shaft and each feed system procrastinate by respective electric machinery respectively move. Because the machine tool can process different product, material qualitative, cutting tool, working procedure, labour differ individually, the executive component of requirement machine tool has different athletic speed and active force, accordingly, of the machine tool advocate motion should undertake timing. Timing of traditional main shaft of numerical control lathe, use electric machinery to drive reducer casing to come commonly transmission and timing, namely alleged and mechanical timing, way of this kind of transmission has the following 3 kinds of characteristics: 1, load has constant power character, because the torsion of gear case follows speed to become inverse ratio change, so, when gear case gearshift, if not plan the power loss that the element such as the attrition of gear case causes, reducer casing is in constant power position. 2, change of main shaft rate is timing having class commonly. The gear of gear case ages number is secured, pass mechanical commutation, can arise only finite a few kinds of speed, these speed are leap, blame is successive. 3, capability of the overload when low speed is strong. The low speed of speed prep above when transmission system is working, because the torsion of gear case follows speed to become inverse ratio, the torsion when causing low speed is ambitious at working torsion, bring capacity of very strong low speed overload to transmission system. Legend one legend 21 kinds mechanical drive is main graph of structural as above, the limitation of this kind of drive is apparent: Mechanical drive usually not quite smooth, when production precision is not tall, vibration and noise are bigger; The orgnaization that realizes infinitely variable speeds is more complex, cost is high. From on the graph also can see, transmission catenary is longer, orgnaization complex, maintenance is no-go. As electric drive technology, if the rapid development of frequency control technology is mixed,perfect with each passing day, of machine tool of high speed numerical control advocate the rigid structure of transmission system gets huge simplifies, basically cancelled to take round of drive and positive drive. Machine tool main shaft by inside the electromotor that fit pattern is direct drive, thereby the machine tool advocate the length of transmission catenary shortens for 0, realized a machine tool " 0 drive " . Transducer is passed adjust frequency and voltage, implement stepless speed regulation of machine tool main shaft simply, still can realize a remote control, implement automation very easily. 2, is numerical control lathe right the requirement: of transducer? ∈  Yao swings dark green to brag Jian bursa of lamp of Gan of the member that  of ぜ of ┕ of commonplace ひ suddenly protects chasm of  Tuo fish hawk to retreat Qiu to tasty commonplace さ is troubled by Mo of an ancient wind instrument of  of  of approach of You of a pavilion or house on a terrace of She Xing Du to closely question Xing of the Song that retreat overstep one's authority leads Su soft-shelled turtle to wash  of stand upright of Shan herd  ! " Yu of Song of Gua of  of caries of Yu of に of commonplace of collect of Mei of  of meet with of Da of ≡ of Gou of  of  of Suo of Huo of  of  of ぜ of す of  cloth commonplace identifies collection commonplace な to protect  to pat port of  of Qian ⒒ leap up to steal poison to kowtow mire widow of  of Gui of correct of annulus of R of Jin of б of Ze of the She nationality: 100, high demand is 1: 1000 or above. The requirement of speed precision asks static difference is spent commonly be less than 5% , higher demand is 1% the following, if fast had fallen big, the quality that machines can be affected, be like bright and clean degree bad. Below the premise that makes sure machine tool motion is smooth, implementation spends Cheng time with transferring the shortest those who be a target is best add decelerate to control the rule to be able to make the machine tool satisfies high accuracy machine a requirement better, it is especially in high speed treatment, add decelerate function to appear particularly important. Numerical control system adds decelerate to control a function is to show numerical control system has a program to read a function beforehand -- can " forecast " the future that machines direction changes and adjust what athletic speed makes to accord with process designing surface to ask; Be being machined exterior figure (curvature) when producing change adopt the measure such as change feed speed in time to be cut in order to had avoided; When cutting tool cuts work, numerical control system can lower feed rate automatically according to need, accordingly, numerical control system adds decelerate to control a function to be able to make the engineer needs to use highest treatment rate only when rate of process designing feed, numerical control system can be automatic adjust effective rate according to workpiece outline, can save handling time greatly. In Cnc device, pound to make sure the machine tool does not arise when start or stopping, lose a condition, exceed Cheng or oscillation, must undertake to the frequency of feed electric machinery or voltage decelerate is controlled adding, make sure when the machine tool starts quickly the frequency that is increased on electric machinery or voltage increase gradually namely, and the frequency that assures to be added on electric machinery when machine tool decelerate stops or voltage are reduced gradually. Of these applied requirement transducer add decelerate fast, in order to answer the rapid change of speed. Write on put together narrate, numerical control machine tool asks to transducer: 1, timing range is wide, low frequency moment of force is large; 2, speed control precision is tall; 3, add decelerate fast, brake effect is good; 4, get used to a metal to machine metallic dust the environment with much, oily big mist. 3.

Special set is in machine tool of some brand transducer the applied     on numerical control lathe special transducer uses some brand at main shaft of drive machine tool, main shaft rotate speed works commonly in 0~6000RPM, according to craft the requirement changes rotate speed in real time. HD700 transducer hookup 4, some brand is special   of   of   of transducer application characteristic 1, the machine tool is special model transducer, the machine tool is commonly used parameter is acquiescent, the biggest running frequency that needs to change correspondence of the biggest rotate speed only can be used, debug simple; 2, special imitate measures a processing technique, rate is stable, the error is small; 3, special transducer uses vector to control fashion, when low frequency is started, have bigger torsion, the torsion that start is in 0.

When 5Hz, for 100% , when 1Hz, for 150% rated torsion, make sure capability of whole journey cutting is strong. Timing scope is 0~2000Hz, press different type, from 1:100 (open loop vector) to 1:1000 (closed circuit vector) . When stable state moves, rotate speed precision is 1%n0. 4, double CPU control, dynamic performance is good; Add decelerate fast, improve manufacturing efficiency; 5, defend distinctly design, on circuit board gush 3 prevent lacquer, protect circuit board not to suffer the effect of common oil gas, better get used to a metal to machine an environment. CNC Milling