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Electromechanical of air Plasma Cutting enrages trouble removal

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LIG one 30 model following plan institute show principle of gas of Electromechanical of air Plasma Cutting. Power source is main by commutator of three-phase transformer, diode silicon, press the composition such as protective capacitance too; Control system by programme controll circuit board, high frequency oscillator, electromagnetism enrages the composition such as a powerful person, relay, contactor, basically finish put through power source, high frequency bring arc, move arc, ahead of schedule aspirated, lag stops the function such as gas and dump. 1. Add up to indicator light of mains switch power source not to shine to examine insurance above all whether fusing, if fusing changes,be sure. If safe and in good condition indicator light still does not shine, check power source voltage to have without the input, new link power source. 2. After pressing cut machine starts pushbutton advocate contactor does not suck electrical outlet of control plate of examination adding up to ① joint, whether the pushbutton that start breaks even the string the string or the contact is undesirable, pushbutton contact whether deflection, adjust contact to join loop makes its return to normal. ② QC1 is sucked close but advocate contactor is not sucked close, change QCI can. ③ QC1 is not sucked close, serve advocate power source presses AN pushbutton, measure QC1 coil with avometer whether do two side have 30VDC voltage, if have voltage, show QC1 damages. If two side press QC1 coil,falling is 0, BG4 of canal of demonstrative brilliant brake did not spark guide, reoccupy avometer measures R12 to go up to whether have voltage, if have, explain brilliant brake provides BG4 breakdown; If voltage is not had on R12, measure brilliant brake to be in charge of BG2, below normal circumstance, its input end, common end, output carries voltage is respectively + 10V, 0V, + 5V, if the directive is incorrect, explain brilliant brake provides BG2 breakdown, change BG2, breakdown can eliminate. 3. Without spark gap of ① of high frequency scintilla (in relief) exterior oxidation causes clearance to forbid. Touch a head with silken cloth or spark gap of fine oilstone burnish, change a layer except deoxygenate, adjust spark gap to touch a head, make touch a head to be located in on coaxial face and span 3 ~ 5mm. ② measures capacitance C7, if puncture damages, change can. ③ measures high frequency transformer 12, if damage,change. ④ QC2 is not sucked close. Whether do two side have QC2 of slotted line circle 30V DC, if have, explain QCZ damages, change QC2. Like coil QC2 two end do not have 30V voltage, measure the 3rd foot of IC2 piece again, look to whether have 2.

5V voltage, if have, explain brilliant brake provides BG3 breakdown, change BG3 returns to normal namely; The 3rd foot that is like IC2 piece is not had 2.

5V voltage, the 4th foot that measures IC2 piece again or the 8th foot, if voltage explains IC2 damages, should change IC2; It is normal to if QC1, QC3 is sucked,close, the 4th foot of IC2 or the 8th foot does not have voltage, prove IC1 damages, trouble can remove after changing. 4. Have high frequency but do not remove arc sky to carry dc job voltage to be not worth, check one D6 of transformer Tl or rectification canal D1 to whether burn caustic, change attaint component. 5. Arc does not rise to observe temperature relay suddenly in working for long whether movement, out of service makes his cooling a little while and the attention is ventilated; If still do not remove arc to check control plate, if damage, eliminate a method to be able to consult afore-mentioned 2, 3. 6. Press AN of the pushbutton that start is sure namely this kind of circumstance belongs to fusing more enclose a TN puncture, change TN can return to normal. CNC Milling