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Use LabVIEW and SolidWorks to improve mechanical arm to design circuit

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Challenge: After begging those who solve arm of 6 axes robot to go against kinematic equation, need not assemble physics to check platform, use development to check the platform of equation and NI LabVIEW VI, can emulate test motion function and optimize design method. Solution: Module of use LabVIEW NI SoftMotion designs VI to be able to move to assemble a document and undertake emulation in CAD model, three-dimensional model compose is founded to build 6 freedom to spend in SolidWorks (DOF) fictitious physics expression of the system, use NI CRIO-9024 next embedded real time controller and development of module of 6 NI 9512 assemble a system actually. Square One of mechanical arm of CARMA of SolidWorks assembly drawing is the robot that pays close attention to demand of technology of contented and more user and automation company. We use a variety of technologies, through providing the system of senior kinematic fixed position of high accuracy, contented content science department learns the demand of researcher and martial application engineer. Be in commercial robot and us the arm of 3 balls machine of patent application is compositive to brand-new work with what have in unit, have the efficiency of industrial standard and precision through rising, the help improves performance. Arm of 3 balls machine allows professional project target position is spent freely in 6 inside adjust accurately. The main structural unit of arm of 3 balls machine is " insert groove " mechanism, it can be in perpendicular adjust with horizontal way, and can slide in other level way. Decorate the appearance that is tripod through inserting these groove, can establish pure kinematic regulating system. Square One designed the mechanical arm that is based on 3 balls, let detect sensor, clamping apparatus and the essence that operator touch feedbacks locate truly become a possibility, this rose at present nobody drive ground car (UGV) usability. Arm of 3 balls machine raised working envelope and UGV to detect the precision of hardware, the other job that because this lets,it can be dug and undercarriage of car of mobile debris, examination and the robot that the much that finish uses now can not finish. This restrains area robot arm namely (CARMA) development. Finished product of CARMA mechanical arm regards the opportunity that improve efficiency of design technological process and expands motion controls capacity considerably as this project, we used NI prototype to develop design tool. Before, our method is complete location system is designed in SolidWorks, found assemble used assembly assembly drawing. Finishing after assembling, we are based on PC/104 to design control part, the motion that satisfies place of every independent project to need in existing mechanical design controls a standard. software development measure moves the sensor that more exalted buy lets mechanical design include control hardware place to need in whole design technological process and necessary space. Through combining software and mechanical design, we reduced development to offer a course medium iteration frequency and modification frequency. Our the first pace is affirmatory and brand-new control program. The software that lets us through changing geometrical parameter is more modular, we developed motion to dominate equation " logistic " gather. Can be in any given motion is coordinated between the axis, expanded greatly thereby the function of 3 balls. Additional, test platform to function of equation of test and verify character is very important. In realise generate for the test merely after many different configuration are not actual, we turn and use emulation software to regard the test of new technology as platform. After considering to have software tool, we narrow option for The MathWorks, inc.

Software of MATLAB With Simulink® and the module of LabVIEW NI SoftMotion that are used at SolidWorks. We completed original design in SolidWorks, use MATLAB begs solution equation. Till here, we use LabVIEW to develop user interface only. Use Linux but process designing machine configures instruction of all electric machinery and control; In the meantime, we again the process designing software with the friendly user that actively search can have structure of hierarchy of control standardizing. We explored all and usable tool, chose to use LabVIEW to undertake controlling process designing. After attending the graph of NIWeek whole world 2009 to change a system to design the conference, we understand a lot of brand-new NI kit and module, they can satisfy our system to develop demand. LabVIEW can read the MATLAB code that takes athletic contrail, module of LabVIEW NI SoftMotion included the sensor that electric machinery is controlled and is used at joining place needs through module of interface of drive of NI C series. The communication between LabVIEW VI and SolidWorks collection file is the crucial part in whole project. Accordingly, we decide to be arm of 3 balls machine and development of all automation system, use NI software and hardware regard a design as the solution. Finally, the high-ranking number knowledge that before we decide combination of use LabVIEW function seeks solution, finishs in MATLAB is inscribed. Copy develops LabVIEW VI to move like us truly " logistic " the athletic equation of 3 balls seeks solution same, we complete mechanical design collaterally in SolidWorks software. After the VI that finish and module of solid model collection, we began compositive technological process. Use LabVIEW project includes motion to control VI, in joining SolidWorks collection file the project. Begin to emulate the flow, axis in discerning a model to pass VI visit. Through a few days groom, we understood the link between DS SolidWorks and LabVIEW, begin to realize system simulation and established a fictitious and archetypal system. Logistic 3 balls we run the solution user interface, test motion controls VI with test and verify its function. We discover many axes are in by wrong identifying in VI, but it is very easy to correct these errors. In addition, jobs of many algorithm of advanced sport control are abnormal, its reason is be omited in code or be to use incorrect symbol (± ) . If was not emulated, the inchoate discovery that we are developing level impossibly these mistakes. Because the mistake discovers in emulate, is not the discovery in running physical system, avoided these wrong serious consequence. CARMA solution is to will emulate the special dimension that is CARMA project and athletic demand to undertake next custom-built. We are finished and expanded appropriately SolidWorks model. In LabVIEW project, engineering construction makes us OK open brand-new the limits limit of the measure that text file describes CARMA machinery arm in detail and motion. Actually, we duplicated to have " logistic " 3 balls project, name again for CARMA, regard acquiescent file as CARMA text text, the metropolis when running user interface every time is opened. The design group that successful emulation helps us realizes limits of mechanical arm exercise completely visible, more important is, we can measure point of view along all runner shaft coming back in SolidWorks model. As a result emulation process lets us can check athletic limit conditions, the size of crucial component determines before assemble. Be founded through emulating and check LabVIEW VI, let transfer to write control to become easy for module of actual CARMA collection. We need other VI to support vision of complex athletic control, machine and autonomic system character, but main control has existed. After assembling package, we need not modify moving copy true software, with respect to the mechanical arm that can operate final implementation, this is first time on the history of Square One. In inchoate realize motion to control software together with SolidWorks collection module, rose to design the efficiency of flow greatly, we still came true to develop the target that rigid group includes in the design in software. Author information: Lisa Mosier Square One Systems Design Inc.

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