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Solution of machining industry MES

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Machining industry belongs to disperse model production, client individuation demand is much, product breed with each passing day diversity, market demand change is sharp, forecast difficulty to increase, the industry plans production reasonably very hard. One, industry of industry setting machining, manufacturing mode uses lot kind to undertake more, special attention at machine equipment run, accompanying many test and feedback at the same time. Mechanical industry treatment has kind of 3 kinds of production roughly: 1. Odd production produces a certain part individually, produce repeatedly rarely. 2. Produce in batches to make the production of same part group by group. 3. Mass-produced the production amount when the product is very large, most workplace often is the production that repeats the some process that has a kind of part. 2, industry characteristic   1.

Machining industry belongs to disperse model production, client individuation demand is much, product breed with each passing day diversity, market demand change is sharp, forecast difficulty to increase, the industry plans production reasonably very hard. 2.

Because product treatment wants to pass different process, the productivity of each working procedure is lopsided, on production appear easily cask effect, production is restricted by crucial bottleneck resource place, go to clinch a deal period incur loss through delay. 3.

Product structure is complex, component is much and outside assist self-restrained hold concurrently, process often is changed, the computation that produces a plan and arrangement are very complex, insert only appearance temporarily much, what production plans to often change is not practical. 4.

Outside assist manufacturer, cooperation part is much, external assist of the quality of the product, date of delivery dog control is difficult. Data collects a place much, data is collected safeguard workload big, and data often distributings at different branch. 3, MES solution is aimed at production enterprise, sheet technically equipment of small lot machinery produces a business, or other is odd a company of treatment of production of small lot component, and the manufacturing management system of development (the production that faces production namely carries out systematic MES software) . Software included production or management of order job make known to lower levels, products plan management, spare parts attempers craft management, automatically the platoon is produced, manufacturing schedule is referred, outside management of facilities of manufacturing schedule monitoring, production, working procedure assist the respect such as management of quality of management, process. Attemper automatically the platoon produces: The system is calculated automatically the platoon of all treatment working procedure that all production task, place remains to machine a spare parts produces a plan, right already defer or may the working procedure task of defer undertakes calling the police remindful; Offer make treatment plan and lock machine the plan, artificial interpose function that inserts sheet temporarily surely artificially. Can print the process that has bar code to send work sheet, also can derive the day of EXCEL format machines plan sheet. Attemper the platoon is postpartum, can Gan Tetu form, the task of all treatment working procedure that examines all parts plans to distributing in the time on equipment, the time that also can consult assignment of working procedure of each treatment on each equipment plans to distributing. Craft management: Have guide the craft of typical craft pattern plate or duplicate and similar spare parts, make a spare parts machine the function of craft quickly; Offer beforehand the computational function of man-hour of treatment of appraise spare parts; Have powerful fictitious treatment (close and tear open) craft formulate function, namely CAPP function; Can print the card of spare parts craft of the standard pattern that has spare parts bar code, working procedure bar code; Have technical data library to govern a function. Outside assist management: Can examine reach the likelihood after attempering automatically without equipment the detailed list of working procedure task of defer, outside making assist inquiry sheet, outside assist order, and external assist send, outside assist send breath of letter in reply to undertake dogging. But outside real time statistic assist the punctual rate of the unit, fraction defective and unsuccessful cost, so that external assist the outstanding achievement of the unit undertakes dogging administrative. Manufacturing monitoring: OK and dynamic real time the plan of the task of all working procedure that examines each tasks and in finished state of real rate of progress. The system is offerred come with a variety of means such as Gantetu, form, list monitoring plan plan and in finished state. Also but all equipment type reachs monitoring of each equipment marry move rate, rate of load condensate, the metabolic trend of the balance sex that also undertakes the form such as graph of histogram, broken line examines installation negative charge and rate of load condensate. 4, MES plan carries out accrual: 1.

Help enterprise built those who produce a course to hand in period, the closed-loop control system of quality and cost respect and executive system. 2.

Help design branch built article of design BOM, graph to share, online examine and approve, version pilot PDM (product data manages) administrative platform. 3.

The CAPP that implemented treatment technology (the computer assists craft government) , improved the efficiency that craft weaves and quality, normative the craft management of the enterprise. 4.

Attemper automatically the platoon is produced, defer warning function, can raise formulate to machine the efficiency of the plan and quality, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations greatly. 5.

But production of real time monitoring machines plan, control of facilitating treatment plan and monitoring, achieved the visible administration of the workshop. 6.

But the very convenient quality inspection administration that achieves treatment process, facilitating quality control and apace solve quality problem. 7.

System but the treatment man-hour of personnel of treatment of statistic of trends of automatic real time, discard as useless the outstanding achievement such as man-hour of man-hour, do poorly done work over again examines data. 8.

But very outside coming true conveniently assist control and outside assist the process dogs management. 9.

Movable condition is real time of supervisory equipment marry move rate and rate of load condensate, facilitating monitoring and analytic utilization rate of equipment and installations. 10.

System but the manufacturing finished cost that automatic statistic machines the task every, quality-related cost, facilitating cost is controlled and become devoir analyse CNC Milling