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Business accounting of the norm when mechanic of double star casting realizes personal computer to change

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Double star is mechanical company of aircraft of head office casting came out a few days ago good news: Try hard through 3 months, the program of man-hour norm business accounting that by double star machinery him employee weaves is finished successfully. This is indicating business accounting of norm of man-hour of casting aircraft company will be progressively implementation personal computer turns management. Gross of component of company of aircraft of head office casting exceeds double star machine 100 thousand kinds. The man-hour norm business accounting of these component collected labour of choose and employ persons to evaluate all the time in the past, otherness of norm business accounting is bigger, make man-hour norm becomes the main factor that affects cost accounting. Below this kind of circumstance, this company organization is beginning hand work out to accord with the company's real man-hour norm personal computer to standardize system of business accounting software from June about personnel, try hard through 3 months, complete set program writes a success. CNC Milling