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Component of function of forging press instrument is analysed

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One brake is in attrition clutch in component of function of forging press instrument, talk with its development, production and use mature sex, when head push mechanical compressor to use attrition clutch one brake. Attrition leaves a stage implement one brake is mechanical compressor advocate the important part of transmission, the actuate that its function actors or actress bad affects overall use sex, security, dependability and facility directly is led and maintain a volume. By attrition clutch the configuration of one brake is divided, have combined-type attrition clutch one brake and clutch of detached type attrition one brake; By attrition deputy working status is divided, have clutch of attrition doing type one brake and wet attrition clutch one brake; By attrition clutch the control system of one brake is divided, clutch of kinetic friction having energy of life one brake and clutch of hydraulic pressure attrition one brake. Combined-type attrition clutch one brake structure is compact, the union of clutch and come away movement are harmonious, can install inter axis to go up already, also can install go up in crankshaft, apply extensively at 1OO on the compressor opening type of one 1600 1000 oxen and high speed compressor. One brake can reduce clutch of detached type attrition effectively the moment of inertia of driven part, give out heat in order to reduce motion in the process, reduce attrition deputy temperature rise, raise attrition piece service life, use at the compressor opening type of straight side press and bigger norms normally. Clutch of detached type attrition one brake because the reason on the structure, abstain by lead plane manufacturer commonly, at present the organization specializations production still has certain difficulty. Current, home serves as functional component to have two kinds basically by what professional factory produces, one kind is clutch of attrition of combined-type pneumatic dry type one brake (if calls clutch of attrition doing type) , another kind is combined-type pneumatic wet attrition clutch one brake (abbreviation is wet attrition clutch) . These two kinds of clutch, press configuration cent, congeneric combined-type; By attrition deputy job status is divided, cent is belonged to dry type and wet; Press control system cent, congeneric pneumatic clutch. The clutch of attrition doing type that domestic proper motion is developed or uses foreign technology development and wet attrition clutch, autumn already was entered gradually after experiencing long market to develop level, not only but batch production supplies leader plant to use, and quality is stable, function is reliable. Protector of safety of photoelectricity of photoelectricity safety protector, the groove guard region between the handlers that fetterses in forging press and critical work area installs sightless infrared ray smooth act, once some place enters handlers,groove guard shuts off smooth act, control system outputs signal to fetters to forging press safe actuator, your v machinery is urgent jockey, prevent dangerous movement to happen. Visible, oneself of photoelectricity safety protector can not protect handlers directly, it is to be before accident of likelihood happening safety merely, issue the signal that suspends dangerous action to the machine tool. Accordingly, strict and character, photoelectricity safety protector should call photoelectricity safety to protect control equipment. Normally cent is photoelectricity safety protector reflection type and to shooting type two kinds. Protector of safety of reflection type photoelectricity is mixed by controller, sensor 3 parts comprise reflector, smooth act is given out by sensor, classics reflector reflexes a sensor to give again receive; Safe to shooting type photoelectricity protector by controller, emissive sensor and receive sensor 3 parts composition, smooth act is given out by emissive sensor, by receive sensor to give receive. Photoelectricity safety protector can be used at mechanical compressor, hydraulic press, plane shear, board makings folds a variety of forging press such as curved machine to fetters, according to the different operating mode of the machine tool, can install the bosseyed protection that uses in machine tool front model, the double-faced protection that two sides of machine tool around uses, also can install a machine tool the front and two lateral " C " form protection. Protect height namely the smooth act of photoelectricity safety protector, must be more than the greatest distance of orgnaization of job of forging press instrument, this is the basic parameter requirement that chooses photoelectricity safety protector. The manufacturer of protector of safety of domestic production photoelectricity is at present more, norms model is more all ready also, normally protection is highly between 60 one 600 millimeter, control system has self check function, answer time to be 20 millisecond. But those who be worth to be carried is, enter the product quality the good and bad are intermingled of the market, when form a complete set of lead plane manufacturer must Shen Zhi careful, once chose fluky safe protector, it is unimaginable if really ever since. What must emphasize again is, the part that lead plane makes dangerous operating mode (like slide block) must have can be in aleatoric position is urgent the function of apply the brake. Otherwise, after photoelectricity safety protector issues signal, the machine tool does not have the actuator that suspends dangerous action, cannot protect handlers security. CNC Milling