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Cut of applied CAXA line undertakes CNC Machining automatic process designing

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CAXA line cut is a software system that faces process designing of numerical control of line cut machine tool, in cut of our country line treatment domain has wide application. It can offer code of fast, efficient, high quality numerical control process designing for all sorts of line cut machine tools, simplify greatly the job of personnel of numerical control process designing. CAXA line cut completes the work that completes very hard below means of traditional process designing well and truly, can provide the tool of automatic process designing of line cut machine tool for you, can make handlers needs the figure of cut with interactive mode scale, generate the two axes cut that contains complex form outline to machine orbit. Support of CAXA line cut takes machine tool of silk thread cut quickly, can output the line cut machine program of 3B, 4B and ISO format. The process of its automation process designing is commonly: The CAD function scale that uses CAXA line cut machines graphical → to generate treatment contrail and treatment to emulate → to generate → of line cut machine program to transmit line cut machine program line cut to machine a machine tool. Below it is a specification with the treatment of spare parts of a punch-die its unit process of cargo bandling. Punch-die dimension is shown 1 times like the graph, the electrode silk that line cut machines is φ 0.

The molybdenum silk of 1mm, bosseyed discharge clearance is 0.

01mm. Graph the 1 punch-die measure that wants treatment one, scale workpiece graph 1.

The picture is round (1) chooses " basic curve -- round " dish is individual, with " the centre of a circle - radius " means makes a circle; (2) is inputted (0, 0) in order to determine position of the centre of a circle, reintroduce radius is worth " 8 " , the picture gives a circle; (3) does not end an order, still hint in the system " on input circular arc a bit or radius " when input " 26 " , the picture gives bigger circle, click mouse right key to end an order; (4) continues to make a circle with the command of as above, input the centre of a circle is nodded (- 40, - 30) , input radius to be worth respectively 8 with 16, the picture gives another group of homocentric circles. 2. The picture is linear (1) choose " basic curve -- linear " dish is individual, choose " at 2 o'clock line " means, systematic clew is inputted " the a bitth (point of tangency, hang down full point) " the position; (2) click blank space key, activation feature dot catchs menu, choose from which " point of tangency " ; (3) of the circle in R16 click locally appropriately, right now mobile mouse can see cursor pulls a picture to give clue of a hypothesis, right now systematic clew is inputted " at 2 o'clock (point of tangency, hang down full point) " ; (4) click blank space to bolt activation feature dot catchs menu again, choose from which " point of tangency " ; (5) decide point of tangency in the round proper place of R26 again, the grandfather that can get these two circles conveniently is tangent; (6) choose " basic curve -- linear " , click " at 2 o'clock line " mark, change with " angle line " means; (7) after clicking the 2nd parameter next pulling mark, choose in playing the menu that go out " X axis included angle " ; (8) click " angle =45 " mark, the point of view with new input is worth " 30 " ; (9) with in front has used method chooses " point of tangency " , in the round right lower part of R16 proper place is clicked; (10) line of hypothesis pulling a picture comes after proper place, click mouse Zun Jian, picture line is finished. 3. Oppose weighs a graph (1) choice " basic curve -- linear " dish is individual, choose " at 2 o'clock line " , switch is " orthogonality " means; (2) input (0, 0) , procrastinate those who move a mouse to draw a lead to hang down is linear; (3) leaving the alternative in pulling menu " the curve edits -- mirror " dish is individual, with default " choose axes " , " copy " means, right now the system hints collect element, nod respectively take two when just generated to be with the radius of graphical wrong lower part point-blank 8 with the homocentric circle of 16 hind, click mouse right key to affirm; (4) right now the system hints again collect axes, the plumbic perpendicular that collect just drew, after deciding the graph of attainable semmetry. 4. Make body of aperture length a circle (1) choice " the curve edits -- translation " dish is individual, choose " give deflection " , " copy " and " orthogonality " means; (2) element of systematic clew collect, the dot takes the circle of R8, click mouse right key to affirm; (3) the system hints " X and Y direction deflection are measured or the position is nodded " , input (0, - 10) , state X axial displacement is 0, y axial displacement is - 10; (4) with afore-mentioned the two upend line in making the method of common tangent make a plan. 5. Edit finally (1) icon of choice rubber head, the system hints " collect geometry element " ; (2) the dot takes plumb line, delete this line; (3) choice " the curve edits -- transfer " dish is individual, choose " round horn " and " cut out " means, input " radius " value 20; (4) order the oblique line that takes two to be 30 ° with X axis included angle respectively according to clew, the circular arc that receives a demand transfers; (5) choice " the curve edits -- cut out " dish is individual, choose " cut out quickly " means, the system hints " the curve that collect should cut out " , the attention should choose what be cut off paragraph; (6) use dot of mouse Zun Jian to take nonexistent line segment respectively, can delete its, the graph that finish. 2, orbit is generated reach treatment to emulate 1.

Orbit generates orbit is to be on the foundation of already tectonic good outline, combinative line cut machines craft, give out to machine method and treatment condition certainly, by the computer automatic computation gives the course that machines orbit. This exemple is united in wedlock to introduce line cut to machine filar contrail to create a method below. (1) choice " orbit is generated " , in shooting the dialog box that give, by default the value decides each machine parameter. (2) in this exemple, treatment contrail and graphical outline have deflection amount. When machining sunken model aperture, deflection undertakes contrail of electrode silk treatment in contrail of Xiang Yuan graph " clearance is compensated " . When machining punch, deflection undertakes contrail of electrode silk treatment besides contrail of Xiang Yuan graph " clearance is compensated " . Compensation is apart from the R=d/2+Z= 0 that it is Δ .

06mm, if pursue,2 are shown. Input this value " process a volume for the first time " , press next affirmatory. Graph contrail of 2 effective treatment (3) the system hints " collect outline " . This exemple is concave and convex model, want the appearance outside cut not only, and want the appearance inside cut, here first aperture of cut sunken model. There is opening of 3 sunken models in this exemple, with exemple of left circle Kong Wei, collect this outline, right now R8mm contour line becomes red dotted line, appear what click in the mouse at the same time along contour line locally a pair of two-way green arrowhead, the system hints " direction of choice catenary collect " (catenary collect is when systematic default) . (4) after choosing a clockwise, arrowhead of a pair of green can appear again on the direction in perpendicular contour line, the system hints " the side that chooses cut is flat " . (5) because collect outline is sunken model aperture, collect points to the arrowhead of outline inside, the system hints " the input wears silk to choose the place " . (6) by blank space dot of key activation feature catchs menu, choose from which " the centre of a circle " , choose on the circle of R8mm next, decided the centre of a circle chooses the place to wear silk namely, the system hints " the input exits a dot (carriage return criterion and coincide of the dot that wear silk) " . (7) click mouse right key or press carriage return, systematic computation gives the treatment contrail of outline of sunken model aperture. (8) right now, systematic clew continues " collect outline " , achieve the treatment orbit of additionally two sunken models by afore-mentioned methods. (9) systematic clew continues " collect outline " . (10) collect AB paragraph, right now AB paragraph become red dotted line. (11) the system hints orderly again " direction of choice catenary collect " , " the side that chooses cut " , " the input wears silk to choose the place " and " the input exits a dot " , choose A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, the ordinal treatment of A, b dot is ordinal start, this outline is outside face, choose the side outside treatment, the dot that wear silk adjusts modular embryo besides, take a dot to be P (- 29.

500, - 48.

178) , exit a dot to also choose this a little bit. (12) odd mouse right key or bolt by ESC end contrail is generated, jussive of choice editor contrail " orbit jumps pace " functional general above join of a few paragraphs of contrail rises. 2. Treatment emulates collect " treatment is emulated " , choice " successive " grow a cost with likely step, the system will be whole ground imitate from start to end the whole process between to treatment. 3, machine program of unripe thread cut chooses " generate 3B code " , choose generated treatment contrail next, can generate the treatment code of this contrail. Gotten 3B code is below (D is piled up for time-out, DD is stop aircraft code) . 4, code is transmitted (1) choice " respondent transmit " , the system plays an one dialog box to ask to appoint the document that is transmitted (fall in the case that just had made code, screen left conference playing role appears to choose present code or code file instantly menu) . (2) after choosing target file, press " affirmatory " , the system hints " by clavier random key begins to transmit (ESC is exited) " , by random key can begin to transmit treatment code document. 5, a few issues that need an attention (1) the input means of the workpiece geometry of CAXA line cut, the graphical data that still can read in other CAD software to generate directly besides seesaw pattern plot reachs image scanning data. (2) the spare parts that line cut machines basically is planar outline graph, general won't cut freedom curved surface kind spare parts. (3) the start that wears silk to nod the position to should approach an order as far as possible, in order to shorten cut time. The start of the program also is the terminus of cut commonly, when electrode silk is returned, inevitable existence repeats position error, create treatment mark, make precision and exterior quality drop, because this program start should choose,be in surface roughness relatively on the face of the bottom. When workpiece when requirement of each surface roughness is identical, should choose to be in sectional photograph is nodical. The difference that asks without the technology already to each cut face does not have the nodical workpiece of different face again, should choose to be in of facilitating benchwork rehabilitate locally. (4) when collect many treatment contrail makes treatment at the same time when code, the system presses each contrail between of collect come true automatically orderly early or late jump pace, with " orbit is generated -- orbit jumps pace " functional photograph is compared, with this kind of means implementation jumps pace, each contrail still can maintain opposite independence. CNC Milling