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13 parameter with the most commonly used transducer

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The set parameter of transducer is more, every parameter all has certain choice limits, because individual parameter setting is undeserved,use middling often is encountered, cause the appearance that transducer cannot work normally, accordingly, must have correct set to relevant parameter. 1.

Control fashion: Namely speed control, turn be apart from control, PID control or other way. After taking control kind, want to undertake according to controlling precision static state or trends differentiate commonly. 2.

Lowermost running frequency: Namely the least rotate speed that electric machinery runs, electric machinery moves below low rotate speed when, its come loose hot performance is very poor, electric machinery moves for long below low rotate speed, can bring about electric machinery burn down. And when low speed, the electric current in its cable also can increase, also can bring about cable to give out heat. 3.

Highest running frequency: The biggest frequency goes to general transducer 60Hz, some arrives even 400Hz, high frequency rate will make electric machinery high speed runs, for this pair of common electric machinery, its bearing cannot exceed rated rotate speed for long to move, whether can the rotor of electric machinery bear such centrifugal force. 4.

Carrier wave frequency: Carrier wave frequency installs jump over Gao Jigao second harmonic weight is greater, the length of this and cable, electric machinery is calorific, cable is calorific transducer is calorific waiting for an element is closely related. 5.

Electric machinery parameter: Transducer is the the power of set electric machinery, electric current, voltage, rotate speed, biggest in parameter frequency, these parameter can get directly from inside electric machinery nameplate. 6.

Jump frequency: On dot of a certain frequency, possible meeting produces resonance phenomenon, special when whole plant is more expensive; When controlling compressor, the asthma that should avoid compressor brace up dot. 7.

Adding slowdown time to quicken time is output frequency from 0 rise to place of the biggest frequency to need time, slowdown time is to point to drop to need time to 0 from the biggest frequency. Rise with frequency set signal normally, drop will increase slowdown time certainly. The ascendant rate that must limit frequency set when electromotor is quickened passes electricity with preventing, restrict when decelerate drop rate in order to prevent overvoltage. Accelerate time set requirement: Will quicken voltaic limitation to cross voltaic capacity in transducer the following, had not made shed stall and cause transducer tripping operation; Point of slowdown time set is: Prevent flowing circuit voltage too big, do not make second birth passes to press stall and make transducer tripping operation. Add slowdown time to be able to come out according to laden computation, but debugging middling to adopt by load and experience first set is longer increase slowdown time, through rising, observation of power cut motive has had not had electric current, overvoltage to call the police; Will add decelerate set time to shorten gradually next, call the police with happening in movement for the principle, duplicate an operation a few times, can decide truly optimal increase slowdown time. 8.

Torsion promotion calls torsion compensation again, it is the torsion when the low speed that because place of resistor of electromotor stator winding is caused,is compensation is reduced, and the method that increases F/V of low frequency limits. Set is automatic when, the voltage when can making quicken promotes automatically start torsion in order to compensate, make electromotor quickens success. When if use a hand to move,be being compensated, according to load performance, start character ladenly especially, can single out through the experiment relatively beautiful curve. To changing torsion is laden, if the choice is undeserved the output voltage when meeting occurrence low speed is exorbitant, and the phenomenon of wasteful electric energy, the electric current when returning meeting occurrence electromotor to take load to start even is big, and the phenomenon that does not go on rotate speed. 9.

The electron heats up overload to protect this function to be installed to protect electromotor overheat, it is the temperature rise that the CPU inside transducer is worth according to locomotive electric current and frequency computation gives electromotor, undertake overheat is protected thereby. This function is applied to only " lug one " circumstance, and be in " lug is much " when, should be in every the relay that hold heat is added on electromotor. Electronic heat protects set to be worth (%)=[electromotor is rated electric current (A)/ transducer is rated output electric current (A)] × 100% . 10.

Frequency is restricted namely of transducer output frequency on, floor level amplitude. Frequency limitation is be operated by accident to prevent or outside receive source of frequency set signal to give trouble, and exorbitant or those who cause output frequency is too low, damage in case the function of a kind of protection of equipment. Actual condition set is pressed in application can. This function still can make speed limit use, be like some leather belt conveyer, because carry stock not quite much, it is those who reduce machinery and leather belt to wear away, can introduce transducer drive, it is set of frequency of transducer upper limit some frequency value, can make leather belt conveyer moves on a fixed, inferior job rate so. 11.

Slant place frequency some calls deviation frequency or frequency deviation set again. Its utility is when frequency by exterior imitate signal (voltage or electric current) when having set, can adjust the on any account that frequency outputs when lowest of frequency set signal with this function. Some transducer are when frequency set signal 0% when, deviation is worth but action is inside limits of 0 ~ Fmax, some transducer (if bright report is abandoned, 3 cultivate) still can be opposite slant buy polarity has set. If be in,be when frequency set signal 0% when, transducer outputs frequency to not be 0Hz, and for XHz, will slant right now place frequency set can make for negative XHz transducer outputs frequency to be 0Hz. 12.

This function is using gain of frequency set signal only the ability when frequency of set of exterior imitate signal is effective. It is to be used make up for the voltage inside voltage of exterior set signal and transducer (+ the abhorrent problem of 10v) ; The choice of voltage of imitate set signal goes to the lavatory in the meantime, when set, when imitate input signal is the biggest when (like 10v, 5v or 20mA) , beg a frequency percentage that can output F/V graph to have set for parameter with this can; When be 0 ~ 5v like exterior set signal, if transducer outputs frequency to be 0 ~ 50Hz, it is gain signal set 200% can. 13.

Torsion limitation can be drive torsion limitation and torsion of apply the brake to restrict two kinds. It is according to transducer output voltage and electric current are worth, classics CPU undertakes torsion is calculated, the concussion load when its can move to increasing decelerate and constant speed restores character to have marked improvement. Torsion restricts a function to be able to come true to be controlled automatically with decelerate quickly. When adding slowdown time to be less than laden inertia time suppose, also can make sure electromotor is mixed automatically quickly according to torsion set value decelerate. Drive torsion function offerred powerful starting torsion, when stable state runs, torsion function turns control electromotor poor, and electromotor torsion limitation is inside value of the biggest set, when laden torsion increases suddenly, quickening time even when set is too short, also won't cause transducer tripping operation. Quickening time when set is too short, electromotor torsion also won't exceed value of the biggest set. Pairs drive torsion is big start advantageous, it is 80 ~ in order to install 100% relatively appropriate. Numerical value of set of torsion of apply the brake is less, power of its apply the brake is greater, suit to sum the situation of decelerate urgently, if numerical value of set of torsion of apply the brake has set plenary meeting,had appeared to press call the police phenomenon. It is like set of torsion of apply the brake 0% , can make be added advocate the second birth gross of capacitor is adjacent at 0, make electromotor is when decelerate thereby, do not use resistor of apply the brake also can decelerate comes stop turn and won't tripping operation. But go up in some load, it is like set of torsion of apply the brake 0% when, brief idling phenomenon can appear when decelerate, cause transducer to start repeatedly, electric current fluctuates substantially, serious when can make transducer tripping operation, should bring to sb's attention. CNC Milling