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The computational method of length of semifinished product of extension bar of light plane solder

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[Summary] there is many staff on light plane is a structure, traditional lever expects semifinished product length relies on an experiment to reach only, the article put forward a kind to come with the computer the method of preform configuration length. Keyword: Computational method is light plane frame [Abstract] Linkages Are Extensively Adopted In The Design Of Light Aircraft.

Traditionally, the Length Of Welded Rodblanks Is Obtained Experimentally.

In This Paper, with The Computer Used, a Length Calculation Method Is Introduced Into The Rod Blanks.

Keywords:   of Frame of Aircraft   of   of   Light of Calculation   Method is in light plane, have a large number of using pipe solders the frame structure that rise. With the method of milling, become pipe mill tubal end and the kind that tube wall ties, undertake soldering next. As a result of milling, wollens grows to be able to bring many burr a bit, appear even sometimes an edge, attaint cutting tool and machine tool. This increased to repair the workload of file already, make milling process increased difficulty and dangerous sex again. Accurate wanting tubal material length up to place is very necessary. In conventional treatment technology, craft member the method that uses a test commonly, prepare to give a paragraph of material more namely, mill gives termination appearance, measure a length that cuts, decide place to need to expect truly thereby long. This kind of method although also continue to use a certain number of year, but in the process that developing light plane ceaselessly, was to add trial segment, drag in the energy with much technologist, took up a lot of nonproductive time, 2 was to increase to attemper the working difficulty of personnel, 3 because increased an experiment to make always produce cost to increase,be. Accordingly, ought to decide with calculative method stuff is long. Discuss the theoretical value with long stuff above all. Usually, the pipe in frame design intersects, their axes also intersects, the article discusses the case of the pipe that axes intersects only. Diameter of 1 two canals is equal when two canals diameter is equal, according to descriptive geometry. The academic length of semifinished product is equal to the distance MN of two axes node necessarily. If the graph is shown 1 times, the length of MN is fastened in lever normally give out directly in the design, already all indicated on blueprint. Graph the photograph friendship when the diameter such as 1 two canals besides diameter of 2 two canals differs two canals diameter is unequal it is the commonnest circumstance, also be the problem that solves hard on the tradition. The circumstance that two canals intersect is shown 2 times like the graph, ultima Thule is in on AB a certain locally. This position decides not easily. Accordingly, 1 wollens theory grows to be calculated hard. Graph the coordinate that if the graph is shown 2 times,we build friendship condition is the photograph when diameter of 2 two canals differs, x-O-Z, x1-O-Z1, can list as follows equation group (Ⅰ ) among them: ① , ② , ③ is X-O-Z, the coordinate of X1-O-Z1 changes formula, ④ is a canal the equation of 2, ⑤ is a canal the equation of 1. The solution of this equation group is a canal namely 1, be in charge of the equation crossing a line of 2. Afore-mentioned equation groups (I) can change brief for: (Ⅱ ) the equation that cross a line considers only right half, ⑦ type is become, era enters ⑥ type, criterion (Ⅱ ) type can change again brief for: (Ⅲ )   because Y, z can express with parameter equation, hand in a line to be in namely of direction umbriferous the circle that is radius R1, Ⅲ type can change further brief for: (Ⅳ )     (Ⅳ ) type is namely cross a line right the place of the least value of X of half   of   of parameter equation Q is the Zun Duan ultima Thule of 1 namely. Applied computer can calculate those who give X quickly the least value. Your T from 0 ° ~ 360 ° (X some little value is like 1 ° ) for the pace senior change parts computation gives X to be worth, in numerous X value, the least value is the similar position of ultima Thule. Precision grows control by the pace. The distance that intersects as a result of axes is given, criterion wollens theory is long but by cipher out leaving type: Node of long = axes is apart from wollens theory - Zun Duan Xmin- is right the smallest cost that carries Xmin of Xmin     to be X namely. In milling process, using side edge to cut chip is not quite actual, coil very easily edge. Accordingly, go by theoretical value next makings are not possible, must subtract again some length Y, ability can be used, if pursue,3 are shown. Hypothesis X most it is at hour o'clock (Xo, yo, zo) and (Xo, - Yo, zo) , the planar cut that along the canal this 2 o'clock place of line of on two 1 element makes is in charge of 2 for an ellipse. The sketch map that for the graph 3   Y is worth considers this ellipse equation an element line, the first quadrant is Y=Yo ⑨ and elliptical node (Xo, yo) . Make X-Xo=Y   of   of   of   of   of Yo-Y=t   ⑩ is some when T certain value, when T is fair value, the length of Y coils in case to should subtract namely the quantity of the edge. By go up type ⑧ , ⑩ , can get: Criterion: And Y needs to be decided by T. The meaning of T is tube head milling when as a result of not mill is pointed and those who stay is planar width, this width can decide according to actual condition, tell milling machine operator, make mill is in charge of the working simplification of termination. General principle is two canals diametical difference is less, or horn is close to 0 ° more or 180 ° , t is bigger; Difference of two canals diameter is jumped over big or horn is more adjacent 90 ° , t is smaller. By go up visible: The computational formula of the wollens length that solder take-overs should be: What need theory of length = wollens to grow - Zun Duan Y- is right node of axes of = of   of   of   of   of   of upright Y   is apart from - right end of Y- of Zun Duan of Zun Duan Xmin- Xmin- is right the Turbo-C computation program that carries Xmin of Y     is omitted. CNC Milling