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Milling cutter of Quattro Mill current range

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The market of milling cutter of Quattro Mill current range of Seco company is efficient life of milling, long cutting tool and use convenience sex at an organic whole, its design a characteristic to reflect for cutting gentle, fluent, conduce to the service life that prolongs bit and cutter hub. Quattro Mill milling cutter used those who suit light cutting to exceed horn (~ + 35 ° ) geometrical structure design, reduced torque of cutting force, cutting and power to use up, all sorts of difficult treatment stuff that suit to include hard steel of temper by dipping in water, stainless steel, super alloy to wait inside in treatment of the milling on small-power machine tool very much, the cutting that applies to cutting tool of first selection close flute profile machines the task. Because cutting movement is gentle, because this can reduce cutting vibration and noise significantly. The requirement of production public errand of milling cutter and razor blade is strict, achieved very fast face bright and clean degree. Afore-mentioned characteristics still make Quattro Mill milling cutter suits to be below not stable cutting condition (if cutting tool is dangerous,extend length clamp of big, workpiece is undesirable etc) undertake machining. What Quattro Mill milling cutter uses is thick model razor blade of high strenth square, allow milling cutter to undertake milling with extremely high feed rate, use scrape razor blade can win extremely tall treatment the surface is bright and clean degree. Bit uses lengthen locking bolt to secure, used the integral type hammering block that can protect knife chamfer. Design of this kind of structure can reduce spare parts, make bit can realize fast, light dislocation and need not get on bit from milling cutter whole take. Surface of Quattro Mill milling cutter used tall hardness coating, can protect cutter hub to avoid to wear away and be corroded, prolong cutting tool service life thereby. Cutter hub coating still can rise cut bits the fluidity from knife chamfer eduction, the close flute profile that this reduces to making because of adding tooth discharge bits chamfer has an advantage especially for cutting tool. Product of series of Quattro Mill milling cutter can offer 12mm bit (apply to high-power of medium power ~ to machine a machine tool) with 9mm razor blade (apply to small-power to machine machine tool) . Pass the different blade combination with bit brand, can complete all face mill treatment almost. The cutter hub kind that can provide includes common tine, close tine and thick a tooth-like part of anything, diametical limits from 20 ~ 200mm. To raise the intrinsic accuracy of milling cutter of Quattro Mill series further, the rod of milling cutter of Accu-fit narrow range that this milling cutter can use SECO company to develop. The cutting tool diameter that when using rod of common milling cutter normally, causes jumps can amount to 40 μ M. And there is a gripping sleeve canister on lever of Accu-fit milling cutter, a reliable and even clamping force can arise in the centering aperture periphery of milling cutter, eliminate the rock between milling cutter and arbor, can make the diameter of cutting tool jumps thereby maintain in the smallest level, prolong the service life of cutting tool. CNC Milling