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LeviChain " suspension " towline

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Yi Gesi rolls out new-style LeviChain towline to be able to be used at relatively Sunday run energy is supplied. It is the first can be in magnetic field " suspension " the towline that rise, because this arises scarcely any wearing away and noise. Relevant applied domain has: Project of the room that do not have dirt, medical treatment, measure robot of factory of project, paint, industry, electron to make, material is carried and linear electric machinery. System of this kind of new-style towline suspension is in magnetic field and can offset gravitational, oneself can be adjusted to achieve balance status below the condition that does not cause any vibration. LeviChain always holds piece of close position below the action of magnetic field, secure through mechanical means in its the metal directs in groove. Accordingly, the upside of towline can move freely, won't contact with any other objects. The upside as a result of towline and next Duan Xuan sky, and each other is not contacted, wear away with what concern without common sliding friction so. The motion in towline magnetic field won't produce any spreading out or glide noise. LeviChain is in the noise on 1 meter of distances 41.

7 DB(A) is quiet and nondestructive bad news. LeviChain accords with ISO clean grade 4 (in V = 0.

When 6 M/s) requirement, can use at having dirt room. The biggest load that can shoulder is 4 kilogram / rice. Yi Gesi used E-band to devise way, did not sell - aperture join. Its travel space can be as long as 40 meters. Inside limited space, upside and issue Duan Ke to move with relatively independent high speed, its radius of bend is in 45 to 100 millimeter between. Assemble a system of this kind of new-style towline beforehand, share 3 kinds of width optional, can amount to 75 millimeter most. After installation, supply a system easily to deploy cable and tube for energy. According to Yigesi " convenient towline " principle, in needing to press these cop into towline through the mouth only, the mouth is OK and automatic homing. LeviChain system can be installed in impending, suspension and erect application, very low to the dimensional requirement of height and width. LeviChain system still is had can bear the weight of the model of more cable and tube. Upside and issue paragraph of not mutual contact, because this towline arises scarcely any wearing away or noise. CNC Milling