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Muti_function grinder

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Graph the crankshaft under 1 length 500 Mm and weight 30 Kg can be on this one grinder the nicety that finish is machined, precision of smooth and successful, treatment is tall when treatment, cost effectiveness is good -- this is Naxos-unio company no matter the target demand that develops personnel place to put forward to machining center of grinding of PM 2 crankshaft is inside the circle is ground, outside the circle is ground, prejudicial still grind, grind involuntarily, round grinding machining center will be in outside next generation at the beginning of 21 centuries on the foundation of development continue to develop ahead. Shorter work exchanges cycle of time, treatment and shutdown time, substitute a kind of technology with a few kinds of craft, and the additional results that machines a respect in nicety, all newest development condition that these characteristic reflected this group trade adequately. Developing the work is a formidable core task, to this, the circle worries company of manufacturing company Studer outside (MAG IAS) explanation of director of technical development department Dr. Frank Fiebelkorn says: "On one hand, discussing when purchasing product line, the client asks we enlarge the limits of standardization further. But on the other hand, we must assure to the client, they can repeat the ground to use a machine tool, in order to finish new treatment job. " the manufacturing cost that the client hopes to they are optimized further in be being produced actually more than allowing when to be awaited before. This is not the product that only the client of Studer company uses because life is periodic,just meet shorten and be affected, the property that industrial product develops quickly had decided the occurrence of this kind of phenomenon. From the point of whole, often can see the case that small lot produces, and the production of small lot spare parts that miscarriage tastes a kind is increasing, the part that produces plus large quantities of quantities begins to be transferred abroad low cost country is produced, make the person of the same trades of Mr Fiebelkorn and its industry industry must be faced and handle these issues. The market is diversification to the functional requirement of cylindrical grinder and grinding machining center, particular case basis everyday every working load, unit degree of priority and systematic cost cost and calm. As the demand that business grows, go up from essence for, all these will become dated gradually, but the person of the method that offer will produce huge change. The Erwin Junker company of city of Nordrach of Germany of treatment of much craft grinding is company of production of a grinder, the mutual union that head of market sale department Mr Christian Pristl of this company realized measure of a few technology -- namely so called much craft is machined -- this was 2000 since one of the most significant development projects. "OK perhaps and alone ground has a look at grinding to machine craft, we can install the treatment that didymous workpiece is over in clip in. " when these product line go to work are made, junker company employed a distinctive solution, center a few component on onefold operator control plate to undertake machining. This but the system of self-adjusting dimension passes " study function " have the job, and the design of efficient cost effectiveness that uses its security and treatment technology further even. Below major case, this system and the grinder that machine the spare parts that be not a circle are used together. Graph the S 33 that 2 Studer company offers outside circle and inside round grinder, those who be used at the spare parts is alone produce with seriation, the distance between the tip amounts to 1000mmWema Glauchau company is the one circle outside the home is ground, plane worries the manufacturing company with roller bearing grinder, they are major fund expenses on the investment of mechanical system, slideway and ball guide screw were installed on the machine tool, on the foundation of new-style slideway and hydrostatics, they have higher bear capacity. The executive president Thomas P of this company.

Mr Bander emphasizes saying: "Its are the basic precision that raised a machine tool as a result. " of course, treatment cycle and the commutative time of workpiece, shutdown time also are a serious problem, need is given by machine tool manufacturer solve. The production of small lot spare parts, change especially the production of frequent small lot spare parts is special key, manufacturing process still has very great potential to take rationalize step. For this, the product line that machine tool manufacturer begins to be them offers more and more user interface friendly model process designing system and supportive attune trial assembly place control system. For example Studer company offerred Studer Grind grinding to process process designing system, in order to satisfies this one need. The machinery of the machine tool and electric component, include but the processing system of refurnish, can agree with via special design the treatment of all sorts of series parts, because this can reduce the shutdown time of the machine tool. Such systematic supplier begins Grindaix company to pay attention to those who debug the time that hold clip to optimize more and more, it is above all in craft respect, if inadvertently grinding machines craft. Grindaix company is subject to group of Aachen city WZL, executive president Mr Bastian Maier of this company emphasizes saying: "Although we had certain surplus in every respect now, but we still have a paragraph of very long way to want from implementation target. Be in no matter anyplace, of sophisticated technology moving is to basically be built on experience knowledge base, the time that debugs outfit clip and the accident that produce time depend on the technical level of personnel of machine tool operation. " but the technology trends that must machine to inadvertently grinding tries to explain particularly is special difficulty. The Cegris Easy software that the process designing level of the machine tool improves Grindaix company to develop can answer this one question probably. Software installs the control at grinder in the system, can adopt software and CNC system, access geometrical graph and technical data directly, offerred optimized craft parameter for the user, achieved perfect craft administration goal. Anyhow, it makes debugged the time that hold clip to reduce 50% above, and can evaluate with agile ground quickly, optimize and monitoring is inadvertently grinding craft. Graph 3 by Emag company VTC 315 DS model muti_function the typical spare parts that the machine tool machines, those who include pump shaft and gear case axis, rotor axis, electric machinery axis and gimbal axle is comprehensive machine and development staff Mr Fiebelkorn of Studer company is more forward strode one pace. "After adopting appropriate process designing system and control package, can undertake on grinder all-around treatment, even if the spare parts of appearance out of round and whorl can be on system of a machine tool undertake machining production. " accordingly, the treatment of irregular spare parts does not need this kind of figure acquire special machine tool. In Switzerland, we are what this kind of machine tool says muti_function machine tool, is not the machine tool of single function. The development Studer company of CAM system returns corresponding ground to use computer technology in craft, the operator that supports a machine tool with computer module works, shortened thereby the preparative time that the spare parts produces. This one system still can provide all sorts of functions, system of indoor and the appearance outline editor that resembles be a foundation with the workshop for example, interface interface that can help file of input appearance outline, special imitate and file edit a system. According to the viewpoint of Mr Fiebelkorn, he thinks: "Can appear in the future a kind of independence at system of manufacturer pilot process designing, system of this one process designing will offer all whole operator interfaces that apply to machine tool and spare parts process designing, plus in front mentioned software module, can with what come from other system supplier outside accept module connection, for example sensor technology unit, survey control system and processing system. " the engineers that solution of this kind of software can help cylindrical grinder solve a few problems, can bring very valuable profit for clients at the same time. Market strategy analyst Mr Christian Pristl of Junker company claims: "Trade is processed in the spare parts, we are facing the competitive tide that strong voice turning machines. " the quality of treatment of free feed turning and grinding treatment and finish machining is in intense competition in, especially outer circle is ground and inside the circle grinds treatment respect. Although the workpiece of a few special set produced change, but outside won't giving, round grinding treatment causes comprehensive menace. Although strong voice turning and treatment of aperture of strong voice bore with a reamer may continue,percussion drill cuts the treatment market of treatment and chuck spare parts, but outside the market position that round grinding treatment has sufficient capacity to maintain its to have however, because of the requirement to appearance and dimension of positional public errand, to the treatment of exterior quality precision asks to rising ceaselessly. Mr Pristl emphasizes saying: "To the material of a few difficult treatment, brittleness material, for example carbide material and material of pottery and porcelain, we used the cutting tool that contains the crucial point of special geometry appearance successfully to undertake machining. " graph the 4 SU 6-R that offer by Wema Glauchau company grinder, unit is processed of two grinding above, can place hold a part, assure effectively symmetrical to rotating workpiece inside, outside face undertakes grinding is machined, the complement of synchronous sex Mr Fiebelkorn that can keep very perfect says: "We found new high speed grinding to machine a method, changeful to geometrical appearance workpiece treatment can use a grinding machine, but fall in major case, exterior polishing width allows a few millimeter only. Even if the production of small lot, also can machine with very high productivity level, and very few in producing a course need exchanges workpiece, because this shortened,the production of the spare parts is mixed delivery time. " compare with the manufacturing concept photograph previously however, this needs corresponding technical module, such doing make handling time spare 60% . Established the Emag group company in Salach to use craft of this kind of diversification to produce an advantage as its like headquarters. The VTC 315 DS that exemple if uses axis kind spare parts machining center, can undertake on same table machine tool treatment of turning of CBN grinding treatment, strong voice and surface come off treatment. According to the view of manager of department of processing technique of Emag company grinding Mr Guido Hegener, this group company is seeking a kind of combination to machine a method. "This kind of method can be used come off processing technique will machine harder part, thinner and not steady work uses grinding technology to undertake machining. VTC 315 DS machine tool is not just serve as complete function grind / turning machines a machine tool, and also use as a modular machine tool. " the subsidiary Naxos-unio company of the group of machine tool Emag with better cheaper solution is in the machine tool is muti_function the course that one carried out to differ in the course that change. The traditional business of this company basically is centered on the grinding treatment of engine crankshaft, its are located in the manufacturer of Frankfurt city to go to technical move over new machine tool structure. Because the design of this its PM 2 machine tool agrees with,length amounts to 500mm, weight to be machined in the workpiece under 30kg, its target object is passenger car and car motor industry and lesser working unit. The tailstock with motor of sex of axes of a the working head of a the is 30kW of wheelhead of one main shaft and transmission power main shaft on the machine tool, direct drive, X and strong structure and along with travel tool carrier. All these makes PM 2 machine tool makes the grinding machine of modern efficient crankshaft that has all sorts of basic characteristics. No matter be what kind of circumstance, the development of this one machine tool basically is set out from the viewpoint of market price case, also cannot ignore a technology of course, the company carries out explanation of president Mr Jens Muckli to say: "Because,be this one reason, make its make a brand-new machine tool. " whole tentative idea is simpler: What should let the numerous module that the machine tool uses and machine tool component maintain this group to had been produced as far as possible is congener model of other grinding machine due level. CNC Milling