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Measuring instrument of table surface surface roughness

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German horse Er (Mahr) the measuring instrument of table surface surface roughness that metric equipment company produces 3 kinds of model -- Perthmeter Concet, S2 and XR20, its are collective the characteristic is: (1) can deploy the type that hit a needle to measure a head to undertake contact is measured; Also can deploy laser type to measure head Focodyn (focal length 0.

9mm) , LS1 (focal length 1.

0mm) or LS10 (focal length 10mm) undertake contact is measured is not. (2) touch a needle to measure fillet to have raise automatically return a function, make pinpoint wear away life raised one times. (3) the surface roughness outline that the face that be measured can show in real time in measuring a process, undertake range estimation is evaluated; Measure end hind to print a document that contains error curve and data automatically. (4) use Windows to operate an interface, use handy; The memory size that the order measures on hard disk or floppy disk is large. Parameter of  instrument technology: Can measure outline type: R, d, p, w; Measure range: 25 μ of ± M, 250 μ of ± M, 2500 μ of ± M; Outline resolution: 7.

6nm. ; End wavelengh: 0.

08, 0.

25, 0.

8, 2.

5, 8(mm) ; Scanning length: 0.

56, 1.

75, 5.

6, 17.

5, 56(mm) ; Evaluation length: 0.

40, 1.

25, 4.

0, 12.

5, 40(mm) ; Sampling grows degree: 1 arrive 5 optional; Special sampling length: 0.

56 ~ 56mm is adjustable; Can measure parameter (more than kinds 40) : Ra, rg, rz, rt, rp, rv, RSm, RSk, rku, rc, rmr, pmr, pt, wt, pc, rmax, rk, rpk, rvk, mr1, the parameter that sets in all sorts of standards such as Mr2 and ISO, DIN, JIS and CNOMO, and data rate curve (Abbott Firestone) with amplitude density curve. Can undertake tolerancepublic errand is monitored, statistical analysis gives out statistics, scale histogram. All ready accessory offers an alternative. CNC Milling