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Accurate and optical figuration is discussed

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Smooth Zuo piece Ning Zuo Zuo is any smooth Zuo taste indispensable component, taking a picture especially of hand Ning the Zuo that pattern of Yao sees on the city quantity of photograph , the Xuan of component builds light to also get Zuo to enter new unripe Ji yuan, Zha is model Mo or vitreous Zuo piece, even not the crepuscular of and fluid Zuo Zuo piece wait, not must give birth to in great quantities, and precision also rises considerably. 2006 global 181 of Zuo of Ji of Zuo of carry out of Zuo of of photograph city dollar, and in Zuo carry out measures a respect, Zuo appraise 2008 global photograph gives Zuo quantity to be expected to be close to into Zuo 1.

2 stage. Among them stage business of photograph at Jun gave Zuo quantity to exceed Zuo 2007 5000 Qu stage, global city is had rate exceed Zuo 50 % . And the with the important of smooth component in photograph namely - appear Zuo , in inchoate this appears Zuo all glass of consumed , but be replaced what smooth glass chases by Mo of smooth model, the reason expresses as follows: Zuo writes the precision Zuo step of model Mo , and the ability Xiao of mould Zuo , Zuo of model Mo smooth piece precision, penetrable rate all Zuo of Ning glass smooth piece be about the same; And use shoot a figuration to be changed easily from , much changes exterior Yu Yin , is sent chased to replace Zuo of smooth of glass completely piece. The Ji such as smooth figuration asks to need commonly: Tall transparent (tall pervious to light) , be able to bear or endure the Zuo refractive index with old refractive index, small Zuo of of low chromatic dispersion character, Geng , easy figuration, high and low water imbibition, but by have sticky character at model Mo , in machining Zuo Cheng so special unripe of easy takes power, Zuo and form of Zhu of of form of Ning of Zuo of of reflection of unripe Zuo , Zuo also is Zuo of model Mo smooth piece the biggest on figuration ability Xiao carries . Take power with the of PMMA among them the smallest, also be the main raw material of material of Mo of smooth model so. Nextpage uses the heavy Zuo on Xiao of ability of having to be as follows in the of figuration: 1.

The Er of Zuo of Zuo of Zuo short film of Zuo of cold closes rate (it is better to jump over Zuo ) . 2.

The Yu Yin of its mouth also is important in smooth component one , arrive because of the Zuo of shadow of Yu Yin of mouth the place with strange of force place and direction drifting , and Zuo of of solidify of mouth of the that delay Zuo , Zuo of of the effect that protect is good. 3.

Region of force is cut in what hope Zuo is tall on Yu Yin can avoids the region of of effective Zuo face of component of Zuo smooth . 4.

Be in thin model in smooth component, the that easily Jun adds up to Jin is unripe, gives birth to this case , can add Xuan Zuo to add Xuan buy, improvement sheds case, because plastic Zuo writes to spend,lift, viscosity is reduced. 5.

Because plastic fill enters path after, forms solidify in Zuo of twinkling of of road surface, and the place with the greatest friction is at this Ta , the Yu Yin that reason also wants special attention. 6.

of the easiest in figuration gives birth to Zuo to refract elephant, and the form precision of finished product, Zuo reflection is by makings and Zuo of shadow of firing rate place, and the form precision of finished product is by force of the that protect and Zuo of shadow of makings place. Close year the of model Mo uses trend lay particular stress on at small-sized Zuo child spare parts and of Zuo of smooth photograph are tasted, from this of Mo of Zuo knowable model already faced towards tall precision, the way that tall Er decides, so model Mo not the photograph Zuo of is used, notices the of region of photograph Zuo Zuo is used more. CNC Milling