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Projects of two enterprise diamond tool pass national level science and technology to check and accept

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On January 30, hall of province science and technology suffers ministries and commissions of national science and technology to hold composition in the palm to check and accept expert group, to the our city " beforehand the preparation of alloyed powder and the application in diamond tool " , " laser beam welding receives diamond tool " two countries science and technology promotes trade act to planned a project to undertake checking and accept. Team member examined the expert to be mixed about technology, financial data check after project spot, agree to pass check and accept. Industrial group limited company assumes Heibei Ji Kai " beforehand the preparation of alloyed powder and the application in diamond tool " project, innovation development development goes " gas - water is double pulverization " milling technology, successfully preparation gives diamond tool special set is imperceptible beforehand alloyed powder, apply at making diamond tool, make the alloy of diamond carcass changes rate more sufficient, improved carcass the hold to diamond, raised the cut rate of diamond tool, prolonged diamond tool service life. Exit started this project 2006 collect 12.08 million dollar. Limited company of group of Shijiazhuang rich deep tool assumes " laser beam welding receives diamond tool " project, receive CNC laser beam welding the technology to apply in the workmanship of diamond tool, besmear with diamond surface Fu technology, powder is built successfully bead, full automatic Leng Yacheng, the advanced technique such as vacuum agglomeration is applied integratedly, through optimizing flow combination, raised efficiency of product quality, production and performance characteristics. Came 2003 2006, exit of this one project is achieved collect 23.76 million dollar. CNC Milling