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The stage amounts to transducer to be knitted in spin take dish of area the application on machine

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Summary: Dish belt machine it is spin is knitted take finished product to distribute an equipment, need is used close put a control. The article is based on a stage to amount to transducer to be in dish of belt the applied case on machine, discuss dish of belt design of machine automation system debugs process and the problem analysis that encounter. Keyword: Spin dish take machine stage to amount to transducer 1 foreword China regards world spin as big country, the crop such as bombazine, cotton cloth, woolen cloth, silk, chemical fibber, dress all resides the world the first, clothing outlet also comes to the first to holding the world from beginning to end for years. Spin industry has decisive place in China. Spin is knitted taking is to point to make narrow for raw material with all sorts of yarn shape fabric or hollow fabric, its breed is various, use extensively at dress, industry, agriculture, military supplies, traffic to carry wait for each estate department. Euramerican wait for a developed country knit take an industry to start earlier, enter autumn completely already, because advanced element will knit manufacturing cost,take an industry to turn to developing country production. At present China is the biggest on the world knit take manufacturing company, but the competitor that has some labor cost advantages to making Chinese textile as a result of and other places of India, Vietnam in recent years, the ability of technical competition ability that is core with automation through rising holds dominant position of world first industry. System of automation of plane of 2 dishes of bands is designed 2.

Technology of machine of 1 dish of bands (1) craft principle: Spin is knitted take dish of area purpose of aircraft equipment technology is the length of strip roll into big certain small. Construction of system and if the graph shows 1 times,control a construction: The graph takes engine system 1 dish craft and control a construction (2) technology index design: The tension on strip wants constant, the inside and outside that assures curly material thereby is curly tension is constant. Each working procedure arrives to coil completely to the machine from empty core installation jockey finished product gets offline, need curly length to not be more than 12s for the time of 15m, curly length is not more than 15s for the time of 30m, include transducer to start stopping time and mechanical movement time (coil completely from in the sky the product is finished) . The course is measured, mechanical movement time can take up 6s is controlled, become so the transducer when curly length 15m from start inactive time to cannot be more than 6s, the transducer when curly length is 30m from start inactive time to cannot be more than 9s. As a result of cut of the fixed length after the user asks to stop, how to use of coder on capstan measure length, so the system wants to stop accurately. 2.

2 receive a systems analysis roll use bubble to coil heart, and be pass splint and roll the attrition force between the heart will undertake closing coiling, requirement pulling force is so smaller. Become when pulling force is larger, let bubble easily coil the heart is out of shape, smash even. According to to in an attempt to 2 add slowdown time to accept a speed design equally, have: L=1/2*T*V, (L is length, t is time, v is linear velocity) ; Classics computation: When length 15m, when transducer working hours is 6s, 300m/min of strip top speed; When length 30m, when transducer working hours is 9s, strip is the fastest speed 400m/min. π *D*n=V, among them D is a diameter, n is rotate speed, v is linear velocity; If coil according to the smallest craft,diameter D=38mm is calculated, when linear velocity is 300m/min, the frequency that transducer runs is 84hz (2515rpm) ; When linear velocity is 400m/min, the frequency that transducer runs is 112hz (3352rpm) . Graph 2 receive a speed to analyse 2.

3 automation construction of system (1) plan decides really: Pulling force of this system requirement is small answer fast. According to formulary F=m*a, f is tension, m is quality, a is acceleration, if ask pulling force is small, ask F is small; When F hour, requirement A is small; If ask to answer fast, ask A is big; When A is big, requirement F is big. So final decision is used add tensional fork, receive a job to be below condition of tensional closed circuit. The extent of the fork after measuring is 1VDC-8VDC. If the graph is shown 3 times,the structure pursues. Transducer wiring is shown 4 times like the graph. Graph structure of 3 automation craft pursues 4 transducer hookup (2) speed-distance curve design: Increase slowdown time to satisfy, at the same time hope top speed maintains inside certain limits, so final decision does speed moving curve revise appropriately, besides accelerate process and decelerate process, still increase firm fast process, rate figure is shown 5 times like the graph. Graph if 5 speed-distance curve move according to above curve, when length 30m, when transducer working hours is 9s, will quicken time, firm fast time and slowdown time set is 3s, the rapiddest rate needs theoretic strip only 300m/min, highest linear velocity is reduced somewhat. 2.

3 tension control a system (1) put roll: Use run mode of constant linear velocity, current linear velocity passes communication means to give by PLC; Put an electric machinery installation to have coder, roll track comes true through ply integration method, need installs the ply of material; Because this system configures HMI, material ply by set of client proper motion. Speed of electric machinery movement is mixed by current linear velocity coil currently track will calculate. (2) close roll: Fork signal is received receive a transducer. To realize constant tension control, must assure to close roll follow on put the linear velocity that coil, assure to make in whole movement process fork stability is in namely a certain position. This decided to need to receive an electric machinery speed to answer and the fast stability that can realize fork on control, accelerating process and decelerate process especially. Answer to raise the rate of electric machinery, electric machinery rear increases coder, let transducer job be below closed-loop control mode; To realize the fast stability of fork, used module of a diameter computation module of transducer interior and fork PID, roll diameter consideration is calculated through ply integration method. 3 systems are debugged 3.

1 because put an electric machinery installation to have coder,put a transducer, let transducer job be below closed circuit mode so. PLC realizes a diameter computation, the actual ply that sets data and linear velocity origin and mechanical gear are compared. Linear velocity is given by PLC through communication. 3.

2 because put an electric machinery installation to have coder,receive a transducer, let transducer job be below closed circuit mode so. PLC realizes a diameter computation module to install the origin of actual ply linear velocity of material and mechanical gear to compare. Linear velocity is given by PLC through communication. - - and fork PID module. Set target cost and feedback source, the feedback voltage limits of fork is 1VDC-8VDC. Install proper P according to running a condition, i, d value and PID are restricted. The basis debugs a circumstance, answer a gender quickly to satisfy, p is worth need proper setting is big a little bit, I value setting slants small; Develop a phenomenon to prevent to had appeared, PID limitation is installed relatively small. Length of be confined to, the stage amounts to transducer to provide body parameter to install slightly. 4 last words pass real test, dish of belt is satisfied on the product quality that winding comes out and traversal speed machine automation requirement. Check actually, when curly length 15m whole process time is in 9.

5s, transducer from start inactive time for 5.

4s, when curly length is 30m, whole process time is in 12.

9s, transducer from start inactive time to cannot be more than 8.

8s, all be less than craft requirement, the client is well-content. CNC Milling