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Technology of refrigeration of cutting tool high pressure permeates treatment of aviation spare parts quickly

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Honest all previous wears the part that cooling fluid uses when machining aviation spare parts evolve, now, high-pressured refrigeration technology can direct cooling fluid essence definitely treatment area. And profit from to it of form a complete set brand-new of cutting tool concept roll out, the application of high-pressured refrigeration technology on numerical control machine tool is thorough with each passing day. The high-pressured refrigeration high pressure of extraordinary is cooling (HPC) applies in common treatment, the effect is exerted in the treatment in stainless steel and mild steel especially good, what make person Jing colourful nevertheless is it machining alloy of aviation material titanium and heat-resisting the excellent performance when the difficult treatment material such as super alloy. Generally speaking, want to apply cooling fluid effectively in modern treatment, often need to use high-pressured eject refrigeration morely, ensure its flow is sufficient big, efflux way also should be not had correctly by accident. If this kind of means can get reasonable apply, its compare groovy and cooling means to be able to reflect a dominant position in photograph of a lot of respect, include to cut bits to form, of heat in metal cutting distributing, exterior integrality, cutting tool wears away and workpiece material is waited a moment in the admirable caking property on cutting blade. Meanwhile, the elementary treatment element nature such as the life of manufacturing efficiency, cutting tool, control that cut bits and platoon bits also is met affecting production result accordingly, through be being improved in the light of afore-mentioned targets ceaselessly, competition ability can promote further. Near future industry concerns a large number of research and development of HPC, make its are used more easily, effect also more showing. A lot of contemporary machine tools contain HPC system of the standard to mark matchs or choose the pressure that match to be 70-100 cling to cooling system, this already enough uses HPC system, achieve excellent performance and treatment result. Current, HPC more apply at lathe of center of machining center, turning, vertical and much task machine tool widely, standard equipment can offer the cooling fluid channel that leads to efflux application area. Regard high-pressured cooling fluid as a of treatment main base, modular cutting tool can ensure through changing a knife to be on certain level quickly the machine tool stops engine loss the smallest, offer the channel that causes cooling fluid effectively to cutting blade from the machine tool. It is in order to be used at the milling cutter of HPC exemple, its are contained inside cold passageway, can mix according to cutting tool type applied circumstance provides corresponding spray head. Cooling fluid passageway and machine tool or other pump are linked together, in order to supply about 70 cling to the cooling fluid of pressure. At present this kind of cooling fluid is supplied already was applied extensively, the pressure that although involve,arrives is not the superhigh pressure of circumstance of applicable and special application certainly, but even if inside limits of its convention application, also already your treatment function and result obtain enough be improved apparently. Of concept of this one treatment guide, made full use of to make much user job shops already some or the ability that will throw and resource. Graph the <DIV >Jetbreak system leads innovation the concept going up 80 time go to the century 90 time, shanteweikekeleman developed Jetbreak of system of cooling fluid of the first high pressure. Consider to make clear, for slashing to machinability and requirement of field of the control that cut bits difficult treatment material, be as high as 100 -- 1000 cling to the one part that the cooling fluid efflux with extrahigh voltage, accurate direction has made cutting cutting tool. Cooling fluid efflux forces his to enter cut wedge of a hydraulic pressure is formed at the same time between bits and cutting blade, shortened so the osculatory length that cuts bits and cutting blade, dropped the temperature that machines area thereby. The effect with interesting another is cooling fluid eject those who shed meeting influence to cut bits is curly, improved the control that cut bits thereby, certain circumstance falls to still can bring about bits. Through using a few corresponding cutting tool that be not mark, jetbreak already became machinability difference and / or the good solution of material of the difficulty that break bits. Of cooling fluid pressure distributing and the dimension of cooling fluid nozzle is met very big to machining a result to arise impact. Pass the efflux parameter with distinct change, can achieve a different bits result, likely banding bits guides the way that wants to place improves the length that cuts bits even. Jetbreak had had a few actual application, in order to solve the problem that oil, aerospace and scroll encounter in bearing industry. </DIV> pursues the 2 HPC cutting tool that cut with Yu Xi - the HPCCoroTurn HP that CoroMill690 grows blade milling cutter to be used at turning is the new-style standard coke that is used one kind at turning HPC application concept of full Capto cutting tool. The jet of accurate cooling fluid that it can produce parallel is cut with be being mixed in bit hydraulic pressure wedge arises between bits, the influence cuts the temperature that bits is formed and flow and reduces treatment extent. Well and truly eject gives the spray head that approachs cutting blade installation efflux of high speed cooling fluid, force cut bits to leave bit surface to make cut bits cools and rupture to discharge bits with benefit into shorter length. Nozzle dimension of the standard is 1mm, also have 0.

6mm arrives 1.

2mm dimension can apply for be being optimized specificly. Had proved, although be in cooling fluid pressure is low to 10 cling to when, precision work of use HPC system includes steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium alloy and heat-resisting to also can gain acquisition benefit super alloy. Besides the higher treatment security that brings by the better control that cut bits, HPC still can prolong cutting tool life apparently and have the latent capacity that uses taller cutting rate. Through using HPC, can improve cutting tool life normally 50% . By right of can use higher cutting rate but won't appear again at the same time common temperature lifts and loss of cutting tool life, HPC has the latent capacity that promotes treatment through raising cutting rate property. To according to ISO S kind material, can be in maintain identical cutting length while raise the cutting rate of 20% . Round turning also is a field that HPC can produce main effect inside, it conduces to ensure cut bits goodly to form, machining what difficult treatment material still can improve data when titanium alloy for example to cut function. Such, making higher treatment security and longer cutting tool life can be acquired when boring working procedure. Should use boring lever to machine relatively big and deep aperture, for example landing gear when the spare parts, the idea of module type cutting tool that the back end before using all takes module type interface is very advantageous. Because can change well and truly quickly,clamp is on the machine tool the lesser cutting module of boring lever front, because this is,undertake in holding clip all sorts of cutting provided quite big flexibility. The HPC that cuts with Yu Xi passes a center to cool, HPC also brings profit for milling. CoroMill 690 is special the has HPC capacity long knife that machines at titanium alloy establishs milling cutter. Its every cutting blade is comprised by a lot of razor blade, and every razor blade has corresponding cooling fluid nozzle to offer high-pressured jet for its. Below the circumstance of the whole axial deepness that need not use milling cutter, can use plug to replace spray head, can avoid needless empty eject so and pressure of wasteful cooling fluid. The nozzle that is located in cutting tool to carry a department conduces to a bits, avoid those who cut bits to appear again cutting effect (be in especially model the) in antrum treatment. Use the true numerical value of cooling current and pressure to ensure, the optimal application that can use special calculator to realize HPC to go up in milling cutter (parameter of velocity of flow and pressure, cutting, axial cuts the cooling fluid that inputs a machine tool to wait for) greatly. This calculator the dimension cipher out nozzle, can realize first-rate to machine the effect so and reduce discharge to ask, high pressure maintains to flow when maintaining place to choose aperture to be passed in cooling fluid at the same time. Machining titanium alloy and other when agglutinant material, HPC is to prevent workpiece material to stick accept the commonly used method on cutting blade. The temperature that arises in machining a process and Shilihui affect integrality of spare parts surface. The use of cooling fluid has certain effect in control temperature respect, because this HPC can offer more reliable surface integrality. Technology of new machine tool highlights HPC to machine treatment of advantage high pressure to should be not regarded as to because other uses an ingredient,be made up for (for example bit instability of improper, treatment, cutting parameter is incorrect wait) and the method of the defect that cause. HPC is when working procedure set is basic and correct " optimize implement " . The consistency of spare parts quality that this concept is the handling time with shorter implementation, improvement in turning and milling and higher treatment security provide understanding definitely method. To the demand that all sorts of treatment working procedure optimize, when should forming the treatment with difficult treatment material to take dominant place to cutting bits especially, the HPC that uses on current machine tool makes the choice that has appeal extremely very easily. Of much task machine tool and lathe of new generation vertical increasingly popular already dash forward show the profit that uses high-pressured refrigeration to machine, will look from angle of the pilot that cut bits is such more. As a result of manufacturer more and more the aviation part that uses these machine tools to machine difficult treatment material to be made widely, how to because cut the trouble that bits piles up and causes to also become more important,eliminate. CNC Milling