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Cutting tool saved the handling time of 75%

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Die manufacturer is used reduce high speed cutting tool to 2h handling time from 10h, and made sure treatment surface is excellent. Assume office at Ohio Valley Precision (OVP) Mr Lawrenceburg of the company is engaged in sophisticated 3D mould treatment technically, president Mr Scott Allen that he is helping this company recently shortens hard handling time. Because had,live the milling cutter of high speed feed of friendly electrician (Metal Slash Mill) , they shorten handling time from 10h came 2h (graph 1) . Mr Allen founded 2006 OVP company, compete as the market more and more intense, he wants to improve the delivery time of the product all the time. Mr Allen recollects: "Now, we must try every means is used the fastest, most methodological treatment of economy. Normally 10 weeks production time, indispensible now finish inside 4 weeks of shorter even time. Graph 1) OVP chose to live the milling cutter of high speed feed of friendly electrician will shorten handling time; Graph 2) live speed of feed of treatment of coarsen of milling cutter of feed of friendly high speed achieves 175~185in/min; Graph 3) live milling cutter of feed of friendly high speed can be used at David Ray of senior engineer of finish machining promotion Mr Allen and OVP to discover milling cutter of feed of friendly electrical engineering high speed to cooperate to be able to achieve best result on Makino machine tool likewise. "The advantage of our machine tool is rigid good and fast. " Mr Allen explanation says, "Live while friendly bit body is maintaining machine tool dominant position, still can make up for its to be not worth. 10 years ago, when we use hard alloy cutting tool to undertake rough machining, feed is 75in/min (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) , and the cutting tool rough machining that uses friend now, feed time can achieve 175~185in/min. If our rough machining 44in of × of a 48in, the mould bases of tall 8in, handling time can shorten from 3 days previously for 1 day (graph 2) . " " when we return discovery to use this cutting tool at the same time, cannot cut greatly with set deep, but because cutting speed is at ordinary times 3 times, accordingly to the machine tool have profit, and total time will be shorter. " Allen continues to speak of, "Live friendly cutting tool faster, wear is good, and cost of itself of hard alloy razor blade is low, what I hope this. " although this is planted,the first selection utility of cutting tool is rough machining, but Mr Allen points out this kind of cutting tool also can be used at finish machining (graph 3) , "Our treatment finishs a product to need previously 4 or 5 milling cutter. " Mr Allen is mentioned, "We can finish all cutting with a kind of razor blade now, and compare once upon a time the alloy cutting tool of 150 dollars, present bit unit price wants 25 dollars only. " Mr Allen is mentioned at the same time, operation personnel always need not stare at treatment process closely. "The worker must be really in the workshop, but should press the key that start can leave only go operating another machine tool. Should see workpiece begins to undertake rough machining, we special was at ease. " the mould makes minute of cup a thick soup " the right combination that because live,friendly cutting tool and terminal machine equipment, your OVP company be able to the development of diversity. We machine complex part for metallic manufacturing industry not only now, and sortie aviation industry. " Mr Allen says, "Such, we be able to as early as possible divert attention from cutting tool, get on attention in time earlier from cutting tool removed, cutting tool can satisfy your requirement more. " Mr Allen is friendly to living the success of cutting tool is quite satisfactory, but he also admitted employee very quickly people of the technology backward. "You can take the newest, best facility on the world, but in the workshop if do not have core character, we also cannot use them it is essence of life, good to use. Have the person that can use a method correctly to produce a product only, what ability does is best. What ability does is best.. CNC Milling