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Domestic head stage " underwater windmill " development is successful

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Recently, the sources of energy of prototype of model of " of windmill of underwater of the first " of our country, new-style ocean current uses device, in Zhejiang county of the hill that save another name for Taishan Mountain undertakes ocean current experiments subsequent report is successful. According to introducing, the " windmill " that the principle of prototype of model of " of windmill of this " underwater, structure and wind-force generate electricity is very similar, different is, "The motivation of windmill " originates wind- driven, and the motivation of " of " underwater windmill comes from ocean current. The expert says, want ocean current velocity of flow to be in 2 meters only / second above, " can begin the " underwater windmill that this impeller radius is 1 meter generate electricity, the design rated power of prototype is 5 kilowatt. "The biggest advantage of underwater windmill " depends on environmental protection: Rate of its impeller roll is slow, can avoid marine fish effectively to get hurt, and won't produce noise and visual pollution, also need not generate electricity to build large dams in that way like traditional tide. As we have learned, research develops underwater dynamo to fetters to be supplied as electric power, will to alleviate energy shortage, development is mixed littoral the local economy start of islands but the new approach that second birth the sources of energy uses, have development latent capacity extremely. CNC Milling