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Group of Chongqing machine tool is own research and development two kinds taste newly

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Recently, group of Chongqing machine tool is own gear-hobbing machine of high speed of 4 linkage numerical control and Y4232CNC reach 6 axes of YKS3120/YKS3132 of two kinds of of research and development new products gear shaving machine of 2 axes numerical control is labelled by ministry of national science and technology national emphasis new product plans a project. Gear-hobbing machine of high speed of 4 linkage numerical control already passed 6 axes of YKS3120/YKS3132 prototype development, trial-produce, expert appraisal and user batch are used. High accuracy of its high speed does not have system of bearing of main shaft of structure of unoccupied place graduation, high accuracy, tool carrier to locate orgnaization, low heat is out of shape heat balances system, high accuracy automatically the innovation sex technology such as linear feed system belongs to domestic initiate. This product is in banner level in home, can replace entrance product; Have stronger market competition ability. Y4232CNC controls gear shaving machine to 2 number of axle is pass sufficient market survey and the effective demand according to the user, the product of series of numerical control gear shaving machine that bold innovation develops, its dependability detects via place of city product quality supervision and inspection, its geometry precision, position precision, job precision already achieved JB/T8485 in the round.

2-1998 standard asks, have enough precision reserve. Its tool carrier takes cutting tool to change technology of device, frequency conversion quickly to implement workbench stepless speed regulation the initiate inside the dependency of innovation sex technology such as sharp movement. Two kinds of new products are machine tool group is accumulating the base that makes tine machine tool more than 60 years to go up, according to the development trend of market demand and technology of contemporary and new and high numerical control, the new product of own research and development. In process of research and development, crucial to its technology undertook tackling key problem and gained a success. CNC Milling