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A kind of adjustable and prejudicial device basically can move type pattern plate to count a plane with Yu Zhen

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The configuration of prejudicial device is very much, applied range is very wide also, a kind of prejudicial device used in the pharmacy machine that my company produces (see figure) , through this unit can emerge prejudicial motion. Turn vibration can be formed when rate is higher when its. This plant design is simple, the construction is reasonable, applicable is in a variety of mechanical equipment, especially pattern plate counts a plane. 1.

Construction of working principle plant is shown like attached drawing place, this are prejudicial device basically adopts helical gear drive, drive helical gear axle sleeve 5 rotate deflect arbor 4 prejudicial motion, drive an axis then 6 undertake prejudicial vibration. When need adjusts offset, ke Xiansong opens spacing bolt 8, rotational eccentric shafe 4, when helical gear axle sleeve 5 with eccentric shafe when coincide of 4 the centre of a circle, prejudicial for 0, arise conversely prejudicial. After been adjust, come back spacing bolt to support closely in spacing dish 7 on (spacing dish circumferential groove can locate) . 2.

Because when this device moves, design and treatment point can produce vibration, the fatigue resistance that data considered when be being designed so can, for this main component all undertakes moving pledging handling. The key of treatment is to assure helical gear axle sleeve 5 with eccentric shafe the offset of 4 should agree, for this we used line cut equipment to process helical gear rod of 5 prejudicial inside aperture; The position that aperture of 42mm of two end φ also assures through tool when machining eccentric shafe is spent and coaxial is spent. Because want between two spare partses,chafe each other additionally, when be being machined so, should make sure the exterior surface roughness of the spare parts asks. This device basically is used in machine of bead of number of oscillatory type pattern plate in my company, its offset is adjusted convenient, the vibration of generation is smooth, noise is low, obtained good economic benefits. CNC Milling