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Those who go after optimal treatment efficiency and high reliability is flexible machine product line

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It is lid of cylinder body of current car engine, crock and other casing kind the main technique that the spare parts processes equips. What give priority to composition by machining center of high speed, accurate high speed is flexible a large number of application that process product line, the high consistency that brought a product to start a mechanism to build a business reachs those who produce cost to reduce. According to the demand of the user, the sex of crock Gai Rou that NTC company designs by right of old experience machines product line with its efficient sex and good patulous ability, wide application received between the production production of engine, improved the manufacturing beneficial result of the user greatly. Product line of treatment of Gai Rou sex reflected the crock that company of NTC of program of design of product line of treatment of Gai Rou sex produces typical crock adequately " it is with the person this " basic design train of thought, effectively disappear machines the main factor of efficiency besides the influence, namely: Handle the behavior of personnel and movement, use a hand to move especially remove the effect that sends means to bring. Product line of Gai Rou sex designs a typical crock that issueing what plan institute shows is NTC plan, its design program to produce per year metre of 75000 stage, treatment 2.

46min. The basis produces need, this product line needs to increase 12 machining center to be able to form the process capability that produces per year 150000 again only. All fronts of this product line is given priority to by the horizontal machining center with good, concise eye shot form. Because machine tool width is small, shortened the pace row spacing that operates personnel leaves, saved physical strength. Between whole product line, exchange the frequency of cutting tool through choosing optimal cutting condition to decrease; The A rod that uses multipurpose retroflexions clamping apparatus makes inside workpiece cut bits, cooling fluid to be able to stay in machine tool interior to the greastest extent. In the meantime, be thrown by accident to prevent workpiece machine tool, still configured the fender that judges workpiece mistake inside the clamping apparatus of each working procedure, because this operates personnel but the pose that need not consider the makings on workpiece. Make sure NTC is opposite effectively what machine quality the treatment quality that the elaborate design of product line of crock of treatment of Gai Rou sex can assure a product effectively: 1, right inside the knife library of opportunity of treatment of 1 axis CNC the cutting tool under diametical 12mm undertakes caustic detects folding. 2, the examination of be well versed in that locating oily opening has in selling press fitting process. 3, mistake of cutting tool set is checked. After cutting tool is exchanged, detect on appearance of product line quantity the treatment aperture that treatment tastes first. 4, the to finish machining leakage treatment before press fitting of conduit of / of spiracle housing washer detects. After the bottom outlet of press fitting of conduit of / of spiracle housing washer is machined, reach through undertaking whether having leaking machining not examination of be well versed in, knife handle of the finish machining in can preventing effectively to issue one working procedure folds the happening of caustic phenomenon. 5、 Qi Men Zuo Quan / Dao Guan Jing Jia Gong 、 Tu Lun Zhou Kong Jing Jia Gong De Jing Du Bao Zheng . Those who use NTC to standardize a design is flexible change private plane, realized the working procedure of high reliability, high accuracy to machine. Qi Men Fa Zuo / Dao Guan Jing Jia Gong Ji Tu Lun Zhou Kong Jing Jia Gong Gong Xu De Zhuan Ji Hua Qi Men Fa Zuo / Dao Guan Ji Tu Lun Zhou Kong De Jing Jia Gong Gong Xu Zai Gang Gai Jia Gong Zhong Shu Yu Fei Chang Guan Jian De Gong Xu , its often are the place of cause of formation that precision is not stabilized or efficiency of product line treatment drops. Mobile to axis of X, Y, Z3, use the machining center that changes a knife to machine means every time for, the cutting tool that causes to prevent to cut bits conglutinate by temperature change, knife handle is jumpy wait for the treatment precision change that cause, people takes the compensation step such as grating feet and sensor normally, but to long-term stability, this kind of method is put in certain limitation, and the number that its maintain and cost also can raise accordingly. Additional, it is 150 thousand / to crop year for product line, if finish machining working procedure uses much stage machine tool, the consistency of workpiece precision is able to assure for a long time very hard, and the quality government that to make sure its are even consistency place should begin also will be a very complex project. For this, NTC company used the flexible and special machine tool that standardizes a design on finish machining working procedure. Structure of this kind of flexible and special machine tool is simple, do not need to undertake like machining center ATC cutting tool is exchanged in that way, need to undertake original adjustment can ensure only the treatment precision of the machine tool, and treatment quality is very stable. It is especially in the finish machining process of camshaft aperture, because some crocks build the tappet hole with the larger presence of spare parts the place that prop up in camshaft to vacate,measure, if undertake directing aperture of bore with a reamer is machined oneself, cutting negative charge can generate when machining camshaft aperture lopsided, arbor to the phenomenon with the deflective one party with cutting little bear, make sure coaxial is spent hard wait for precision, and use flexible change special machine tool to overcome afore-mentioned problems effectively. If use private plane treatment, can realize the treatment that produces per year 150 thousand on a product line, make quality management becomes liable thereby, the treatment efficiency of whole product line also got rising. Those who standardize a design is flexible when machining private plane to want to undertake type is changed in the future also can as machining center same, want a course to adjust the treatment that can realize new work immediately simply only. Quality assures the produces experience and user feedback with measure old basis, NTC company designs a concept newlier ceaselessly, make the assembly drawing paper that provides for the user more reliable, accurate. The quality of NTC company makes sure measure includes: 1, build the important ministry such as accurate component, large part to taste the machining that uses temperature control to fall, and the system that has detecting entirely; 2, main shaft, clamping apparatus uses modular managing in cent outfit phase, supply the part with consistent precision, the mass that builds dynamic examination assures system; 3, provide the control return that prevents to repeat treatment; 4, those who provide precautionary maintenance as far as possible much material; 5, the machine tool is covered an area of while the area is small, offer more convenient maintenance condition. CNC Milling