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The design that PLC servo controls a system to go up in machine of chamfer of laminose V moulding plane and application

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In the production that 0 foreword shape in treatment of stainless steel thin plate, stainless steel plank is direct hem shapes the effect that can form arc part in corner, below certain circumstance, people does not need this kind of effect. Before if be in those who undertake thin plate to fold a turn,be being machined, fold curved place to open an a V groove first on thin plate above all, undertake folding a turn again next, can machine the effect of edges and corners that comes out to do not have arc edge so. Be aimed at this kind of application, people development went " machine of chamfer of V moulding plane " , to raise the manufacturing efficiency of this kind of machine and treatment precision, automation system must be installed on the machine. Of article introduction is the author develop with electric machinery of PLC+HMI+ communication servo plant in the light of this " machine of chamfer of V moulding plane " system of a kind of control. 0.

Because requirement of 1 engineering technology is in on machine of chamfer of this kind of dig the plank of treatment is compared commonly thin, have enough strength to make sure hem is in, the deepness of dig chamfer cannot enough very deep, control precision requirement is very so accurate; In the meantime, to raise the precision of the dimension that fold a turn of workpiece, also want to the length of groove and positional control accurate. Integrated above element considers: Overall design precision should be achieved 0.

01mm. According to engineering technology characteristic, the treatment of workpiece needs to be in X, y, z3 undertake controlling respectively on direction. Among them X axis: The length of groove; Y axis: Groove is in the position on plank; Z axis: The deepness of groove. Specific following plan institute show: 0.

2 control ask 0.


1 to reduce the demand of the culture level to operating personnel, must simplify parameter set, use friendly man-machine interaction interface, of the control machine that can go to the lavatory move, can monitor the moving condition of the machine. 0.


2 change a standard to improve the intelligence of the machine additionally, the function that has filestore and government was developed on this machine. Such OK and convenient forms with the recipe undertake workpiece machines the management of parameter differring. Data storage requirement serves as data set with the number of workpiece (can amount to 50 groups) , each work number is corresponding the parameter of a group of workpiece: Length, ply, dig cuts starting point, open groovy position, groove deepness (a groove can divide 10 knives to undertake dig is cut at most, limits of set of deepness of every time feed is in 0~0.

99mm) etc. All parameter can be revised at any time, store at any time. When treatment, the number that carries set work will call parameter, also can process work according to the new parameter of reset. 0.


Machine tool of the requirement on the technology control of 3 machines has a hand to move with automatic function. When the hand is moved, the position that the machine tool secures in only every time (OK and aleatoric set) go up dig a chamfer. Automatic when, the machine tool can call length according to the work number of set, ply, dig cuts starting point, open groovy position, the parameter such as groove deepness, automatic on plank planing machine gives the groove accord with the requirement. 1 plan determines the demand of integrated above, because be positional control, and control precision demand is higher (0.

01mm) , ought to use a pace to perhaps communicate servo electric machinery to serve as actuator into electric machinery so. Control system can have multiple choice: Numerical control system, the computer + motion controls card, HMI+PLC. The type selecting of actuator: The advantage that the pace takes electric machinery is the price it is cheap to should compare communication servo electric machinery, defect is it character of high speed moment of force is softer, meet those who restrict traversal speed rise, of the work efficiency that affects a machine thereby rise. And communication servo electric machinery can be competent high speed moves, so from the suitable scope that chooses to communicate servo electric machinery to be able to improve facility as actuator for the angle that improves work efficiency, increase the market competition capacity of equipment thereby. Control systematic type selecting: Advantage of special numerical control system is a function very comprehensive, apply to complex athletic control, the price is higher, the most important is it taller to handling the demand of personnel, and the control program that be here is single, do not need to operate personnel often the change controls a process, do not suit to be used in Bench Machine Tool so. Microcomputer + athletic control blocks this kind of plan, hardware cost is compared former should a few lower, but the stability that controls software is very strong to operating system dependence, once the operating system breaks down, undertake what affect production directly. The computer is additionally tall to environmental requirement, volume is large, removability is poor, do not suit installation to be on Bench Machine Tool. HMI and PLC face the tall stability product that industrial environment designs namely originally, physical dimension suits installation to be on Bench Machine Tool very much, petty gain also is compared on the price. Control software development uses the language of LD echelon graph that learns easily simply, control the development of systematic software, it is very easy to debug, PLC runs extraordinary stability, need a program to safeguard scarcely. Compare and character: HThe plan of MI+PLC should be best choice. Plan of hardware of 2 hardware system pursues: 2.

1 control loop includes button, indicator light. 2 times loop uses DC24V, string together emergency stop button to control dynamical loop contactor, the safety that controls power supply system directly moves. 2.

Cable of power of drive of servo of 2 power supply system uses AC380V power supply, by contactor control. One can output voltage to be the switch power source of DC24V. Provide the man-machine interface power source, input signal power source of PLC. 2 times control loop uses power source of another DC24V switch alone. Servo power power supply is three-phase AC220V make type, want to offer a 380-220 to do type transformer so, as the changeover of voltage. PLC power source is AC220V grade, can take one photograph to use from AC380, but after be being kept apart considering power source, the quality of power source has rise certainly, advantageous to PLC, because this does type transformer from 380-220,output end takes two-phase to use. 2.

3HMI system HMI is whole machine and the interface that operate personnel to undertake communicating, want to consider to be operated easily on the foundation that contented technology asks, the appearance is beautiful and easy. The NS10 that OMRON chooses here (10 inches) true colour touchs screen, support complete Chinese to show, screen bounty, literal clarity, color is rich, the operation is simple. The set of data, memory, record, the moving condition surveillance of the machine and control are very convenient. HMI and PLC use RS232 serial communication (Sysmacway agreement) join. 2.

4PLC system PLC is the core of whole control system, it is connecting HMI and system of drive of servo of bottom spot equipment move, requirement function is reliable, the link of the implementation that can go to the lavatory and HMI and servo drive system wants on the function. The CJ1M series that this system chooses OMRON is small-sized PLC. Pulse of 2 100KHz high speed outputs the buy inside CPU, realize X axis, the motion of Y axis is controlled, in addition configure position of a NC133 to control module, realize the athletic control of Z axis. Switch measures an input / output chooses a 16 road inputs each / output module. The control of the whole technological process of equipment basically uses LD (echelon pursues) the language writes a program to come true. To realize athletic pilot requirement, certain place needs relatively complex maths operation, to realize this part function, him author is written with ST language and enclose this part in the function piece (FB) inside, call for LD. 2.

Driver of servo of system of 5 servo drive and communication servo electric machinery, axis of X axis, Y, Z each one. Servo drive system chooses servo drive system of An Chuan, use here " pulse + direction " control mode, wiring from PLC or the mouth of output of high speed pulse of module of NC position control is derivative, the pulse that receives servo driver inputs a mouth, and directional signal. 2.

6 sensor to assure each axes mix normally move safely, need installs to be close to switch respectively in the two end of every axis, regard ultimate position of the axis as sensor, prevent to run limits to exceed, cause equipment breakdown. All servo control systems all use this device absolutely coordinate, even alone on every axis setting at 0 o'clock switch, serve as reference axis at 0 o'clock the position. 3.

HMI software system gives the following picture in the development on man-machine interface: 3.

1 homepage face reveals the information of manufacturer home and machine tool, do one's best is concise and clear, beautiful and easy. 3.

2 hands use the data set below type of page hand movable mould, management, control, the information such as surveillance. 3.

The data set that 3 automatic pages issue from movable mould type, management, control, the information such as surveillance. 3.

The 4 modification that affirm page parameter or the need when calling is played piece affirm clew page, in order to assure the validity of the operation of pair of workpiece parameter. Basically be used in a few crucial data read before take and be being written, admit really remind, the mistake that prevents to operate personnel logarithm to occupy is read write. 4.

PLC software system 4.

1 software uses LD language to write, and make the following section according to the function, in order to facilitate the following program safeguards: 4.


1 signal inputs the collection of paragraph of responsible input signal and management, logistic simple changeover. 4.


2 mode change paragraph of responsible government hand to move / the switch of automatic mode, make sure the system falls to move normally in two kinds of mode. 4.


3 data manage the data between paragraph of responsible HMI and PLC to transmit, store and call management, still include to deliver the operation statement that issues from HMI. 4.


4 pulse output paragraph of responsible PLC to issue correct pulse statement to servo, ensure communication servo electric machinery has campaign according to formulary direction and position. 4.


5 logic control the logistic control of paragraph of responsible and whole technological process, undertake controlling to the mechanical actuator such as hydraulic pressure, make sure the movement is carried out normally by the program. 4.


The signal that 6 signal output paragraph of responsible and all need undertakes manage and be changinged logically. 4.

Flow of 2 software system 5.

Note communication servo is strong cable system and it is source of tall electromagnetism radiate (although they have EMC attestation, still cannot avoid electromagnetism radiant absolutely to arise) , and PLC, the communication join between HMI and them is typical weak cable system, be disturbed very easily by strong electromagnetism radiant, because this is decorated in hardware,go up should increase the installation between strong cable system and weak cable system to be apart from as far as possible, reduce electromagnetism to disturb brought adverse effect. Consider the installation way between telecommunication cable and dynamical cable at the same time, follow such principle commonly: Telecommunication cable uses screen cable, and want only place (be in in the reception of signal) screen layer ground connection; The dynamical cable that communicates servo also had better want screen, and screen layer ground contact has in this one aspect of the matter of servo driver, cable length as far as possible short; Telecommunication cable and dynamical cable avoid wiring of close quarters parallel as far as possible, if cannot avoid parallel wiring, both is apart from a requirement > =20cm. Servo of 6 epilogue HMI+PLC+ is a system of typical diminutive numerical control. Its price is compared than photograph of groovy numerical control system, the price is low, the interface is friendly, the function is powerful, precision is tall, special agree with use on Bench Machine Tool. Via using test and verify actually to make clear: Performance of this kind of system is very stable and reliable, operating mode is good, the product quality qualification that treatment gives is stable. CNC Milling