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Analysis of function of process designing of CAD/CAM software numerical control reachs software brief introduction

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CAD/CAM software develops today, had become quite mature. The function of all sorts of CAD/CAM software is very multifarious and diversiform, so that the content of its user manual often giant use a book to the study that cannot serve as an user, and the reference material that can use as the function only. However, the function of NC process designing of CAD/CAM software often is the treatment demand that faces a lot of sort, exactly the amount charges car, mill (divide 2 axes, 3 axes and much axis treatment again) , line cut. the specific to person that use, need to master only commonly among them the need that the numerical control process designing of a kind of type can satisfy real work. The numerical control mill that creates a company to the mould for example processes personnel of NC process designing, the method of process designing of seesaw pattern graph that should master 2 axes and 3 axes treatment only is OK. And, the core function that most software place provides is basic and identical, wanted to master these basic functions only, increase good operation convention and certain technology experience, can weave completely a good numerical control program. CNC Milling