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Labour accuses the main category of machine and characteristic

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Be in at present, labour accuses the main category of machine to have: Computer of industry of IPC(PC bus line) , Plc(can make up programmed control to make a system) , Dcs(is dispersive model control system) , system of FCS(spot bus line) reach system of CNC(numerical control) 5 kinds. 1, the industrial computer that IPC   is based on PC bus line namely. According to at present the PC already took IPC count 2000 the 95% above of the general purpose computer, because of its price low, quality tall, turnout is big, weak / hardware is resourceful, already was familiar with by broad technical personnel place and approbate, this is the foundation with industrial hot computer. Its main component reachs what can insert its to go up for industrial box, passive motherboard all sorts of board card composition, if CPU card, I/O gets stuck,wait. Adopt complete steel housing, machine to block layering screen pack, double pressing the design such as fan and EMC(electromagneticcompatibility) technology to be disturbed in order to solve the electromagnetism of industrial spot, shake, dirt, tall / the problem such as microtherm. IPC has the following characteristic: (1) dependability industry PC is had in dust, aerosol, tall / microtherm, damp, shake, corrode and be diagnosed quickly and can safeguard a gender, its MTTR(MeanTimetoRepair) is 5min commonly, MTTF10 10 thousand hours of above, and the MTTF of common PC is 10000 ~ 15000 hours only. (2) PC of industry of real time sex has real time to industrial production process online detect with control, give to the change of working state answer quickly, undertake in time collect and be outputtinged modulatory (watchdog function this is the) that common PC place does not have, be in danger from restoration, those who assure a system is normal move. (3) expanding because industrial PC uses motherboard + CPU blocks a construction, have very strong input to output a function consequently, most but augment 20 board card, can be like with all sorts of peripheral of industrial spot, board card wait with detector of supervisory system of path controller, video, car be linked together, in order to finish all sorts of jobs. (4) compatible function uses ISA and PCI and PICMG resource at the same time, support all sorts of operating systems, a variety of language collection, much task operating system. 2, but program controller (Programmable Logic Controller of full name of English of PLC of PLC)     , chinese full name is but controller of process designing logic. The definition is: A kind of number operation that apply technically to be below industrial environment and designs operates electronic system. It uses memory of a kind of programmable, in its in-house memory implements the directive of the operation such as logistic operation, sequence control, time, computation and arithmetic manipulation, the mechanical equipment that through the input of digital type or imitate type output dominates all sorts of types [net of industrial electric equipment - Cnelc] or manufacturing process. The unit of new-style and general automation that can making up Cheng controller is environment of a kind of when computer technology and photograph of automation control technology are united in wedlock and develop applicable industry, replace a product and appear what serve as traditional relay. As the swift and violent development of microelectronics technology and computer technology, can make up Cheng controller to have the function of the computer morely, can realize logistic control not only, still had the function such as data processing, communication, network. Because it can pass software to change control course, and have volume small, assemble safeguard convenient, process designing simple, dependability capability of tall, interference rejection is strong wait for a characteristic, apply extensively already at industrial pilot each domains, advanced the process of Electromechanical unifinication greatly. 3, dispersive model control a system (Distributed Control System of full name of English of DCS of DCS)     , chinese full name is distributed control system. It is a kind of high-powered, high quality, low cost, configuration product of agile series of dispersive control system, DCS of the control system that can make all sorts of independence, dispersive control system, monitoring and data collect a system (SCADA) , can satisfy all sorts of industry domains to control the demand that manages with information to the process. Of the system modular configuration of design, reasonable soft hardware function and the ability that expand easily, what can be used extensively at all sorts of big, medium, small-sized power stations is dispersive model of system of automation of control, power plant transform and the industry such as steely, petrifaction, papermaking, cement produces a process to control. 4, system of spot bus line (Fieldbus Control System of full name of English of FCS of FCS)     , chinese full name controls a system for spot bus line. It is system of travel of total number string, two-way communication. If probe, activator and controller can join each other,control device, monitor and control. In factory network in classificationing, it is controlled as the process already (like PLC, LC) with applied intelligence appearance (wait like reader of transducer, valve, bar code) local network, have what on the network distributinging control applies again inside embed a function. Because its apply foreground capaciously, numerous abroad has the manufacturer of actual strength to throw force eagerly, undertake the product is developed. Current, the type of foregone spot bus line on international has more than 40 kinds, more typical spot bus line has: FF, profibus, LONworks, CAN, HART, CC-link. 5, numerical control system (Computer Numerical Control of full name of English of CNC of CNC)     , chinese full name controls a system for computer number. It is the numerical control system that uses microprocessor or special personal computer, by deposit beforehand in program of the system in memory (software) will realize control logic, realize part or function of full numerical control, have connection through interface and peripheral equipment, call computerized numerical control, abbreviation CNC system. Numerical control machine tool is the Electromechanical unifinication product that the osmosis that the new technology that is a delegate with numerical control system makes an industry to traditional machinery fashions; Its technology limits covers a lot of fields: 1) mechanical production technology; 2) information processing, treatment, transmission technology; 3) automata technology; 4) servo drive technology; 5) sensor technology; 6) software technology. CNC Milling