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How is force of pump pressure of hydraulic pressure force plunger moved

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How does force of pump pressure of hydraulic pressure force plunger move a lot of people to understand not quite, how do we see force of pump pressure of hydraulic pressure force plunger adjust below? The pressure that a pump of example general force plunger cites below increases 22Mpa, the setting becomes the size like systematic pressure 22Mpa. 1.

In the pump head position of pump of hydraulic pressure force plunger, search have head of a 6 horn of similar screw (have a black or small plastic cap of yellow) , and have a nut, nut has the effect that decides to the lock, you loosen first nut, arrange hour hand to rotate next screw, so the pressure of pump should be met increase. 2.

After rotating slowly, you should the voice that can hear oil having leakage- - this sound is given out from systematic relief valve, relief valve works from time to tome hydraulic pressure oil is passed, the temperature of relief valve itself will be apparent the upper part of the body. 3.

Increase relief valve likewise, can arrange circle of hour hand 3-5 coming back probably, next the screw of readjust pump head, in the process of tone, the pressure of should organic instrument is expressed, join is measured in exit of system, pump press a dot to go up, move pressure 22Mpa.


Next again screw of body of relief valve a powerful person anticlockwise rotate, when seeing mechanical meter pressure there is too sound, oily, job in 22Mpa moment relief valve, arrange relief valve hour hand 15-20 coming back to spend the left and right sides again, so tone full employment ends basically. The meeting on the nameplate of pump of general hydraulic pressure force plunger has the greatest actuating pressure of pump of hydraulic pressure force plunger, meet normally prep above 20Mpa, the nameplate parameter that still has the relief valve that is a system is the biggest actuating pressure should also of prep above 22Mpa, if also be less than, also be to cannot be adjusted. CNC Milling