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The high accuracy that uses visual sensor decides position control

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1 . Introductive     in last few years, because China produces the swift and violent progress of course of study, include inferior area of city week border district inside industrial configuration is producing change stage by stage. Especially the commodity with product inferior unit price, the proportion that reachs the commodity with price more intense competition to be produced in Chinese home is higher and higher. From the industry for, basically have electronic part, the substrate that is used at electric product or the production that are FPD(Flat Panel Display) . As production begin, taller and taller to the produces equipment precision demand of Chinese home, the need that needs to increase servo to control precision is increasing also. To achieve the requirement of afore-mentioned high accuracy device, here, with respect to use vision sensor implementation high accuracy locates one of pilot case undertake demonstrative. In the machine that uses inside this control, from sensor, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) , till servo control, it is the commodity of ohmic dragon. With the product of a company, realized the control of whole system. 2. The pilot of demonstrative     that controls whole is formed roughly can pursue below reference roughly, here my control content whole undertakes simple specification. This makes good omissions for the position of FPD glass substrate case. As this pilot application, OK also at the agglutinate of FPD glass substrate applying, the substrate position of electric products makes good omissions, the position when electronic component is machined makes good omissions wait for a circumstance. General, by X axis, y axis, the drive axis of θ axis forms mechanical workbench, have differentiate additionally the laden visual sensor on its workbench, undertake both the data perform mathmatical calculations between, again with drive the servo control of afore-mentioned mechanical workbench makes whole system. ① is laden to what should machine, undertake differentiate to make visual sensor OK, need pressworks on mark. If want to achieve better precision, need the number of 2 above. ② load is placed undertake machining on mechanical workbench. ② vision sensor undertakes differentiate to mark of the black-and-white on afore-mentioned load, to it before set is good (remember) after the position undertakes comparative, have the consideration of high accuracy to the error. The error that computation of ③ vision sensor gives, become mechanical mobile quantity by PLC conversion, place the position with filling poor correct errors to be executed. 3.     is in visual sensor inside this control, the more important to raising precision a bit position differentiate that is visual sensor. If visual sensor cannot the differentiate with better precision gives the seat, what tell in this control raise precision to also cannot be achieved. Our visual sensor, from experience and technology, to raising differentiate precision can realize the following function. The share with the mark the most similar data that differentiate of   of       gives Search of ● high accuracy and remembers, undertake the positional data of high accuracy is calculated. When mark pressworks on load, presswork every time giving same number is more difficult. Can produce black-and-white limitation or be to presswork undesirable wait for a circumstance. But, if used this function, although label of black-and-white of the place on real load and entry label are different, OK also precision is better the ground undertakes differentiate. ● ECM (the label brim that   of   of   of   of Edge Code Model)Search remembers place (be not whole label, only all around circuit) undertake entry as the model, find out the most similar share to undertake deciding from inside the picture data that accepts actually. Below the circumstance that overlaps each other in glass, can happen also overlap between the label that considers differentiate the example that rise. The function is here medium, because be with label brim data the form undertakes those who login the model is changed, although produced the jackknife of label to change, still can differentiate goes out all around circuit is why appearance, obtain the judgement of high accuracy thereby. 4. The place in sensor of vision of calibration     knows other position news, the data drawing element that can regard visual sensor as interior undertakes differentiate. But, the mobile distance of data of this picture element and actual workbench concerns, if was not made clear, the position that cannot realize load makes good omissions. Alleged calibration, the relation of the positional precision of the position that identifies visual sensor namely and actual workbench is changed clearly, remember. We put this calibration function in visual sensor, PLC, on servo pilot program, undertake coming true with the means of automata. When logging onto laden standard position, can carry out following shows movements, finish calibration finally. When real shift is laden, can adopt figure the information of visual sensor position at that time, achieve pair of following errors make good omissions. : of ● camera mounting error? Dark blue of road of  of low Lang Tiao installs Mu of Huang Qiaoqi  to blame a pen to protect Sui of Peng of  of  tip round abduct falling into oblivion! ? machinist makes a mobile error: The error of the mobile amount that because machine precision,make good omissions and causes. ● mechanical workbench builds an error: Make good omissions the error when axis of mechanical workbench drive is built. 5. Shift makes good omissions computational     is final, need the seat that with visual sensor place differentiate gives to make good omissions the quantity has shift to workbench. Those who need an attention is, the orgnaization of workbench can differ according to spot case. The workbench that what introduce this is the 3 system that the needle pursues to be as follows is formed, its coordinate alternates with PLC and servo control is finished. In last few years, the vitreous dimension of FPD industry has greatening tendency, increased UVW workbench such forming. UVW workbench, have stroke of the biggest campaign lesser, corner coming back spends the feature with taller precision. Laden size (the length between mark) after greatening, the deflection amount that causes by angle error also can greaten, it is effectual to restraining this kind of error. And, the drive axis of this kind of workbench is to be on a plane, with the axis of XY θ drive previously layer shape overlaps relative word, it is more frivolous orgnaization, have the feature with heavy deft quantitative change. 6.   of   of final implementation precision is in real case, undertake with sensor of this kind of vision high accuracy fixed position is controlled, realized fixed position precision the requirement under 10 μ m . Of this case make a machine following place are shown. ● vision sensor: ● of F210-C10     uses photograph camera: PLC of ● of   of   of 20mm) of horn of F160-SLC20(eye shot: Serial communication of ● of CJ1H-CPU66H     is unit: ● of CJ1W-SCU21-V1     decides position control unit: Driver of servo of ● of CJ1W-NC433     : R7D-APA3L(Smart Step) CNC Milling