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Of aftertreatment pattern plate make

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After installing EdgeCAM correctly, below the installation program in EdgeCAM (begin → of menu → program EdgeCAM) can find Code Wizard option. Code WizaTd can be used custom-built new aftertreatment pattern plate or editor already some aftertreatment pattern plate, the first dialog box after Code Wizard is started asks to make clear is to should undertake new aftertreatment pattern plate is made or to the aftertreatment that has existed pattern plate undertakes modification. If want those who undertake new pattern plate to make, the basis in the dialog box that if the graph is shown 1 times,the work that the first pace should do is in namely has a machine tool to dominate the type of machine, choose pattern plate of a standard. It can simplify greatly the workload of pattern plate of the aftertreatment that make. Because these standard pattern plate have a few acquiescent values. We need what very few amount makes on the foundation here to revise only can. If do not have the controls type number pattern plate that you need, can choose to it same set or nearest type. Subsequently, will the aftertreatment makes guide play, the content that wants to ask according to next face guide only undertakes operating can finishing the making code of the aftertreatment. See a picture 2. These 5 measure are to have in guide early or late of order, because we had chosen pattern plate of a standard to make reference, the content that cares us or as abhorrent as standard pattern plate content undertake changing can. Accordingly we also need not the order according to guide, modify the content that the 5 caption place of top right corner contains directly. Content of these 5 caption is the content that the 5 measure place of guide finishs, such we are needless constrained the order at guide. Go up by guide " Finish " pushbutton exits guide, change standard pattern plate directly. One, the content that parameter page installs 1. Machine -- machine tool parameter clicks pushbutton of machine tool icon, if pursue,can see the dialog box of 3, what install here is machine tool hardware relevant parameter. In process designing process, we have two feed shift, one is to wind the point that change a knife (Toolchange) , one is an origin (Home nods) , call time of these two jussive, need not appoint terminal coordinate, because terminal position is,appoint here. The position of these dots will appear in the program, because of the position here should bring to sb's attention. The dot that change a knife (Toolchange is nodded) with opposite origin (Home is nodded) can see in emulation process. The principle that defines these points is absolute safety. 2. Format Table -- the abecedarian meaning in every are being installed to appear in NC code here, and the content such as its format and accuracy. If we begin to did not appoint pattern plate of a standard, so here every variable needs to be here with what character output set, such workload the addition twice. For example X Move this variable is to use alphabetical X to convey, y Move this variable is to use alphabetical Y to convey etc. In the content that left definition letter conveys in modal watch, condition of choice format pilot can be passed to decide the form of the numeric output at the back of these letters in the option on the right side of, input a test value in the Test column in Sample Output, the imperial result below (Inch Result) and metric result (the result that can see when generating NC code in the future, be outputted in Metric Result) column. 3. NC Style, g-Codes And Modality -- the content that there are a lot of pages here needs to install, those who rejoice is the value that every column has acquiesce here. These are worth the standard pattern plate that also is the make choice of when we enter code guide to be taken oneself. The content that we need to change those clear need to change only can, much can use acquiescent value. This sees the value that chooses standard pattern plate further. The content of the page such as the G-Codes in storing this page, Hole Cycle G-Codes, M-Codes is OK install according to controlling machine manual. Additional of the standard pattern plate according to our make choice of different, and of machine tool type different, the content of the parameter page here and amount also differ somewhat. The proposal uses acquiescent value, unless know what the hope changes clearly what to is us, go changing it again. 4. Code Constructors -- code is tectonic implement generate code to construct implement, set the syntactic structure that builds NC code; We express set through the style in front the content that every letter place conveys, adopt set of the 3rd stage again the meaning that every GM dictates, and the expressive means of a few loops and interpolation. Construct through code namely below implement the around order of every statement in arrange NC code and composition. Code is tectonic implement the content of the each share that includes trace program to begin the part, linear interpolation, sudden shift NC program after changing a knife. Here we the beginning with the program level namely the construction of the program head that we say normally is exemple, do farther simple specification. Listed in Valid Tokens the project that can be allowed to use; Listed in Output column is the program head that the system installs already automatically style. We can need to undertake modification an editor to its by our. 5. M-Functions -- the last pace that increases M function Code Wizard, make the user can define a few special M functions according to the special function of own machine tool. In the menu of the M function that joins these M functions EdgeCAM interface F. Graph the 4 operation dialog boxes that are this project: (1) designates the name of increasing M function in M-Functions, the M that this name will issue in EdgeCAM interface appears in functional menu. (The name in 2)Options is name of addition particular operation project. (3) gives the M code of a correspondence in NC program in Mcode. (4) can set their pattern in Construct. For example: Addition M function name rotates for revolving stage, in Options we should increase revolving stage to arrange hour hand to rotate 90 ° (M code is set for M21) and revolving stage suitable hour hand rotates 180 ° (M code is set it is M22) and revolving stage anticlockwise rotate 90 ° (M code is set mix for M23) revolving stage is anticlockwise rotate 180 ° (M code is done not have, the pattern that sets in Construct is [DELETE] [BLKNUM] [MCODE] . So after applying, can appear in NC postposition program " M21 of □ of N □ □ " or " M23 of □ of N □ □ " instruction. 2, check and compile we had completed all step now, need saves this setting; Command of Save As of → of File of entree odd → can save current file. EdgeCAM can be added automatically at the back of of the file.

The patulous name of CGD. Right now we still cannot obtain postposition application order, we still must undertake compiling. If pursue 5. Once choose to compile pushbutton, code guide system will be compiled automatically make an aftertreatment pattern plate. When entering treatment mode, we can choose this aftertreatment pattern plate. Run pushbutton afresh when the choice, code guide system will compile this aftertreatment pattern plate automatically, use present NC code next just compiled gotten aftertreatment to undertake updating, debugging level to use commonly. CNC Milling