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Exterior of CNC process designing is being changed

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The job that establishs model of data of product of spendable of a CNC plans to be being advanced ahead slowly, but at the same time the progress of CAM software will make process designing member working efficiency is unusually effective and rather than is redundant. What is personnel of CNC process designing doing? The mainest is the spare parts machine program that they should ensure the machine tool is about to carry out can get away with the part that gives qualification. The knowledge that they use them to be obtained through practice and judgement will choose to be helpful for the element that CAD software works correctly. CNC process designing member it is fill clearance person. Because design a system to go up in this bit,the existence of these clearance is immature still, they still cannot provide a machine tool all number information that place of voluntary machine program wants. In short, CNC process designing member the condition that understanding someone else does not know. That is them know to be in right now here is on this machine tool the optimal way that machines this spare parts. Because of CNC process designing member very actual when using this kind of knowledge, it is brief that their part in machine treatment may resemble linger. It seems that the company is investing hardware and software tool in order to help their process designing member productivity is the biggest change a respect to be done very well. Business of CAM software development is making function of CNC process designing more businesslike, automation rate is higher respect quickstep is ongoing. The most important part in these progress includes: The system that is based on knowledge - watch of the knowledge base of the first option that takes factory processing technique and optimal operation, inquiry and database. Appropriative is algorithmic - the program that the special process designing that the design uses at satisfying some kind of application asks and computation are formulary. The biggest the applied case that all sorts of option that change rough machining course are a part. Using the algorithm that makes way of special cutting tool is the application of other in order to obtain the very good surface surface roughness when high speed is machined. Diagnostic identifying - the ability that is based on market of relevant geometry element to identify treatment feature. Had obtained most progress to Kong He antrum. Desired result - lifelike indication was previewed already the cutting tool of process designing moves, the air that it uses at likely collision, excessive is cut, the synchronism of many axes and element of efficiency of other decision part program can inspect detect. Optimization - be based on the function of character of delegate workpiece material, cutting tool and precision requirement, numerical value that gives workpiece geometric constraint to seek feed the biggest the software feature that change. CAM development business will continue to obtain progress in the software forward position of these and other, in CNC program output respect offers remarkable productivity to rise for the factory. But does automation of CAM distance implementation still have many far? Activity of CNC process designing when can complete automation, complete bypass process designing member input? What the member that how does it know to eliminate to involve CNC process designing brings is flexible with individual specialty? CAM software vendor passes one of developing undermentioned field or a few production efficiency that will continue to increase an order and effect: To operation of a lot of treatment, process designing member a crucial share that contribution represented company competition dominant position. On the other hand, CNC process designing also is a bottleneck and weak point. Prediction of a person's luck in a given year process designing of a CNC member can affect pull current Cheng severely. No less, of the person intervene of the interchangeability of file of pair of consistency, data and treatment working procedure turn to produce negative effect with ability. Nextpage bypasses process designing member implementation CNC process designing is complete the has great ambition most positive result of automation is STEP NC, it is STEP (product model data exchanges a standard) outspread. The intent of STEP NC is to make product model data can direct input CNC machine tool. The independent file that it eliminated cutting tool method and G code, M code serves as what the machine tool dictates to use. It still makes the aftertreatment becomes redundant. STEP is the international standard of the form of a kind of neuter data that provides product figure information. It makes this kind of data can be mixed in what differ other undertakes share and be commutatived between incompatible computer platform. How does STEP NC increase to the part that represents STEP product model to undertake standardizing to the information that processes about CNC. Will take the instruction of the follow-up measure about machining a spare parts through using STEP NC, of this spare parts " productivity " system of the control unit that will not get some brand, process designing or aftertreatment implement the influence of usability. Of STEP NC carry out completely need the machine tool provides custom-built special CNC software. This software makes CNC can translate STEP-NC data forthrightly and need not traditional G code program can use this information to machine a spare parts. Had STEP NC, the place know exactly about sth that place of treatment spare parts needs is according to be being included inside an AP-238 file. In ISO STEP standard, STEP NC is appointed to be AP-238. It is a kind " use an agreement " , relevant Yu Mou is specific the product of industry or category (the spare parts that for example points to treatment here) collect of a definition. This method and traditional method are contrary, the digital information about machining a spare parts and traditional M code mix traditional method G code (RS 274D) data is relevant couplet. This information may belong to only external supplier, the job shops that if contract,the spare parts machines. No less, this data may be effective, want a workshop to have the first wife that is used at generating program or compatible resource only. For example, if CAM software supports no longer, machine tool or its control unit is changed, the change of these resource occurs probably before the lifecycle of the product is stopped, because this is endangered,be machined the effectiveness of the spare parts to the product be a key. When be carried out completely, STEP NC will make " art arrives spare parts " treatment turns into reality. Unfortunate is, of industry carrying out is uneven. Develop business or ardently of manufacturer of machine tool control to use this concept without software of a lot of CAD/CAM. Result, not enough much commercial product offers place of executive STEP NC to need " critical mass " . No matter whether is STEP NC used extensively, the direct input form that product model database gives certain CNC the machine tool final loan is inevitable it seems that, and for the company that creates an environment at global collaboration to a lot of operation, proof of this option general is economy is good. How can be the information that the spare parts output that digitlizes the ground to achieve in step guards a pass to be machined at CNC in view of STEP NC added with model of digital STEP product denotive spare parts undertakes standardizing, the N-STEP that developing can in including the information in machine and be made take the form with a compatible STEP. This germinant the pressing sex that says level of exchangeability of clear executive data already and complexity. It also made clear why market obstruction hampers this kind promotes CNC process designing ceaselessly of the standard of complete automation carry out. The product data that N-STEP is national automation center exchanges standard abbreviate. NAC is American army tank automation and armed headquarters (the one part of TACOM) . After N-STEP is released, can rapidder ground makes the army maintain and replace a part, make the equipment that is used at battlefield deploy maintains usability. The design data that because there is a lot of in this kind of equipment,are blue print or 2D CAD file only when design and be made formerly, complete digitlization is denotive this kind of information is not to offer those who go out. That means the input that cannot undertake the electron conveys or is used at processing an operation, be like the process designing of CNC machine tool. N-STEP is one kind can make the user is caught complete the software product suit with specific product data, it is had production feature, dimension and precision, material is tagged and characteristic (surface roughness of side of hardness, side is waited a moment) and in onefold, the other data in the file that has immanent dependency. The STEP AP 224 that this file abides by a definition to process feature and treatment operation points to decided form with 203. N-STEP is the military program of an executive STEP, n-STEP is not the one share that ISO standard development plans. Nextpage N-STEP Planner conduces to the information that the organization derives from spare parts file, can get a perfect technology that is used at this spare parts plans so, make CNC process designing member when inputting CAM more businesslike. N-STEP software suit is by south the research organization founds Kaluolaina. This software needs to undertake use below license agreement normally. It has 3 main module. The Translator module of N-STEP puts the data that comes from blueprint or CAD file into an electronic format that can ensure original message is translated correctly. In this module, a series of menu enquire the user concerns the attribute of the spare parts and main feature. Unless all these problems are answered and uncertainty or conflict are solved, translator module will not let an user continue. Accordingly, when using follow-up program, doing not have information is to be short of break or fluky. The Validator module of N-STEP is used at the hand to move desired result to generate the validity of the file by place of N-STEP Translator module. It shows product model, so the user can check every feature and contrast conventional data undertakes examining information. Any crop or omit be sent to so that change,send appropriate person selected to by collection or in clear report. The applied process of the system that the Process Planner module of N-STEP is the plan of written and detailed craft that uses a needle to machine individual spare parts or package place to need to generating, consistent regularity. Time estimation, cost and program intent enter this database. This data can be used at quote. The technology that makes through this module plans to be used at raising CNC programmer to input CAM program to wrap in order to generate the efficiency of machine program of CNC spare parts. Reach this level, it was eliminated guess and plan measure redundantly, it was offerred apparent managing. Because be related to national defence, large war industry unit has an intense intention to using N-STEP. But, current N-STEP moves at UNIX computer platform. This will be job shops of more United States (the PC platform that is based on Windows takes regnant place) a when use it serious obstacle. TACOM is being sought more the commercialized standard related to N-STEP, but migratory building an actualer price structure to be broken through to main market to other computer platform is necessary apparently. The CAM software with good economy becomes more perfect as product model database and more standardization, CNC process designing or move will become the rate of automation is higher. Occasionally CNC process designing may not need completely. But the member that most manufacturer is the choice the CNC process designing that has experience retains certain and decision-making function. Their intervene will be in flexible offer an advantage for manufacturer with optimization respect. Because show some to commercialize CAM software to make this input has very tall automation and efficiency, this method will be in what can foreknow to retain vigor in the future. As Product Model Databases Become More Complete And Standardized, the CNC Programming Function Will Become More Automated.

In Some Cases, CNC Programming May Go Away Altogether.

Most Manufacturers, however, will Choose To Retain Some Decision-making For Experienced CNC Programmers.

Their Intervention Will Give The Manufacturer An Advantage In Flexibility And Optimization.

Because Commercially Available CAM Software Highly Automates And Streamlines This Input, this Approach Will Remain Viable In The Foreseeable Future.

Forecast: The process designing of CNC machine tool will continue to depend on has CAM software. CNC Milling