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Laser beam welding receives successful key

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In the actual application that solders in laser, affect its successful factor, include technical factor not merely, still include a few influencing factor that cannot be quantified. The territory is received in laser beam welding, involves element has laser physics, metallographic, mould, clamping apparatus, welder art parameter and test of spare parts intensity. Accept an item to any laser beam welding for, these elements to succeeding it is very important, but still have a few other cannot be quantified or incorporate element also is coequal and important. The component design that laser beam welding accepts no matter from solder ability respect or from economy angle have sth in mind, laser beam welding receives assemble a system to design to soldering be special key. For example, if assemble systematic inconvenience, is simple only the system changes a spot welding to accept a system for laser beam welding, cannot develop laser beam welding adequately to accept the dominant position of craft at all. When using laser beam welding to accept a system so, corresponding assembly system, component wants to redesign. The following wants to consider mainly: 1.

Will reduce original weight through reducing flange width, reduce cost (bosseyed solder, narrower welding line) perhaps reduce boil be apart from (the area of tall stress spare parts that relies on spot welding to be together commonly through be opposite, use successive welding line to perhaps eliminate the structure that mothball electrode needs resistor spot welding to enhance the intervening Konglaishi on makings to show) . 2.

Laser beam welding is received have energy density the characteristic with small area of tall, hot influence, the heat that dropped work greatly thereby is out of shape. 3.

Decrease or avoided fabricating, if burnish, polish and correct are straight,wait for fabricating craft. 4.

Solder to realize distinctive component part modelling with solder of laser drill rod through laser, for example the connect of channel of car of solder of laser drill rod of the car, avoided to use sealed go with plastic module fill car channel. Nextpage laser working hours is compared the biggest the volume that turns proportion of laser working hours (namely of weld time and manufacturing time than) very big to cost influence. Apparent, each minutes are laser waiting for a spare parts, understanding from literal is laser is in on call mode all the time, have that is to say raise high yield can, the latent capacity that reduces cost. How to dig this latent capacity? The key is to let beam of light as far as possible 100% go up in workpiece -- laser is in working status. Have the following two kinds of method will achieve this goal: 1.

Use time-sharing control: Two more perhaps workstation share a laser. When a workstation is undertaking soldering, other workstation expects up and down at the same time. When waiting for other workstation to get ready, once this workstation solders finish can instantaneous switch arrives other workstation, this raised the utilization rate of laser greatly. 2.

Use laser to solder remotely craft. This kind of craft uses long focal distance to machine camera lens (with other treatment camera lens photograph is compared, working distance is longer, because this is called long-range) Zhen Jing of combinative scanning type is finished jointly solder. The key of this craft is to employ mass the scanning Zhen Jing with light, dynamic good performance, reduce time of laser fixed position greatly thereby, raise the utilization rate of laser. Traditional laser beam welding is received use a robot Cartesian perhaps system will control beam of light or workpiece, bring about fixed position time to grow. Fostering the factor with laser hotshot main another is: In craft inchoate must choose, foster expert of a technology. The history and experience proved this one basic principle: The product quality that did not stabilize without technology expert, reliable crop. The choice of technology expert may be the part with whole the simplest craft. Solder hotshot needs to have the following requirement: 1.

Solder or the engineer of mechanical respect, it is better to have proper practice experience; 2.

Have fun at to laser technology, have glow, be willing to pursue this trade; 3.

Learn ability quickly; 4.

Group spirit, be happy to share useful information with other. Solder hotshot by make choice of later, it is the guidance that challenge sex has more in craft is mixed groom, include to engraft the target of the enterprise and distant view, offer groom appropriately. Solder hotshot can from groom be benefited in course, also the success that benefit receives treatment technology at laser beam welding (if laser safety, laser beam welding accepts control of statistic of common sense, metallography common sense, process,wait) . To controller, go up in this bit over the biggest challenge is the investment that should pay attention to money and time, and should not have a hand in this craft too much. Producing the early days of personnel to participate in the factory that brings into use laser beam welding a bit earlier to receive also is one of successful crucial factors. This is the key that droit, technology is made over and the technology continues. In any production projects begin phase, no matter production engineer is still be in other place in the spot, be about to be participated in more as far as possible from project beginning, include the crucial individual that comes from manufacturing employee. This is opposite not just the unity of the concept is practical, if next operations conduct in correct spirit, still can achieve this one necessary goal. Still more affects the business of success or failure, the old experience that these are engaged in producing a system to create staff everyday is the mainest gains of this kind of effort. These people no matter men and women, offerred crucial investment and proposal can become ordinary to be transcendental, will everyday turn the world into volume level. As a whole, participate in, guide, listen attentively to and expect great thing to happen, it is the thing that needs to do most. Education safeguards personnel and choice laser hotshot same, the first task is this job to choose appropriate personnel namely. Inside a few factories, on this bit of problem the likelihood won't have very big flexibility, but if have, then with respect to support common sense chooses appropriate personnel. After the choice, have training and authorization even. Operator needs to know how to be be operated below safe condition as far as possible and service facilities. Besides, how do all component that they need to understand a system work. However more important is, they need to know and know equipment " do not be in optimal job status " symptom. How to accomplish this? Complete, whole set documentation is very important on one hand, hand in key project to be weighed particularly should. Maintenance and service personnel need have thorough working knowledge, this can groom through real operation only and experience is gotten. If possible sentence, the training of laser should be arranged over laser manufacturer, in order to shun the noisy environment inside the factory and the case that need student goes maintaining and often are broken to groom by plant equipment malfunction. Curricular timeline is very important also, cannot too early, also cannot too late, antedate a bit or just install in equipment ending is first-rate commonly; Perhaps be when equipment overhaul; Have higher level every year perhaps groom. Winner of the member that the laser inside the factory installs all inspection to check, laser also should be laser grooms with laser system, and should want to strengthen pair of operations personnel grooms with what maintain staff. How does Nextpage choose appropriate laser manufacturer inside laser industry, the competition of quality of higher laser power, better beam of light and lower price exists all the time. Accordingly, how to combine this effectively to an industry level, stability at 3 o'clock reliable, more flexible, a point was made inside durable product. When these elements are choosing laser equipment below, want to consider above all: 1.

Whether does laser manufacturer have good reliable reputation? Whether to often have products introducing to the market and can you gain a success? Is product function reliable? Be industrial level product? Whether perfect service support and component supply a system? Whether to have world-class application center, is and is their applied knowledge mixed experience of the first of all? Real lasting success contains a lot of elements, stability is only reliably among them a crucial factor just. 2.

Laser supplier: One-stop purchase it is with YAG and 1um laser manufacturer exemple, the problem of nature of a root is put forward: Laser manufacturer is mere competitive on laser generator, still output in smooth road system, fiber-optic go up with treatment camera lens competitive also? This is very crucial, because industrial user need is the least,turn a venture: Arrive from laser illuminant all conduct with laser, the respect related treatment. E.g. , conduct fiber-optic bad with laser illuminant bad the loss that causes to producing place is same. If stimulate smooth manufacturer to also supply these accessory, that means systematic performance optimization, each component to matched optimization to get assuring, namely the risk is the least change. Additional, diagnosing a function remotely what pass a telephone call also is very necessary. 3.

Whether laser can have the final user maintenance technician that passes training to undertake maintaining this is the problem with very serious another. The design construction of product of a few laser brings about: (1) cannot be in spot rehabilitate, that is to say, laser must undertake over laser manufacturer repair perhaps buys a new facility to serve as equipment aircraft. (2) cannot be in by the client maintenance technician that has been groomed spot rehabilitate, must be in by laser manufacturer that is to say the spot or manufacturer factory has repair. If origin self-excitation light produces the senior technician of business to repair, so the risk in this respect is very low. 4.

Whether does laser source have advanced control system and ego to diagnose a function? From control for the respect, for example, system of laser power closed-loop control is in making sure laser outputs power and process designing to appoint power consistency respect is indispensable. This is apparent, because of laser power (if do not have,be monitored and control a system) as reflection of cooling water temperature, back and diode breakdown (in case of diode pump riverside) fluctuant and fluctuant. Diagnosing a respect, be being diagnosed remotely is crucial, this points to a line and a modem not just. To diagnose a problem quickly, no matter be equipment spot,still diagnose remotely through the phone, a certain quantity of sensor with certain sort is must, make thereby the information such as voltage, electric current, temperature and discharge can be mirrorred correctly, use the help detects and maintain. In addition, fall when condition of imitate signal practicable, if a few signal tend that are detected do not expect direction, laser controller can issue a warning beforehand. Should have switch only (literal 0 and 1) signal is detected, everything is too late after the polarity of switch changes. When what receive production system success in consideration any laser beam welding when you is crucial, a few cannot be measure to mix directly calculative thing, they and those can be measured and calculative thing is coequal and important. The content that discusses above included a few important technology levels, be necessary completely to understand thoroughly and be fulfilled very well. However, technical itself can not assure to succeed, a few otherer the factor is very crucial also. CNC Milling