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The service life of car punch mould has how long

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Each spare parts treatment are made after finishing, can enter general assembly phase. Because the precision of the spare parts of the mould is tall, the error is small, so according to when besides want exact location, had arranged correct installation to just can assure the regular job of punch mould orderly even. The fluctuation model that installs car punch mould above all, upper mould installation is on the slide block of punching machine or compressor, lower mould installation is on the workbench face of punching machine or compressor. Fluctuation model secure after ending, can undertake mould spare parts is in model the installation that go up, assure correct and exact installation position, avoid occurrence error to bring about a mould to cannot work normally. When undertaking concave and convex model is installed, meantime needs to stay have rush equably reduce gap, make sure punch quality is reached prolong punch mould service life. Of fluctuation mould assemble order to should decide according to mould structure, determine different installation method respectively to having guide pillar and the mould setup that do not have guide pillar. The limitative size that needs to install place to suffer according to fluctuation model spare parts to complex installation assembles order reasonably certainly. Install order impertinently to affect the installation work from the back not only sometimes, appear likely still the circumstance that cannot install, right installation order is so crucial. CNC Milling