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Save rolled steel solution effectively

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Normal >FastCAM puts forward to save rolled steel solution in the round from 3 levels, it is produce the level from what cover makings cut, use FastCAM is full automatic in all Bian Qiao cuts a makings software one after another, raise cut efficiency and rolled steel to cover makings utilization rate, in order to save rolled steel, 2 it is the management from surplus rolled steel and repeated usage level, database of more than makings manages use FastTRACK software, make surplus rolled steel gets active management and repeated usage, raise utilization rate of surplus rolled steel effectively; 3 it is from rolled steel the budget purchases level of storage management and informatization administration, fastMES of the makings below cut of use rolled steel makes executive system adroitly, the makings below cut of implementation rolled steel produces the informatization government of the process, with ERP system common form builds enterprise informatization platform. From cover makings cut to produce the level to save rolled steel and Normal > is current, a lot of enterprises use machine of numerical control cut, include to use FastCAM to cover makings software, can achieve simple cut. But rolled steel utilization rate is not high. For instance blaze cut machine, every spare parts warm-up is perforative, alone cut, stay between the spare parts have very large kerf space, cut efficiency is low, rolled steel waste is big. Generally speaking, the carbolic steel with cut thick 10~20mm, 1/4 what blaze cut efficiency is equivalent to Plasma Cutting efficiency only, namely the efficiency of machine of Plasma Cutting of a numerical control can take sb's place the cut efficiency of machine of 4 blaze cut, of course, if of cut 20mm above thick board, plasma Cutting machine has an advantage without blaze cut machine. Machine of Plasma Cutting of use numerical control, cut efficiency is tall, quality is good, but plasma purchases cost tall, the use cost that plasma cuts mouth electrode is higher, wear an aperture on average to want to pay 10~20 more than blaze cut yuan cost, a loss that the month cuts mouth electrode wants chance of a Plasma Cutting 1 ~ 20 thousand yuan. Normal > makings software was offerred brand-new automatic in all the edge covers makings and bridge technology of successional add cut. Full automatic in all the edge is covered makings is OK accomplish different spare parts of sharp edge in all edge, rectangular spare parts 4 sides are whole in all edge, in all the spare parts after the edge wants cut only 3 edges or 2 edges, accordingly, in all method of edge cut cut can reduce 25% above, reduced spare parts span, raised rolled steel effectively to cover makings utilization rate. Normal > result half an year, the cut of a few users checks, cut quality and effect of economic rolled steel are very apparent. Average and character, use in all the edge covers makings cut, rolled steel covers makings utilization rate to be able to raise 3~5 % . Especially blaze cut, as a result of board large part span is big, in all the edge covers makings cut to cover makings utilization rate to raise more, can be in normally 5 % above. In all the edge covers makings cut technology is to the another big gain of blaze and Plasma Cutting decrease and avoid warm-up to punch 70% above, improve cut efficiency effectively. To Plasma Cutting, enterprise most headachy problem is plasma loss of the electrode that cut the mouth is too big, chance of a Plasma Cutting is mentioned above average the loss of the electrode of a year that cut the mouth is as high as 200 thousand yuan, if have opportunity of a few Plasma Cutting, cost of the electrode that cut the mouth has about a hundred ten thousand. Accordingly, plasma Cutting machine is used in all the edge covers makings technology, use borrow the arc since the edge, avoid direct perforation, save the electrode that cut the mouth effectively. To cannot be being used in all the edge covers the opposite sex part of makings, use bridge is received or cut a technology repeatedly directly, make the spare parts is become comprise a ground to come true to be cut repeatedly, also can avoid perforation, decrease effectively and avoid perforation 70 % , reduce plasma effectively to cut the bad news material such as mouth electrode to use up 40 % thereby. To laser and water knife cut, in all Bian Qiao cuts a makings cut technology to be able to reduce perforative amount likewise one after another, reduce the loss of laser lens or material of water knife bad news, improve the cut efficiency of laser and water knife, raise rolled steel utilization rate. Normal Align=center>normal Align=center> plasma in all blaze of edge cut picture in all edge cut picture CNC Milling