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CAD and CNC are compositive in order to come true high speed, efficient with finish machining

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We can understand so, traditional CAD designs software system to be aimed at the production treatment of the product, through " face assemble " , " face make " and " collateral project " software develops a technology, carry in the design " design " the high speed that product treatment makes, efficient with finish machining, what realized CAD and CNC different compose to make a system through technology of this 3 big masterstroke is compositive. Show a trend from this, the traditional CAD system supplier such as PTC company issues his to design software technology and function to be carried from the design ceaselessly in user demand drive to production end outspread. Mr Chen Lei says assistant director of technology of product of MCAD of PTC China area: "Face make, besides production factor should consider in inchoate design system beyond, in the treatment process of later period, those who machine method should be do to generate in CAD system, the emulation of treatment. Had done in machining emulated process cut an examination, the examination of collision and interference. Future, the emulation system of whole factory layout, the technology that may be supplier of system of a few CAD/CAM develops way. " the capacity that effectively promotion product processes CAD system and creates. Look from whole CAD/CAM industry, this is the development trend of a kind of technology. Mr Chen Lei thinks: "Set out how to improve production power and quality from CAD system itself? Be about to consider the factor of a few workmanship when design above all. " so systematic development put forward " face production design " , still having is " face constructional design " , be about to consider the assembly of product later period and production factor when design. And should carry collateral project, let make sectional person and the people that assemble finally, what designing is inchoate come in the design that can participate in a product. The implementation of this collateral project is not onefold CAD tool can come true, the Windchill platform framework that should pass PTC will come true. The related to the product personnel in can allowing a company is being designed inchoate participate in come in, offer oneself opinion and view, the help designs personnel to modify a design. And collateral project also is " seed profit is produced " in a very main idea. Seed profit production is the important step that achieves goal of 0 inventory, 0 blemish through collateral design. About the treatment facilities with CAD system and downstream design, is what the product makes a process compositive degree in what did the respect get rising? System of CAD of PTC head preexistence, namely Pro/E is the system with CAD, CAE, compositive CAM. The model is built in what the 3D of the product can finish in CAD, the analysis of function and optimize and machine cutting tool contrail finally generate, and can undertake treatment is mixed emulate. Finally, output the contrail of treatment to downstream numerical control machine tool, realize whole process. To present enterprise, use the machine tool of a lot of types, how to balance to making resource, how to plan, there also is a new module MPMlink in the Windchill system of PTC, this module can is opposite management does whole production resource and the craft that machine a process to balance and be optimized, include to be able to get very good program and balance to the allocation of production resource from workmanship. Current, traditional CAD/CAM industry is in advocate " fictitious make " , " digital prototype " , prospective CAD software is designed more as compositive as production process photograph. And, the imitate of factory whole also is direction of a development. Mr Chen Lei thinks, at present industry still may do not have the software of complete figuration. But, fundamental software is formed had come true. Wait for technology and product like digital prototype. The plant that says in front, the platform ability that there should be prototype of a number above all in the imitate that machines a process comes true. Want can the assembly whole production the digital prototype with fictitious make it, next ability is OK the treatment process of imitate product. And can be opposite in Pro/E the numerical control equipment of only station undertakes imitate is emulated machining. This function had come true. Realizing whole factory layout and imitate may be development direction of future. The production that draws lessons from abundant field company creates pattern, PTC is in all the time advocate " seed profit is produced " . Seed profit produces the treatment in the process to be able to realize the treatment test and verify of cutting, raise treatment precision, raise treatment rate, shorten the handling time of component. Afore-mentioned functions that can come true in seed profit treatment or below the circumstance of efficiency, among them the software system that can design end through CAD can come true in the efficiency that CNC achieves. So, how do the treatment of efficient, high speed of CNC and high accuracy treatment pass CAD software system to come true? Mr Chen Lei, this once is versed in in Chinese shipping the group holds a post 8 years again, the technologist that accumulated rich experience in the respect such as product research and development and manufacturing industry informatization says, above all, should machine affirmation to want to have the 3D model of the product. The first, 3D builds a model to come true inside CAD system. The 2nd, the contrail that CNC machine tool machines comes from where, also get from inside CAD software. Artificial process designing is used when CNC just was appearing in the past, and workload is very big, and apply to simple form product only, can use artificial process designing to simple appearance. Present product is more and more complex, artificial process designing is impossible almost, must want automatic process designing. The contrail that says cutting tool so must want to get from inside the 3D model of CAD, pass computer automatic process designing will come true. Say the CAD software of front so, 3D builds modular function is a foundation. Must want to have 3D model, the contrail that just can do CNC next is generated and machine knife course. CNC contrail is generated and treatment knife course is likely, applicable, still need to be done inside CAD software a few fictitious emulate, machine the emulation of the process, will check it to whether had had cut, whether to if machine a process,have collision. Cutting tool and tool collide, with clip staff hits. Now, machine tool of company use numerical control is phyletic very much, and the code format of the CNC that different machine tool uses is different. CAD system how can applicable these machine tools, need has an aftertreatment. There is a very powerful aftertreatment in Pro/E system implement, can machine the CNC that generates in CAD software knife course is connected afterwards processor is compiled agree with the treatment code of any phyletic machine tools. That is to say the CNC knife course of Pro/E is basically OK drive is all the CNC machine tool of the type. Should pass this powerful aftertreatment only implement after compiling, basically all numerical control machine tools are OK drive. This aftertreatment implement have a very powerful capacity, almost each instruction can be configured. Respecting this topic, have a concrete example, group of one machine tool mixes north big company rivering bend, river bend greatly in north the numerical control machine tool that use machine tool is same kind almost, and the machine tool that the machine tool that business of industry of one etc machine tool uses north basically is different sort. Accordingly, a lot of enterprise doubt use different process designing code to need to achieve unified information instruction and front in the future at present design and of the ERP with back end compositive when, still existing in the respect such as island of Gu of get through information very big risk. Mr Chen Lei expresses, the instruction pattern that at present CNC machines is different, because each manufacturer have his system,be. Same an instruction, e.g. G20 the likelihood is in the meaning that different machine tool manufacturer dictates is different. Connect with respect to need afterwards processor compiles it come over. The knife course that builds in CAD is a knife file, this Dao Weiwen it is the format with international uniform standard, basically be unified. From Dao Weiwen the CNC code that arrives from the back, because machine the format of code to differ, so the process of intermediate changeover is connected with respect to need afterwards the configuration file of processor will come true. Like translating Chinese into the language with different perhaps English at ordinary times like us, the interpreter becomes the code that numerical control machine tool can understand, thereby the treatment process of drive machine tool. The high rate to treatment and high accuracy are the topic that the enterprise pays close attention to quite, the technique that CAD supplier adopts is politic to CAD and CNC compositive produce very big effect with company application. In the meantime, as the development of science and technology, high speed treatment also becomes more and more important, high speed machines the advantage that has a lot of apparently. To get used to the demand of the user and the tendency that the industry grows, also provided corresponding support in CAD software side. Not only Pro/E support high speed machines support, and PTC still bought a company 2007, integrated pusher gave a new product, be called ToolMaker. Toolmaker also can support high speed treatment, this is the professional treatment software of a complex curved surface. Speak of the distinction of high speed treatment and common treatment, high speed treatment, above all its treatment contrail and common treatment are completely different. Mr Chen Lei cited a case, be like the treatment of product corner, use high speed is machined, the acceleration that high speed produces is very big, reduce machine tool life to reduce the impact to the machine tool, high speed treatment is in cutting tool to want a circular arc to reach turning point again in corner. Machine the characteristic of orbit because of high speed just about, it is so in CAD software, be about to consider high rate machines orbital characteristic when generating high speed automatically to machine knife course, become appropriate contrail according to its characteristic a future life. This and traditional at ordinary times treatment contrail are completely different. Still have parameter of a lot of craft of course, diagnostic library can be offerred. IT propped up prospective software to the function develops to production end and form a trend. Mr Chen Lei thinks these are to pass above all fictitious the union that make and counts technology of machine of model of written characters, imitate is whole machine and emulate of the factory, be like every machine tool, sort the treatment facilities of whole factory and thing imitate comes out. Come up from theory saying can be done so, but specific implementation may have very great difficulty in computational respect. It is mature that he says at present this technology compares digital prototype, had had a lot of commercialized application. There also are a few companies in home using digital prototype. Digital type still can do the analysis of manpower project inside machine, if whether after stage equipment is done, some suits people operation,wait. From company application angle may have more demand, supplier of need CAD system will realize the requirement with more thorough enterprise, if provide the characteristic demand function of combinative CNC system. CNC Milling