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Before continuing to the new recruit page of our website, please spend a few moments to read this message.

It has recently come to my attention that some reenacting units believe we are "too hard-core" and that we "choke all the fun out of attending events". I have mixed feelings about these comments. Yes, we are serious at events. We have a job to do while there and are focused on the task at hand. Over the years we have forged a great reputation as a unit that can be counted on to do whatever is needed. This reputation was earned with our sweat, tears, and blood.

The original Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler also had to prove itself to their Heer counterparts on the field of battle. For way to long, the men of the LSSAH had to listen to the jeers of "Asphalt Solders" from those that did not understand or were too smug to realize that their cutting edge training would give them a decisive advantage on the battlefield. After a short time in battle, the term "Asphalt Soldiers" was never again used to describe the Soldaten of "der Leibstandarte". Heer units would feel more secure knowing "der Leibstandarte" was stationed to their left or right while at the front. To a man, the Heer knew "der Leibstandarte" would not fall back and allow the enemy to threaten their flanks.

Divisional Symbol, Early 1942

Now on to those units that believe we are "too hard-core". I'm pretty sure the Waffen-SS Soldat did not use the excuse of war to throw a huge party and drink themselves into oblivion. That distinction was left to the Sowjets. While I'm sure that during leave or while being rested, the men of the Waffen-SS did their share of "unwinding". On the battlefield and while in training, the Soldaten of "der Leibstandarte" were professional. They knew their country, their families, and their Kameraden were all counting on them to do their jobs. We attend events with the same mindset. Too many units treat events like a huge frat party or an excuse to get away from their families.

Divisional Symbol, Late 1942

True, this unit is not for everyone. I realize we scare some people with our intensity and our attention to detail. I treat all the members of this unit like my family. Why? Because they are my family! When I call a unit member Bruder (brother), they know I mean it in every sense of the word. There is a deep sense of Kameradschaft within the unit. Yes, we take our impressions seriously because it is the right thing to do. We take pride in our professionalisim and we have fun while doing it. Not only do we look like Waffen-SS Soldaten, we conduct ourselves like Waffen-SS Soldaten as well!

We appreciate all Waffen-SS veterans that wish to share their experiences with us. Other units have "pushed" Waffen-SS veterans away with their bad behavior. These fine men have seen the horrors of war while wearing the same uniforms that we do. There are several that do enjoy attending events because they realize the contributions they made are appreciated. We welcome these men with open arms. They realize that our unit will never tarnish their image and the images of all their Kameraden buried in foreign soil with un-professional behavior. We believe these men deserve to be honored and we treat them with the utmost respect.

Divisional Symbol, 1943

So, what type of unit are you looking for? If you are looking to spend upwards of $1,500. on your gear and act like a fool and a disgrace to the uniform, then look to join another unit. If you want to truly experience what it was like to be a member of an elite unit within the Waffen-SS, click on the button below and contact us! You won't be disappointed!!

Hauptsturmführer Josef "Sepp" Hahne
Kampfgruppe Sonnenwende Kdr.

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